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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I don't....

think he is resting now. He is probably working hard even more on the other side of the veil. I will miss this Great Servant of the Lord. What a great example of enduring to the end...


May we all be more like this wonderful Christ like example. Thank you, Elder Wirthlin, for your service and love!


I thank God for Elder Wirthlin's talks. As I took time to read them, I fell in love with his majesty and command of language. His teachings always touched my heart. Thanks to him for his service; a special thanks to his family for sharing him with the world. I hope their loss can be comforted.

Scott in Texas

The world is better for having had Joseph B. Wirthlin in it. I will miss his inspirational conference addresses.


One of the sweetest, kindest most gentle men of our time. One could not help but feel better after hearing him speak. What a world we could have if we all lived as Elder Wirthlin. Thank you for your inspiring example of Christ like living!


His last conference talk, "Come What May, and Love It" was so profound -- It was THE very talk of all the Conference messages I felt needed to be shared with my families Home Teaching this month.
Life is too short. Live and Laugh.
Godspeed you Elder Wirthlin.


A day of sadness for us but a wonderful reunion with Sister Wirthlin and others. A great Apostle of the Lord.

K.L. Morgan

We have his words to cherish.


What a wonderful, humble, kind, gentle and loving this apostle was. My family and I shall miss him terribly. Thank you Elder Wirthlin for your testimony of the restored gospel and your example in living it.

Thank you

Thank you Elder Wirthlin for your kind and gentle humility. Your example has touched my life and the lives of many around the world.

a wise man

I never appreciated this wise man like I should have until my husband and I were supposed to home teach a family. I came across an article Elder Wirthlin had written and I couldn't believe his wise council. For me, I never found him the most exciting speaker as some other General Authorities. But now I realize how much I missed out because his wise words were so inspirational. Thank goodness we have his words in our Conference talks and also the books he has written.

Sally & Doug

Our heart and prayers go out to Elder Wirthlin's family. Thank you for sharing your wonderful father with us.

We will miss your sweet countenance. Thank You for sharing your love of the Gospel with us.

Granny T.

"Come What May and Love It" Thank you Elder Worthlin, this saying has meant so much to us this last while. We will miss you.

What a wonderful man

He is a true disciple of Jesus Christ and we are all blessed to have lived to hear him and feel of his Christlike example. I will truly miss him. To his family, be at peace.


I will miss Elder Wirthlin. His conference addresses were among my very favorite. Who could forget his last "Come What May and Love it"? He was an amazing man.

Sarah Nichole

I said after watching this past General Conference that I didn't think Elder Wirthlin would live long enough to speak at another one, and how sad that thought made me. I was very concerned for his health when I saw him sitting down to give his talk. I have loved Elder Wirthlin for years for his sense of humor, his strong testimony, and his wonderful love and kindness, and I will miss him and his presence. He touched my life, and I hope to be able to tell him so someday.

whet 10

Thank you Elder Wirthlin for your strength and tenacity in adversity, and especially your powerfull testimony of the Savior.

Southern Utah

God Speed Elder Wirthlin!!! You will be greatly missed by all. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for being such a great example to world.

Chad W.

Thank You! I am a better person because of you!

St. George Gal

Elder Wirthlin lived a life of gospel service for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He followed His example and we were all blessed because of it. We will miss him, we will remember him, we will mourn with Elder Wirthlin's family, we will also rely on our faith that he is with the loved ones he was so eager to be with again. I know I am grateful that the Lord blessed us with such a great man.

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