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Published: Friday, Nov. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Directv 616-1

Can't wait to see fans reaction when things will not go right. Could it be that it will be 480i and not 1080p? The mtn may have purchased as use equipment from ESPN with low quaility HD camera. Sorry to say this, mtn network equipment quality will remain the same. Enjoy the game while the video quality will be SD.
Go Cougars!!!!


I am not sure which is worse? 3.2 beer or the mountain network. They both sort of give you what you want when you are starving, but nothing you really want seconds of given the alternatives.
Thankfully I will only be in Utah for 2 days and will get out of there riding high with a BYU win. When in Utah I will only drink the water, and properly celebrate a BYU win once I get home with some true beer. GO COUGS!

No defenition

What good is HD when you still can't get this channel? This game is too big to stick it on the Mtn! This is just another example of how inept the Mountain West Conference is. No wonder the Nation doesn't respect this conference. Before everyone starts saying "quit complaining and get cable or directv," let me point something out. We live in an extremely rural area. Directv does not offer SL local packages here--I can only get them through Dish Network, so I am stuck with Dish and no chance to see this game. Thanks for nothing MWC!!!


Do you think that giving fans an HD offer is going to increase viewership? I have news for you: since we can't get the mountain in my area, I will be watching a real conference play football. Besides, I can't wait to hear how cheap your HD broadcast looks. Somebody will have to tell me since I won't be able to see it for myself.


As big a game as this is. Its a shame it not a better network to showcase the teams.

Mtn. is a joke

The MWC introduced the Mtn. thinking it would get the conference the recognition it was seeking. Unfortunately, it has given them an even worse reputation. This channel is a complete joke. This game should be on ESPN 2 like the old days. I settle for Versus or CBS College Sports this year. Why was the game moved at the last minute last year, but NOT THIS YEAR? This channel has turned me against the MWC.

See ya next year!

Both teams finished the season 6-0. Games 7-12 were relegated to the "ant hill network" which means they were not seen by enough people to count. Too bad, both teams could have had great seasons and been recognized nationally but did not play enough games to qualify for post-season bowls.

See ya next year?


A Cougar fan who drinks beer? Oh my heck!

Welcome to the club, Jack!.

The mtn is a joke

But for those of us who live outside of a Mountain West city, we're not complaining. And I don't get DirecTV in high-def anyway, so it won't be any different for me.

But a game like this should be on national TV. The mtn doesn't count.

San Diego Ute Fan

The only benefit of this TV deal is that the conference has control of when the games are played.

It has hurt the conference to have games hidden away in the anonymity of this pitiful network.

There are a lot of viewers nationwide who would have tuned in tomorrow, but will not have the chance.

Too bad that the Utes will stage a repeat of 2004 but it will go largely unseen. BIG step backward for us all when ESPN was eliminated.


I'm stuck with Dish Net. also. I'm a fan of the MWC as my home is in Colorado and like to watch all the mountain teams, football and basketball. I'm can't believe I won't be able to see this game and I blame the league for such a poor tv exposure.

Small Minded

Let's prevent these two great teams from getting the national exposure they deserve -- let's hide them in the Mtn network that ensures the fewest viewers. WHO'S IDEA WAS THIS!!! HOW MORONIC!!!


This is AWESOME! Finally, the .mtn is in HD. That means that they are now using HD handycams instead of the SD handycams that they were using before. I wonder if it will make the college interns who serve as broadcasters sound any better.

Hey Mtn.

Come on Mtn., PUT THIS GAME ON VERSUS OR CBS COLLEGE SPORTS!!! Please, D-News, get these comments to the big wigs and get this game on a channel that will get these teams some national exposure.

To what end?

Does anybody know how much longer we are contracted to the Mtn.?

Does anybody know how much longer we are contracted to Craig Thompson? He makes no apologies for what he's done -- and is still doing -- to our conference. The other day, he even remarked how it was calculated that only the Mtn. would air both the Holy and Border Wars. It's as if Craig is representing the network station rather than the MWC.


Not only do people not get to watch this game in 90% of the country, but they typically don't get to see the highlights either due to the terrible signal quality. At least when Utah was on KJZZ, I was able to pick the games up in Washington, DC.

What HD?

HD? This will not even come close to it. This will be the worst HD broadcast in sports history. It will only be HD by word, not by quality.

Big games deserve BIG COVERAGE!

What a contradiction--"BIG game." If this was such a "big game," then why is it on the Mtn?

Any other options?

Is there any other option besides the Mtn? I can't get the Mtn. where I live! Is this game available as an internet broadcast? If so, where? Thanks, Craig Thompson for making this game easily accessible to football fans everywhere. You are doing a fabulous job. . . of making a joke out of this conference. Perhaps you should step down.

What a let down!!!

I was so excited about this game, until I found out it was on the Mtn. Now, I'll be watching something else. I guess I can monitor the score while I watch another game.

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