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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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A Great Man

After Elder Wirthlin was called as an Apostle in 1986, my grandfather fondly recalled playing marbles with "Joe Wirthlin" when they were boys. I'm sure they ball together at the U as well. What a great example to us all of a man who lived what he preached.


A great man with endearing humor and love of life, family, and godliness. Enjoy your reunion with your wife.

He will go straight to heaven!

He will be missed, luckily he probably is already taken care of. I read last night about a ceremony for members that ensures celestrial kingdom, more than likely he rocked that before passing! I guess its a ceremony that some higher ups and other in the church have completed and it basically is to ensure that no matter what happens after the ceremony that the person recieving will 100% go to heaven. SIGN ME UP!


Elder Joseph B. Wirtlin, a great apostle in these latter days. I will always miss him greatly because he has shared with us each the awesome testimony of his that Jesus lives, that this is the restored Gospel and that we each can be better by being humble followers of Jesus Christ. We have truly lost a great apostle. Thank you Elder Wirthlin for your awesome example to each of us of how we should live our lives.


We are eternally grateful for your service to the Lord. We will miss you dearly. But, what a reunion for you and your wife. God be with you till we meet again...

Brittany MacKenzie

You will be missed. A great and Loyal leader with a kind gentle heart. May you reunite with your sweetheart and may you be blessed for your efforts & hardwork.


A humble and dedicated servant returns with HONOR! May we honor his service by living more Christlike lives! Elder Wirthlin leaves a legacy of FAITH for us all to follow!

'Ofa lahi atu Elder Wirthlin.

Till we meet again :)


Elder Wirthlin, a spiritual giant among men, wonderful stories that I and countless others could relate to. He will be remembered. Thank you.


he was a great man and a great example to everyone. He will always be in my life. I will miss him dearly.

Liz Mann

Till We meet again Elder Wirthlin!



I love that man


Dear Elder Wirthlin will be sorely missed. My condolances to the family. He was a great man and much loved by all.


The spiritual experiences I had with Elder Wirthlin's messages came when, having carried out his counsel, I knew for myself that he was right. That shouldn't be that big of a surprise. Apostles of the Lord give us the whole grain gospel--that which will nourish. His testimony of the Savior was solid as was his commitment to his calling. He was a true apostle of the Lord and I will miss him.

May God bless his family during their grief. They are the unsung heroes who have given their father, grandfather and husband to the world to act as a special witness. It may be hard for us who do not have a member of the family in that situation to understand. However, if there are any of Elder Wirthlin's family out there, I just want to tell you thank you.

B Vance.

We are so grateful for Elder Wirthlin and we will deeply miss him. We pray for his family at this time. But we remember what wonderful peace awaits him in the kingdom of his Father.


He was one of the last truly compassionate Apostles. He really did love everyone, and truly desired to serve more than judge. He was a class act. I hope they can find another like him to fill his shoes.

Millers in Belgium

Earth is a better place having had Joe Wirthlin grace it with his presence. We wish his family the best and thank them for sharing him with us.

Thank You!

Thanks to Elder Wirthlin for his humility, kindness, work ethic, and sweetness! He will be missed.

How wonderful it was to see him last year in conference, enduring to then end with Elder Nelson at his side.

What fun to hear his stories about football. Refusing to take credit for the touchdown he missed by a few inches.

We will miss his words of comfort and faith.

Well done, good and faithful servant!

Alma Mills

I fondly remember the talk he gave in General Conference on Love. He was shaking so much that Elder Nelson got up to steady him. I also remember the talk on kindness he gave. He wanted to help us remember the true essence of Christianity. He will be missed but not forgotten :)

Tommi Foy Jones

To Ann W. Farnsworth (my 6th grade teacher) and all of the Wirthlin Family: My love and prayers are with you at this time. Thank you for sharing your beloved father with all of us. We are all much better people for having had his words of wisdom from the pulpit each and every conference. May his wonderful spirit live on in all of your lives. God Bless!

J Curley

He was a wonderful apostle of the Lord. I'm grateful for his devotion to the work. I know the Lord has called him home to take on another work.

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