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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Lue Family

Our sadness at his loss, our joy at his reunion with his sweetheart, our gratitude for the sermons and service of a great instrument in our Heavenly Father's hands.
God bless you, Wirthlins!

Idaho member

Elder Wirthlin, we will miss you. May our heavenly father bless you as you continue your labors on the other side.


Elder Wirthlin, will be missed. He touched many young and old mens lives with his football stories. What a great man!


I met Elder Wirthlin and his wife when I was 20 years old. He set apart my father as a mission president. There were 10 of us there and he took time to meet each one. He has a great spirit of kindness and love to all. What a great Apostle of the Lord. I've always enjoyed is talks and testimony of the Savior. While I've listened and watched Elder Wirthlin I've thought many times on what a great grandpa he must be. Condolences to his family and thank you for sharing your father and grandfather.

Sioloa Arp

A great loss. I will miss his great spiritual talks and his great example of kindness and love. His words of inspiration and stories from his life have motivated me in many ways. His talk in Dec 2000 Ensign, "Journey of Life" has helped me look differently at some of the trials that I have been going through. He said five things, if we take them seriously and apply them to our life, will bring us happiness, success, fulfillment, and the obtaining of an inheritance in the celestial kingdom. (1) Have faith in Heavenly Father (2) Set righteous goals (3) Work to accomplish your goals (4) Magnify your callings (5) Enjoy the journey. Elder Wirthlin, you are truly a pillar of strength in the church; you are truly a great servant of God, and you will be missed greatly by all. Thank you for your great example.

kent jean

This gentle spiritual giant has touched my life and made me a better person than I would otherwise have been. I look forward to meeting him again on the other side.


Our thoughts and prayers go to the Wirthlin family. May God continue to bless them and let them know Elder Wirthlin is in a better place. This is a sad day for the church and may God bless the rest of the LDS faith in knowing he is in a better place as well. He will be reunited with his wife and the love of his life. Thank you Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, you were truly an inspiration. God bless Elder Wirthlin.

Thank you!

How could you not love Elder Wirthln? He was so genuine, sincere, and calm. Completely dedicated to building the Kingdom, respecting others, and loving and living the gospel.

Late in his life he carried a list of things to do in his pocket, along with a pen and a highlighter ("some things are more important than others, and need special attention" he taught us once at a Stake Conference).

Some years ago he issued a calling to me. I couldn't help but feel his commitment and concern. He inspired me that day.

What a great example he was!

We will miss you, Elder Wirthlin!


What a great man...I will miss him.


I,too, grew to love and admire Elder Wirthlin through his very practical and spiritually nourishing talks. Perhaps more than his words, I felt drawn to him by his Christlike demeanor and attitude. You can tell so much about a person by the way his or her family, friends, and associates speak and act around them. Who can forget his talk in General Conference, I believe in October 2007, when Elder Wirthlin's knees had locked up and he was clearly struggling physically to complete his address. Elder Nelson stood beside Elder Wirthlin and steadied him. Elder Wirthlin was not to be deterred until he finished bearing his witness of truth. At the conclusion of his remarks, Elder Wirthlin gave an audible "thank you" to his fellow Apostle and the whole episode burned in my heart as a great example of the Savior's love. How many times after Elder Wirthlin spoke in General Conference did one of his Brethren immediately preface their remarks with a heartful, emotional expression of love and admiration for Elder Wirthlin? Elder Wirthlin, we love you, we love your family for sharing you with us and we are better people because of you.

Irene CA

Elder Wirthlin,thank you for all your wise wisdoms and beautiful teachings. My deepest condolences to the Wirthlin Family. He will be greatly missed.

Michael Vines

Simply . . . Thank you Elder & God Bless you.


He was an amazing man! I loved his last conference talk!!!

Mao's Family

What a wonderful, kind and gentle man that he was. His example touched our life. We will miss him very much. Our thoughts and prayer goes to Wirthlin family.

Sister C

My heart is full of gratitude this morning for the life of this great man. He has taught me much and his most recent conference talk will be with me and help me through my life. What a marvelous example of one who knew how to live a Christ like life because he knew the Master. We have been so blessed to have him to lead us. Love and condolances to his great family.




To the Wirthlin family, thank you for sharing your father/grandfather all these years. To the family and the 1st Presidency and Apostles, I offer my condolences, I know that you have a giant void right now.

I am happy for Elder Wirthlin, I am happy that he was able to be productive to his dying day. I am happy that our loving Father in Heaven took him in a very peaceful way. I am happy that he is now able to walk with freedom and stand tall and enjoy again the company of his Eternal Companion.

For whomever fills that spot in the Twelve, my love, support and prayers are already extended on your behalf.


Elder Wirthlin was a great man. He will truly be missed. Our hearts are with his family at this time.


The church has lost one of the hardest working men it has had in this dispensation. Elder Wirthlin's life was a testment to diligence and labor in the name of the Lord. As a former missionary in Europe, I am eternally grateful for what he did -- both as a missionary and area president -- in opening doors to the Saints there and helping the work progress. My heartfelt thanks to the Lord for his remarkable servant.


What a successful life. I never met him, but he made a difference for me. I understand a lot more about who I am and a lot more about who God is, because of Elder Wirthlin.

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