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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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A sad day for us. A joyous occasion for his beloved wife. Nice job, Elder Wirthlin. Thanks for everything.

Orem Parent

sorry to hear that. I loved his talks about playing football. You could just picture him as a young man.

It is great to know he is in a better place.


Elder Wirthlins messages have changed my life. God be thanked for the life and ministry of Joseph B. Wirthin a true apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.


His talks were wonderful sermons on how to truly live a christlike life. Thank You Elder Wirthlin for all of your service on this Earth.


I loved that dear and gentle man. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know him through his talks. I always looked forward to hearing him speak. THANK YOU!


i loved this man!!! he was such an amazing story teller! he will be missed! :(

Name Withheld

I dated Mr. Wirthlin's grand-daughter for a time and got to know his family quite well. Though things did not work out with me and his grand-daughter, I was amazed at how well this family practiced what it preached. The Wirthlins are followers of Jesus Christ in word and deed and the world is weaker as a result of the loss of this man- the head of the Wirthlin family.


An honorable release for an honorable and extraordinary man.


I'll always remember his "Live in Obedience" talk in the April '94 conference. I was on my mission and really struggling. This talk gave me strength and courage to be obedient!

How grateful I am for his life and example. Our family will miss you and we love you! Thank you Elder Wirthlin!


I find myself unaccountably and unexpectedly weeping at the loss of this man of God. Enter into thy rest, thou good and faithful servant.


A great man. Thank you for your heroic life and teachings. I will ever be better because Joseph B. Wirthlin lived as he believed. Well done.

We Will Miss You

Elder Wirthlin was an amazing man and delivered very powerful and spritual talks. He will be missed greatly in the Quorum of the 12 as well throughout all the church.


I loved this man and I really only began to appreciate him more fully in the past few years. In my personal life prioritization, he became one of my favorite speakers and a profound role model.

a sister missionary in florida

I met Elder Wirthlin at a stake conference when I was nine years old - even then, I could tell he was called of God to be an Apostle. I love his optimism and his true-to-life stories and how he applied them to living gospel principles (doesn't hurt that some of his best stories were about his experiences playing football ^_^)

"Come What May, and Love It" - we will miss you Elder Wirthlin!


Words cannot express the sense of loss we all share. Elder Wirthlin will be missed. I pray we all remember the words he has spoken so plainly. Goodbye Elder


What an excellent example and great stature of a man! Elder Wirthlin will always be a man I can look to as a shining light--a great apostle of the Lord.

K in Plattsburgh NY

Elder Wirthlin was one of the first general authorities I ever heard speak as a new convert to the Church. I also am weeping at his, no-my loss. Who will come to take his place? I hope there is one saying "Send me!"


Thank you Elder Wirthlin for your words and, most importantly, your example. I will strive to follow your example.

Grateful in TN

For Elder Wirthlin and his beloved companion, "Sunday has come." We will miss this Christlike servant of the Master--a man who personified humility and focused devotion to the cause of Christ.


A tear of loss, a tear of joy and a sincere prayer of thanksgiving for a humble example showing us how mortals walk the way to Christ.

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