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Today: Backs and 'backers

Published: Wednesday, Nov. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Classless Cougar

Unga has a propensity for making big plays based on his one 15+ yard run all year? Brilliant! Unga certainly had a propensity for big plays last year, but this little gem of analysis is laughable.

My Analysis:

I don't think there's any question whose defense is better. BYU's only real strengths on D are Nixon, Jorgensen and their propensity for forcing fumbles. BYU's D will play not to lose and Utah's D will play to win (unless it comes down to a two minute drill for BYU and then Utah's prevent D hands BYU another last minute victory). If BYU leads the turnover margin by one or two and if Max Hall can get into rythm (which will be difficult against a very good Utah defense) then BYU wins.

If BJ is on then he can be unstoppable and I don't see BYU winning a shootout. However, Utah's offense has been inconsistent in big games. Also Utah had to rely on defense to put away UNM.

On the balance I probably give my Cougars a 40% chance of victory, but I'll be in the stands taking the abuse from the drunken Utes to cheer them on.



What about the kickers? If it comes down to the kicking game, the Utes win it with King Louie.

San Diego Ute Fan

Dear Classless:

Nice to hear the voice of reason from any Cougar fan, classless or not.

You hit it right on the head. But not all Ute fans are drunken.

See you at the game, and may the best team (Utes) win. Utah 24, BYU 10.


The Ute's can relax, Harvey Unga is not healthy, but coach M. continues playing him, big mistake.

Kicking Game

It's not automatically Utah's game if it comes down to kicking. BYU's kicker (Payne) is almost just as accurate. They usually just get it in the end zone as opposed to kicking. Just recently he pounded in a 46 yarder. BYU has a kicking game.

All of this said, Sakoda is amazing, and he is better than Payne. But don't count Payne out because he can compete easily with Louie.


10 points for byU? C'mon. That's ridiculous. How do you expect anyone to take you serious. And to the coug fan that thinks the Utes have been inconsistent in big games? Not true...they've been the same in big games...mediocre, then great when needed.


Great athletes on both sides of the ball. Historic game at the RES. AND I GET TO WATCH IT ON TV. I would like to watch it in the stadium but live in Colorado. Sounds like BYU has some injuries and Utah is a little deeper on both sides. Hope it is a classic game.

If both play their very best then the win is Utah's.



I have to be honest. BYU scares me. Nobody wins last minute games better than the Cougars. I've been a Ute fan too long to think that you can beat BYU with less than a lead of a couple of scores in the fourth. Classless Cougar's analysis is right on. It could go either way. The Utes have been inconsistent offensively and the bend-but-don't-break defense has been great but you're always one missed tackle from a big play. Unga won't be a problem but Hall has the ability to beat us. The Utes are VERY vulnerable long so we HAVE to get to Hall with the front four consistently. If Hall spends most the day on his butt the Utes will run away with it.
Last thought. Great teams find a way to win games. If it comes down to desire and confidence, the Utes will win...kind of a switch from the norm, Hallelujah!


No worries for this game. It will be a big Red blowout Ute win. COUNT ON IT!!!

I was there

Was the T shirt Ute fans were wearing after a 57 28 win in 1988. I hope the Utes can repeat 20 years later.


Blue Man Group

Ute fans live in a strange fantasy world. These games are always close. Utah has a solid D, but their Offense isn't that good. Their scoring numbers are high due to defense and special teams. BYU's D is pretty bad, but we'll show up on Offense.....I have no doubt.

Banged up or not, the Cougars will come with all they have. If Utah had played TCU @ their house, they would have lost. So don't expect the Cougars to look like they did against TCU. Close game.....BYU WINS!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Classless Cougar

HOW do you call yourself a BYU fan? What do you mean BYU wouldn't win in a shootout? Hall could outgun Johnson easily. The difference might be the defenses. Utah has shown that they can stop the run, but even as "horrible" as our run game is, Harvey still had 50 yards rushing against the number 1 run defense in TCU. Utah's is what, 7th? I'm not saying he'll put up last years numbers, but I would expect him to be able to have a typical day that he has had all season, likely a 75-100 yard day. I think at least he cracks the 1,000 yard mark in this game. It will be hard fought for sure. I can't predict a score for sure but I would give Utah the edge in this game. I think that with the help of Sorensen's kicking game we will get good enough field position to give Utah longer fields than last year, and give us a chance to win.

Utah Mann

Hey cougies, just relax, the UTES will win on Saturday. The UTES will go to ANOTHER big time bowl game (BCS) and win, again. Max hall will have two interception and will be sacked three times by Paul Krueger alone. Can't wait til Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cougs by 4

First team to 30 points wins.

Jolly Utah Gang Man

Louie will do his best, but it won't be enough.

Utah 19
BYU 38

10-year Anniversary

Just like the inaugural season of the newly renovated Rice-Eccles stadium (the doink heard round the world), this close game goes to the Cougars. Utes have been fortunate to pull off wins that their opponents should have sealed (OSU simply kick 2 extra points rather than go for 2-point conversions; TCU blows 2 easy field goals). Utes would be unwise to wait for BYU to fold like that in the waning minutes.


If I remember, didn't Sakoda miss a field goal in last years game?


Has the number 2 defense in conference, there also really good in scoring defense, and it's true you Ute fans live in a fantasy world, 12 of the last 15 games decided by a touchdown or less, so nothing is a given, and who decided the Utes are so great this year, who did you play? Weber!!!

Mike B.

Reality check I think that the Utes Have the edge at home, but the turnover battle as always will be the difference in this game. Whoever wins that wins the game. Utah as I have said in my opinion has more speed and a better defense. Other than that its a rivalry game and a crap shoot. Flip a coin.


3rd year repeat with King Louie missing a last second field goal.
BYU 27
Hooooooutes 24

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