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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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What a great servant of the Lord. You will be missed


I loved Elder Wirthlin's talks. they always seemed so profound and helped me tremendously. He also had a great sense of humor. He visited our mission once and after my mission president watched him work until very late Saturday night interviewing and getting up extremely early Sunday morning to talk to the missionaries, he asked Elder Wirthlin when he had time to sleep. Elder Wirthlin, "I get my sleep during the meetings"!

I'll sure miss him.


El discurso que mas me impresiono fue sobre el amor que dio el ao pasado y pude sentir el espiritu tan fuerte y me confirmo que fue llamado por Dios.

Ryan Hill

Elder Wirthlin came to Houston Texas where I was a missionary. I will never forget shaking his hand and feeling the love he had for missionary work and the work of the Lord. He will be missed. He was a giant among men.


"Come What May and Love it"

Those six words just about sum up Elder Wirthlin. He was and is a man of great faith, hard work, and loving kindness. He realized and told, in the above talk, that if life was created for us, we might as well jump all the way in and love it. He will be missed by all of us. May his soul live forever in exaltation.

RBTJR in Plattsburgh, NY

You will be missed, Elder Wirthlin. Your humble testimony, coupled with your gentle humor will always be cherished. I recently enjoyed sharing your last conference message "Come What May and Love It" with my home teaching families. It is easy to imagine the Savior saying, "Well done, thou faithful servant".


It's so sad to loose my favorite apostle! I eagerly awaited his talk in General Conference each session. He had such a refreshing sense of humor and a UTE FAN to boot! I will have such happy memories of this amazing disciple of Christ.

Mercedes Brown

What a smart servent of Heavenly Father. I always spected to hear from him in conference day. He always fulfill my heart with positiv words, and humble atitude and knowledge. I will miss him a lot. Certanly he will be a great servent in heaven. My condolences to all his family. Love Sister Brown


I will miss Elder Wirthlin. I really loved his last conference talk-his message really touched me. Thank you.

Thank You

Thank you for your service Elder Wirthlin.

Gary T in Idaho

I was very sad to hear about Elder Wirthlin. He is a great apostle. A wonderful, wonderful example of the Lord's love for each of us and to have faith with our trials. May his family know of our gratitude for his faithfulness, service and love for him. May they be comforted at this time.

Mauricio Gamarra

We, the members of the church in South AMerica, enjoyed every conference Elder Wirthlin's inspired remarks, we will surely miss the apostle, but more than that the incredible human being he lived to be.
Thank You brother Joseph.

Alan Brown

Elder Wirthlin carried a feeling of experience and wisdom; that he personally knew from experience about the things he spoke about.

Beverly Kingsford

I felt that Elder Wirtlin was one of the best men ever. I loved his talks because he talked quickly and kept your attention with things spoken from his heart. I hope they will compile a book with all of his talks in it. I would enjoy reading it very much because every one of his talks was a masterpiece. I loved Concern for The One. I, for one, will cherish his memory.

Mark in Iraq

We will miss you Elder Wirthlin. Your humor, humility and giant spirit has blessed me. God speed, Mark


Thank you for sharing your life with us. God be with you till we meet again.

J.W. Coleman

My wife and I want to offer our consolation to the family of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. A man of tremendous humility and integrity! The world will miss you, Elder Wirthlin. Thank you for your testimony and example, and thank you for your labor of love in the service of the Master, even Jesus Christ. I know your service continues beyond the veil... "How great shall be your joy!"


You have fought a great fight and we will always remember your strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.You are the true example that the will of the spirit can over come the weakness of the flesh.


I attended General Conference with my family for the first time in October 2006. We lost our 47 year old dad about four months before and Elder Wirthlin's talk touched us deeply. He spoke about being reunited with our loved ones and that in our darkest Fridays we can take great hope in remembering Sunday will come. I have a framed picture of my dad with one of Elder Wirthlin's quotes from that talk. He will always hold a special place in my heart. I am so happy he is reunited with his sweetheart, what a sad day for us but filled with great joy for him. I will never forget what this great man did for me and my family at a time when it was much needed.


God bless him!

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