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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Plainly it's Utah Fans...

...buying this tickets. Perhaps 2 BYU fans in the world could scrape together $1600.

Smart Ute

I just bought face value season tickets and was able to see Oregon State, TCU and now BYU. The BYU game will obviously be worth the purchase of all the other games...but I got to see some sweet wins on the road to this one. Go Utes!

For Cougar fans only

I think the $1,600 seats are being reserved for BYU fans only. They really want to see their team lose this one in person. Utah 34 BYU 17

Democratic Ute Fan

Typical BYU Fans, Can't handle the Utes busting your BCS dreams just like Obama busted the republican dream. Face it, BYU, like Bush had their time in the sun and blew it!! Go Utes!!!! The Utes will do to BYU what Bush did to our economy- Destroy em. PS Eugene... Can't you stand up for what you believe in. Go to the game and wear your blue like a MAN!! Are you scared??

Not Worth It

This game is purely overrated. Games this hyped never live up to their expectations. $1600 game buy things a whole lot better and longer lasting that a stupid football game.


This is a total misleading article. Just because someone on stubhub has them LISTED at $1600 each doesn't mean they are "going" for $1600. Go to Craigslist... you can find a pair for $300 or less EASILY! If you catch the right adds you can find a pair for $200 or less.

investment banker

I will not pay more than $1500.00 for a ticket to see

BYU 35


Utah 12.

Great "Reasons" post

The person who posted the "Reasons for the $1600 seats" got it right on. As a Utah fan I attended the BYU vs. San Diego State game. Some of the rituals that are mentioned in his post actually happened time after time. Such as "That's another Cougar....first down!" ad nauseum over the loud speakers after every first down. Or the Cougar growling over the speakers and everyone cheering. Give me a break. Utes will blow BYU away this Saturday.

BYU coped Utes on this..

Another ritual that BYU copied from the Utes is the cannon after each score. Thunder Ute (the Ute cannon) has been firing since the fifties. BYU has copied the cannon for years. But then, Utah is the "original" BYU if you go back a lot of years.

Smarter Cougars

Knowing how big this game was going to be, many BYU fans bought Utah season tickets this year just to ensure that they would have tickets to watch BYU magic happen again in RES on November 22nd.

BYU 38 (5 TDs, 1 FG)
Utah 19 (4 FGs, 1 TD)

Re:TV adding CSTV & Versus?

Yes, PLEASE expand the coverage so that this game is available to more people! This game has national implications, so it should be more available nationally. I'm not about to switch to directv just for the sake of one game.

KSL Classifieds

Look at KSL classifieds. Most tickets are going between $150 and $300 range. However, look at how many are sold. The majority are not being sold. Please don't buy them, so these greedy people are stuck with tickets they can't sell. Considering a weak economy, most people are asking way too much for these tickets.

Worth it

Game has never lived up to the hype? Seriously.... That seems like a comment from a jilted Ute fan.


BYU 45, Utes 35. About the ticket price...students go to school to learn how to get ahead in life. So, first thing to do is to see how far his $ can go using is Math 101 knowledge. And please this is not a moral issue, it is a civil issue...75% of the world population do not know what is moral issues any more. Ask the opposition on Prop 8!!!


I played for BYU a long time ago and have a degree from Utah. I root for both school, but Saturday it will be for Utah who I feel has the most to lose. BTW, I wouldn't pay even $1 for a seat since the best seat in the house is in front of my big screen TV.


this game is sooooo over hyped. Paying $1600 for a seat? To a college game? To watch 18 year old kids play? Please!!! Utah is a better team that BYU this year and will win by 10 anyway.

E.S. Blofeld

re: investment banker | 9:12 a.m. Nov. 19, 2008

Hey Gordon Gekko. Stick to being greedy and arrogant when it comes to other peoples money.

Besides, don't you and Dr No have tee time Saturday @ 3:45?

X-Pat football fan

Obama's eight team playoff would still be the same as the BCS, except that any of the eight teams making it to the playoffs would have a shot at the NC.
So let's say Utah loses to BYU on Saturday, neither BYU nor Utah would likely be invited to the BCS or the OPS (Obama Playoff Series). Boise would most likely get the nod and the Y and U the snub.

However, if Utah wins, they will probably get a BCS invite, and with the OPS they would have a chance to fight their way to the NC.

This just proves once again that the MWC needs to get itself straightened away and force themselves into the position where they can be one of the conferences with an automatic invite. After all, the OPS will just be the BCS with a twist.

So, now that college football has become a political issue, write your congressman and insist that the NCAA change its rules.

Mr. Harmon

The Utes remind me of filthy lucre.

LES North

You guys ought to schedule BYU every week to avoid your normally half full stadium.

To the buffoon who says this game is overhyped and the ostrich who says this game never lives up to its hype...where have you two been the past 2 years???

Tell me Ute fans, and be honest here, how many of you can say you're not deathly worried in the depth of your soul, that BYU will be able to pull off some last second miracle where Collie is wide open in the end zone as the clock expires (aka Harline), or Pitta barrels over your vaunted defense for a last second score, or something else breaks down and you have ANOTHER monumental gaffe on a 4th and 18?

Just what I thought, not many of you. This could turn out to be the best of the 3 considering BYU can shut a bunch of running BCS mouths with another afternoon of good football. And after the way you've derided BYU football since they stepped in doodoo against TCU it will be such a joy to watch Kyle's tear back again.

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