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Published: Friday, Nov. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Congratulations Juan Diego and I'm proud of you.

Congratulations Juan Diego!

Congratulations Juan Diego on your Class 3A State Championship! Let's hear it for the Catholics!! I'm loving me some Juan Diego...

Yes We Did

Congratulashun JD! Your unbeatible!

The God Mother

Great Game Guys! You did a wonderful job! Way to go State Champions!

Maple Valley

Congrats to JD on a great FB season!!!

JM Alum

Congratulations to Juan Diego on an undefeated season and the 3A Title.
Congratulations also to Hurricane on a great year and a terrific run to the championship game.

Great Game Hurricane

Great game for both teams.Hurricane you represented So Utah well.The other teams from down south were always blown out in their championship games but you hung in there and almost won,great season!

Wasatch Fan

Juan Diego's unbeatable? They're a very good team, but I think if they played Hurricane ten times they'd split, or win six of the ten maybe. I don't think I've ever seen a high school football team that was unbeatable.

Anyway, congrats to them, condolences to Hurricane. Great game.


Great game to both squads!!!! Please do not start with the excuses on either side.

JD Mom

Juan Diego could beat anyone in 4A or 5A.

Southern Fan

Interesting coaching decisions on Hurricane side of the ball! They will be second guessing themselves for a long time. I feel like they got out coached!!!


Congratulations to Juan Diego, you managed to win the game even when faced with adversity, in this case not because of the other team, but because of the shameful officiating. This game shouldn't have been nearly that close. I'm glad you guys played-on and showed that you don't need to have the referee in your pocket to win.


JD Mom, Don't kid yourself. If you really want to test your theory though... You're more then welcome to drive your team just up the street to play Alta :)

To JD Mom


Yours is the first comment on this blog that was either stupid or classless.

Juan Diego is a good 3A team but would have its hands full with the top 7-8 teams in 4A and would get run out of the stadium against most 5A teams.

Take this victory for what it is and enjoy what your team has accomplished. Good grief


Hey, there were a number of LDS on the Juan Diego team too.


hurricane being out coached is a understatement. kicking it deep with 8 seconds left in the half? great call. the on side kick ended up not hurting you but great call? If Dotson cant run up the middle you might try getting him outside?


Congrats to Juan Diego !!! Great season - sad that next year the Catholics will beat each other out in state being in the same region now. Thanks for representing all of us so well.

Congrats J. Diego

Congratulations to Juan Diego and their coaches. They played a great game and made the big plays. It was an exciting game.

Congratulations to Hurricane. They played very well and made it a championship caliber game. I am very proud of the Tigers and their fans. Great season!

Mr. K. Pedersen, principal
Hurricane High School

To JD Mom

I don't think your team could beat the timpview t-birds, they both have good defense and high powered offense.


JD mom.....think before you blog

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