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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Classless Cougar

I keep hearing that Utah is playing for a BCS game and BYU is playing for a peice of the MWC title. Aren't both teams playing for the MWC title and a BCS game? I know that Boise State (or a bunch of second place BCS teams) have to lose for BYU to make it to the BCS, but that means they're two games away. 1) Beat Utah and 2) Nevada or Fresno (the two next best teams in the WAC) beat Boise. Done. If Nevada pulls it out (which we'll know by half time of the rivalry game) then the second half is a BCS play-in. Both teams are then deservedly playing for a BCS spot.


For TDS fans: Another chink in the "Quest" come Saturday boys. Don't fret though, 10-2 is respectable. But ....

12-0 IS Perfection!



13-0 AND a National Championship is Perfection!

I know, Utah never sets such adventurous goals as having an undefeated season and winning a national championship, so Saturday's loss won't be nearly as hard for Utah fans to take as the loss to TCU was for BYU fans.

Out of state Fan

I think that most people reporting this are just being realistic, BYU doesn't have the odds in their favor to get to the BCS bowl this year. I hope that the Cougars have learned from the TCU game and come prepared for the quick Utah D, or it will be another ugly game for the boys in blue. It will be NICE though if BYU can pull out a win in SLC, very tough though. GO COUGARS!!!


Congrats to the Utes! They have had a great year but please do not think BYU will be an easy win for you. If Utah does win they deserve to go to a BCS game because they will have beat some very good team.

If BYU wins do we not deserve the same reward? If your UTES are so good and we win do not we not deserve some props? I love smack talk more than anyone but lets be honest either team can win Saturday. The fans who insult others with stupid comments about church, state, and personal attacks are ridiculous.

Maybe we could fcus on two great teams giving us all a great game Saturday regardless of our hate for one another. Go BYU!


Kaneshiro for President !!


this will be a great game on saturday and i will be pulling for my undefeated utes. i love them and would never hope for the cougars to win but it will be a close gamea and i will be glad to have seen it. utahs defense is just as fast as tcu defense and the cougs will have to learn to work around that. but if utah brings there A game they will pull it out in the end. GO UTES!!!!!!!!!

Close Game

Wow! This writter really went out on a limb! Let's see, I predict that the team with the mosts points at the end of the game will most likely win! Please comment below...


This week's game will be an exception from the "close-game" general rule of the past several years. You can't have two teams that performed so differently against TCU be all that close.

BYU fan

I am a diehard BYU fan and always will be...but I am being realistic this week.

My prediction is: Utah-24 BYU-14

Good Luck to both teams!

hootowl you are a hoot....

Go UTES!!!!

Re: Forrest

The TCU games were alot closer than you might think. The difference in the games, with both being on Thursday nights,is that BYU was on the road at TCU and Utah played them at home. Turnovers played a big role as well with BYU turning the ball over 4 times to TCU's 1. Utah had 1 turnover to TCU's 2. TCU mistakes cost themselves at least 12 pts against Utah.

Saturday's game should be very close and very entertaining.

Go Cougars !

Re: BYU fan

You're not a diehard BYU fan; but, your fanhood has died. hard.

Cougs will pull it out by 4.
If not, I have to record myself singing the Utah fight song.

Have faith in your team!

Go Cougs!

Forrest? Is that you Gump?

Yup! There you go comparing scores against common opponents. UU-TCU played in SLC, TCU-BYU in Dallas. TCU admits they were gunning for BYU and had practiced all year to beat BYU... Shame they didn't plan and practice better for Oklahoma. Beating OU might have put them in the mind set to beat both BYU and UU.

But back to comparing scores against common opponents. Why don't you look at the UU-AFA and BYU AFA games then? Seems to me that BYU had a better score against the same AFA that UU only beat by one TD.

How about BYU beating UCLA 59-0 while UU pulled off a thriller to beat OSU by a FG with time run out...

Okay, a little Forrest logic and we see that OSU beat UCLA 34-6, well, if OSU was such a great win and Forrest logic works, then BYU must be much better by stomping UCLA 59-0 while the same OSU that UU barely beat in the last seconds won by 28 points over the Bruins?

Forget Forrest logic. Let's just see on Saturday!

A Little Nervous....

All the BYU fans at work I've been talking to keep telling me they're pretty sure that Utah is going to kill them. Now, I know they may just be bracing themselves but I am a die-hard Ute fan and I'm scared to death of this game.


Wait a second, your leader just said that the "Quest" was not just about football, so your comments are incorrect.

I don't know which comment in this article and subsequent blog is more unbelievable. 1)That the "Quest" really wasn't just about football, and it was taken out of context by everyone in the world, or 2)That the "Quest" wasn't just about being undefeated in football and playing in the BCS, but was also a "Quest" for a National Championship? I love to rag on Preacher Bronco like everyone else, but I have to give the edge to hootowl. National Championship was your goal! I wonder why everyone outside of your bubble sees your fan base as arrogant and self righteous! I'd like to date Jessica Beil and drive a Maserati. There, now my goals are just a ridiculous as yours.

Do us all a favor, including yourself. Just ahead 25 years from 1984 to 2008 and face reality. Your Cougs will play in the Vegas Bowl, again. While the Utes will play in the BCS, AGAIN!


Don't expect this one to be close at all. The media is pumping for a story. BYU has already proven they are the inferior team. I look to see Utah take an early lead and then by the half-a blow out. This will be a repeat of the TCU game only with a higher point spread. The final score will be Utah 47; BYU 3 (or something close). The Utes are REDy for this one!! YOU know it. BYU just can't compete. COUNT ON IT!!


How can you be a diehard BYU fan and think we are going to lose? That seems like a paradoxical statement, especially considering the caliber of our offense, and the way our team has recently played. I'm expecting BYU to come out like they did against UCLA. Of course, Utah is a much better team than UCLA, but they couldn't beat us if we execute the way we did against UCLA. We're going to come out fired up and ready to prove ourselves just like we did against UCLA. Our defense may not be top tier, but they are good enough to stop Brian Johnson and the funky bunch. My prediction: BYU 34 Utah 13 ...
you laugh, but we'll see who's laughing on Saturday.

More Forest Logic...

Utah vs CSU = Blowout. BYU vs. CSU = Phew, barely got out of town with a win.

Utah vs. UNVL = Blowout. BYU vs. UNLV = almost went to overtime.

What does this mean come Saturday? On the surface nothing. What can we take from these games though? Well, Utah is fully capable of taking just as much advantage of BYU's defense as either UNLV or CSU. Add to that the fact Utah's defense is much better than either of those other teams and BYU will have to be near perfect on offense to pull this one out. More than one BYU turnover and the Cougars won't be close enough for a last minute scoring drive to matter.

reply 10:57

Your logic is not good,
Utah vs NM barely won
Utah vs Weber only won by 16
Your games have been close too, so hush.

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