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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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What a giant of a man!

I have learned so many lessons from this man. May God bless his family for sharing so unselfishly.

Wendy Rojas

He will surely be missed!

One last Goodbye from a Grandson

Thank you for being the man you always were. You were always real and my grandad, yet an Apostle of the Lord to all of the World. You were always an extremely private person and never sought attention, cameras or the media. Yet you never shunned your responsibilities.

When our family needed you, you were always there for us, even with your busy schedule. There is not a single man on earth that has had a greater impact on my life than you have had on mine. That is what makes saying goodbye to you so hard. You were the best example a grandson could have, and I will forever be thankful for that.

I am sad that I wont be able to see and talk with you again in this life, yet so happy for you to be able to be with Grandma again. Your love for her was perfect. You are the example for all of us to look to on how to be a husband and father. In my eyes, you mastered these duties and were perfect. We are all better people because of you. Grandad, God be with you til we meet again.


Non-Mormon condolences

I am not LDS but I too lost my father this year. Sharing the family's sense of loss, our condolences to the family of Elder Wirthlin. A kind, wise and gentle voice is welcome in any community and Elder Wirthlin's will be missed by all, not just those of his faith. May his family find strength in his confidence and comfort in his words.

John Pack Lambert

I am sure it is a great day for Elder Wirthlin. He was suffering greatly in this life, especially since his wife died over two years ago. He has gone to a much better place, to be with her and outside of this life of suffering. He will be missed.


Thanks be to God for the life and example of this great Apostle of the Lord! We love you Elder Wirthlin; you are a man for the ages. True to the faith that our parents have cherished! True to the truth for which martyrs have perished! To God's command, whole heart and hand, faithful and true we will ever stand!

God bless the Wirthlin family this day, and always.


Elder Wirthlin was a great apostle. We will miss his wonderful talks. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Wirthlin family.

Matt in downtown DC

I always looked forward to Elder Wirthlin's talks in General Conference, and always came away touched and with a resolve to be a better person. I love Elder Wirthlin and will miss him very much.


the thing that I'm most greatful for is to be a member of the church that is guided and sustained by men such as Elder Wirthlin.Its as always seeing the beacon of the lighthouse as one rides the waves in the stormy sea.Elder Wirthlin was one of many a lightkeeper.We miss those of whom have passed on before and we will miss this brother as well.

I. Bawden

I am grateful for Elder Wirthlin's example to me. I know that his service is worth emulating. Thankyou Elder Wirthlin, there are so many lives touched because of your kind words.

Ana Bentley

Elder Wirthlin,
You were a great apostle. Thank you for helping in every time of need. You are the best!! I wish you the best in heaven, and say hi to Jesus, and if you happen to see them my three year old sister Necia Bentley and my Grandpa Royce Trapier! Thanks!

A Just Man Made Perfect

Every once in a great while there comes a man who, for all intents and purposes, has achieved perfection in this life: perfect kindness, perfect gentleness, perfect honesty, perfect humility, perfect devotion, perfect charity. Joseph B. Wirthlin was and is such a man--a just man made perfect. No flash, just substance. His talks are a distillation of timeless wisdom spoken in the eloquence of plain, unaffected language. His life here, though completed, will continue to be an inspiration to me.

By the way, his family has compiled some of his greatest talks in a wonderful book published by Deseret Book called "Press On."

Van Tucker

I worked for the Wirthlin family years ago in the meat business. Although Joe Jr. was my boss, when Joseph B. Sr. came in there was a powerful presence. This is a wonder family and my appreciation goes out the all of them.


WE will truly miss you Elder Wirthlin. I sure did love your talks in conference's but the last one you gave is truly a treasure for all of us to remember to carry on with smiles and laughter no matter what we are facing at the time. Thank you for your years of service and may the Lord be with Your Family at this time with his loving care and comfort.


From all of us in Montana...God bless this wonderful man and his family. What a truly great example of kindness and sweet humility.


You and Elisa have been such great friends, and I am glad you can get together again now!
Wishing you joy forever!

A. Owen Smoot

Dear Ann Wirthlin Farnsworth & family, I honor and love your father. I remember the first time I met him in person when Ann nearly died in the hospital and I was privileged to be her Bishop. What a remarkable family. My love and condolences to you all and thank you for sharing your wonderful father with the rest of us. He has been a great blessing to all of us. A. Owen Smoot M.D.


Your life was "Wirth"-while. Thank you.

anna graham

Elder "Speedy" Wirthlin will be missed and it is no coincidence that an anagram of his name is "WILD HEELED Y SPRINTER" ... how apt for such a fast and wonderful man

Roberts Fam

We love you Elder Wirthlin, We loved listening to you, we pray all the blessings of the spirit to be of comfort to your incredible family. Thank you for your love, example, and all of your service in all of our behalf. An Apostle of God has returned with honor.

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