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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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George Q Cannon

In 1895, when Missouri beat Nebraska by 11 points, the field pieces were fired once for every point scored after the game. That 1895 celebration-by-cannon was not only a first for MIZZOU, it was a national first as well. For Missouri fans, nothing says touchdown like the boom of a cannon in Memorial Stadium.

So much for copying "Utah's" tradition of firing a cannon for football scores.

Typical Embarassing Ute

re:"Democratic Ute Fan | 9:01 a.m. Nov. 19, 2008
Typical BYU Fans, Can't handle the Utes busting your BCS dreams just like Obama busted the republican dream. Face it, BYU, like Bush had their time in the sun and blew it!! Go Utes!!!! The Utes will do to BYU what Bush did to our economy- Destroy em. PS Eugene... Can't you stand up for what you believe in. Go to the game and wear your blue like a MAN!! Are you scared??"

Another Utah Fan that has never set a foot in a classroom. What a waste of a mind. How do you go about hitting the "Add your comment" when your mind works like it does.

go utes


to: Democratic Ute Only

Please find another blog to spew your political hate; this is a BYU/Utah football rivalry sports blog.

We'll see how the Utes handle BYU busting your BCS dreams. Will you take it like real men and give the Cougars credit for a great win, or will you whine and blame the loss on officiating and injuries?

To: LES north

Come on, tell us how you really feel.

Washington Cougar

Lets see, I get to watch the game in HD in my family room, with unlimited popcorn, apple cider, diet coke, some taco salad, it will be warm and my daugther and wife could care less, so they will not be there, and I can wear sweats and t-shirt and just be bum, All that for Direct TV Mountian Conference.. all the games for what $125.00 I do not get it. Buy a new flat screen and help our ecomony.

Premier Tickets

Thats funny I have been a local ticket broker
for years, its funny when the newspaper writes
that Tickets are going for 1600.00 per ticket.
And I am having a hard time getting 350.00 a ticket
for the very best chair Seats, and even getting 150.00 for the worst seats. It just shows do not
believe what you read in the newspaper

Who wrote this GARBAGE?

Tickets are struggling to sell for $125 let alone $1600. Prices have gone down everyday and I'm just gonna buy mine from a scalper right before kickoff for face value. Ticket sellers think they have tickets to the superbowl or something.

re: Wash Cougar and others

Sorry, but if you are real fan, the worst seat in the house is better than watching a game on TV and to GCF, in Utah, scalping is legal as long as it isn't on stadium property.

Wishful Thinking

"I'm just gonna buy mine from a scalper right before kickoff for face value."

Good luck!

but, be sure to bring lots of "extra" cash to pay for those "face value" tickets, or you'll go hungry at the game.

Re: Who wrote this GARBAGE?

Good luck! See the note about the legal implications of scalping in Utah at "Wash Cougar and others."

Re: Wishful Thinking

I got into the 2006 game for free, the Game 6 of the 1998 finals for $25(facevalue), Yankees/Redsox game 7 for $50 bucks. When people are greedy they get stuck with tickets and end up selling them for really cheap once they hear the kickoff. I haven't paid more than $5 bucks to get into any of BYU's "soldout" games this year.
Buy you 1600 dollar tickets and ill buy a big screen adn go to the game with better tickets for 1600
Go to stub

Sad Tv

Worse than $1600 tickets is that sad MTN tv network. The MWC is foolish having that setup. Imagine all of the fans in the country that are going to miss a great rivalry, two good football teams, regardless of which team you like, Conference championship on the line, BCS bowl on the line, an almost guaranteed close game to the end. What is really on the line here is the fact that the MWC will still perceived as a second rate conference because the MWC doesn't know how to market their product. If this was Michigan vs Ohio State or Nebraska vs Oklahoma for a conference championship, a $1600 scalped ticket would be a cheap seat.


Getting in for free. Or maybe ill hide in the bathroom after the high school finals and spend the night there.


Ah yes, glad to see the impending depression has brought sports fans back to reality!

No wishfull thinking needed

I've had my tickets since June and will be in the stadium enjoying the kickoff while wishful thinkers are wistfully rethinking their failed plans for getting into the game... cheap.

Getting in Free

If you wait until the 4th quarter, it's easy to get in free; no ticket-takers watching the turnstiles.

Money well spent . .

if you are a Ute. Zoobies are wasting their money to be publically humiliated again. Only two loses for the season, but both will have been nasty blow-outs.

Utah by 21


FOR THAT AMOUNT I'M GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL , I WANT THE PROS NOT AMATEURS...GOING TO BE A DUD ANYWAYS!! no wonder these guys get in trouble all the time...paid a king's ransom for playing a child's game.

Not Worth It

Anybody who thinks this game is really worth $1600. I don't care if your a BYU or Utah fan. Anybody who pays that price in mentally unstable and is a pure example of what's wrong with today's society.

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