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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Definition of Loser

One who purchases a ticket to anything for $1,600.


Oh it's great to know former U football players from the 2004 perfect team. I'm good friends with Steve Savoy and Paris Warren and Martell Burnett to name a few. Savoy (who is going to be playing for the Blaze this coming season) has got me some good tickets for free. Lucky guy gets to be on the sidelines, but at least I'll be getting into the stadium without having to donate my live savings. It's going to be a great game until halftime when the Utes are embarrasing the Kewgs like the '04 game(52-21). My prediction: Utah 35 BYU 14


I need two tickets for the game. I am willing to pay a grand per ticket if they are premium seats. let me know if anyone has two of them together.


I have 2 tickets -- Section S04 ( South End Zone )row 11 -- seats 25-26 -- Close to the action when the ball is moving south. Let me know if you are really interested. $300 a seat

Too Funny!

Too Funny!
I love how journalist write an article about the economy, politics, or even ticket scalping and they don't realize THEY don't get it, and those who have any common sense look right through what is really going on. Maybe when you report average sales prices and there is a huge outlier, maybe the editor figures out something isn't right. Going for 1,600 and actually selling for 1,600 are two different stories. It would be one thing if several nosebleeds were at that price, let alone if average sales were going close to that number.

The real answer on the 1,600 tickets (since I'm the one who posted them on Stubhub) is if your a seller on Stubhub, you have access to information on what tickets are actually being sold for, so I listed tickets I don't own for such a high price that I wouldn't have to worry about actually selling them, never imagining someone reporting on listings on Stubhub. I could not stop laughing this morning when I saw the D-News sports front page article.

Re: Who wrote this GARBAGE?

Uh, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the article and notice a name at the top. That usually indicates who the writer is. You're welcome for the newspaper lesson.

Read, then proceed

People, you need to refresh your reading comprehension skills, good grief. The writer quoted people laughing at the $1,600 price. Was it mentioned that anybody had or will buy tix for $1,600? No, only that somebody -- apparently "Too Funny!" who it sounds like did something fishy (putting tickets for sale that you don't own?) -- listed them at that price.

The actual numbers of the prices for average tickets sold on StubHub are in the article and that is almost $200 per ticket (or about 6 times what the cheapest ticket face value is).

Maybe you should read more than just the headlines next time before commenting.....


well ive been a utah fan my whole life, we've had season tickets my whole life and i can say it will be worth any amount of money you spend, whether the utes win of cougars win the game will be very exciting and fun to watch, my bets are on utah but i do have alot of respect for byu whose only loss came to tcu at tcu. i give utah the edge because of the enviroment at the stadium and because our defence is great, but i do expect byu to score at least 21 points. it will be another great game and even better if the utes win. go utes!

SC Trojan Fan

A fool and their money are soon parted!

I have tickete

BYU fan, wouldn't do it if I thought for a second that BYU would lose.

Cougars, by 14.


Watching the Utes get punked is priceless.


re:Anonymous | 2:55 p.m
"Watching the Utes get punked is priceless."

And at their house, in front of all of the "more tolerant than thou", arrogant Utah fans, all dressed up like Uncle Rico with nowhere to go.

They have all predicted the game as a "W", which will make it that sweeter.

It's going to be a special one for sure.


all the arrogant utah fans eh? haha why dont you look at how "arrogent" that comment was KOOGAR fan

Utes Don't sell

Utes are not selling their tickets to by-boohoo fans. It will be a sea of Red and/or Black for this game. So cuber/kittens go cry in the clausterphobia of your happy valley house and prepare your standard cry-baby excuses when the UTES do a remake of 2004 and send you packing to the streets in your bawl-baby blue knock-off (USU) colors.

Here are some excuses from your past:

"those big mean polynesians from Utah did the Huka while we were doing it (the huka which we copied from the New Zealand All Blacks team and a local High School and now call our tradition) And it through us off our game."

"Those refs are always against us and called penalties on us when we commited penalties" or "it was the refs fault".

"If we would've hit the field goals we would have won"

"all the red got in our eyes"

"I can't believe we lost...Whaaaaahhh, sniff, whaaaah." Ala John Beck.

Get Your Tissues Out Kitties and If You See Kay You B Y lose fans...say hi.


The Utes are gonna scalp BYU. I think I invented that!!! Go Red Men.

re:Utes don't sell

"It will be a sea of Red and/or Black for this game."

Or Yellow or green, or tan!!!

Or Taupe, or lavender, or Brown to hide you oh-oh's when BYU dismantles your defense with their offense.

Yea, a big sea of colors.

Colors, that's how Utah will win the game.


Sea of.


Intiminating technicolor stadium.

A Rainbow.

Yea, that the ticket, a rainbow out. That way we can march from the stadium downtown to Rocky's gay pride parade.

Utah fans don't even know what color to wear (there should be a class on campus or something)..

I'll bet even the stupid bird mascot will wear the right color.

I have an excuse from Kyles past for you: "I can't believe we lost...Whaaaaahhh, sniff, whaaaah."

Bring the Kleenex. I knew TCU, TCU was a friend of mine, and you Utes are no TCU.

Greatest game in Utah history was played by TCU, with the Utes all tucked away in their feetsie jammies.

No more hiding behind TCU's skirts this year. Utah is going to have to come out on the field sometime. Your dreams will be dashed soon. Bring some beer to cry in.

money is tight

I would pay 100 dollars to watch it on TV.

Where can I watch?


will be Utah as they come off the field after a huge loss!!

Kewg Fans.........

For the last time, NO I won't trade my seats for green jello with carrots or any of your creative casseroles!

Actually, I wouldn't sell my four tickets, period. This is the third best home game on our schedule (behind Oregon State and TCU) and I'm looking forward to watching our Utes thump byu in person.

I'm looking forward to a repeat of 2004 when we not only beat little brother, but finished the year undefeated, and were invited to a BCS game, all on the same night.... OUCH!

See you on Saturday! GO UTES!!

Led Zeppelin

This is sick! I cannot believe how pathetic sports has become. Even college is going way too far. Its all about money. I will save my money to see Led Zeppelin in concert if they go on tour instead.

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