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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Stella Umana

Dear Elder Wirthlin,
Reading from you in the past years have taught me the precepts of life. Thanks for coming my way and touching the inner part of my spirituality with the magic in your words as you teach the word of Jesus Christ in all your deeds. You will be greatly missed but I know of a surety that the Angels are happy that you have come visiting. To us that you left behind may we walk by emulating your total humility, honesty and submitt our goings to the will of GOD ALMIGHTY. Adieu Dear Elder Wirthlin.

Bert Australia

Elder Wirthlin visited Australia several years ago and presided at our Stake Conference.
Here was a person who was able to see through the mists of darkness blown up by the hypocrisy, intolerance, bitterness, fault-finding and spiritual ignorance of many who wish to witness the demise of the Church. He could recognise and teach the simple truths of the Gospel with a level of humility that is rare.
At a time when much 'sifting' is occurring within in Church I pray that the Lord will continue to raise up leaders of such quality and I pray also that we all might have the courage and sense to listen to them. There truly is much at stake.


Thank you Elder Wirthlin for your excellent example of enduring to the end cheerfully! I am really going to miss your talks! We love you!!


We love Elder Wirthlin. He was an amazing man with a great sense of humor. He will be dearly missed. His testimony and example will live on.

God Bless His Wonderful Family At This Time Of Loss.


Wonderful man with a great spirit,humble,loving he had great stories and life to share with us. May his reunion be sweet with his dear companion


A sad day. I have to wonder though if Elder Wirthlin's passing is related to the Prop 8 protests. The timing cannot just be coincidental.

Ellingsens UK

We often spoke about this Apostle's conference speech and found Elder Wirthlin and his speech refreshing and interesting.Condolences to family and friends.

Scott Soderberg

Elder Wirthlin was a man of god and an apostle of the lord, we will miss him dearly.My thoughts and prayer are with the family especally his daughter Liz and her husband Dan,May lord bless you and comfort you at this time.


What a humble and gracious man. A true witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will miss you...


Another classic talk was the one he gave shortly after his dear wife passed away. Elder Wirthlin's Sunday has come! We are grateful for his time with us!

CA Chappell

I will miss "Speedy", as President Monson calls him. What a great example of hard work, spritual groundedness, is that a word?,and love of the Savior. I and my family will surely miss him.

RN in Ohio

Returned with honor.

Luis Neit

Behold, a man without guile!
Thanks for your great example. From the DR.


Elder Wirthlin was a great servant of the Lord and one we all have loved and admired for his Christlike life. We will surely miss him but are thankful for what he has taught us.

anna graham

We always loved Speedy and will miss him .. he was always looking for fun and the most from life and it is no coincidence that his name, Elder Wirthlin, is an anagram of "Thrill Widener" ... that was Speedy alright


The world has lost a true follower of Christ, and the spirit world will be better for it. A great teacher he was, he will be greatly missed


I'll mis him; a fantastic guy, great spotsman. EJW truly lived. He now doesn't have to worry about the riff raff of this world. He won the eternal mega prize. I bet he's laughing now! hope to see ya on the other side! Good bye!

Matthew Faerber

My life is changed because of Elder Joseph Worthlin. I have been uplifted and inspired by him, by the way he relates to common people with practical stories and counsel, and by his great example of love and humility. I will miss him - God bless the memory of this dear disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.


When one of our great church leaders pass on - it is always a reminder to the rest of us of how wonderful life after death will be == when we can again associate with such great and wonderful friends and family. Love to the Wirthlin family. We truly loved Elder Wirthlin. He is such a stalwart in the kingdom.

Bruce Barton (Silver City, N.M.

Elder Wirthlin was a great man, I enjoyed all his talks. It is great he is now with his beloved wife. He will missed by tons of people. Thanks Elder Wirthlin for being a great person.

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