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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I would trade my tickets (if I had them) and get my Directv Permium service for two years for the same price and see all my games on the VS, MTN, C-CBS and many more. Why would BYU fans would go to this filty Rice Bowl! Go COUGARS!

Pretty crazy

People are spending more on a football game than some people earn in a year. $1600 could feed a family of 4 for a year in some places of the world. Society is completely mixed up in where it places it's values. Sports is truly becoming the God of many.....


$133.24 will buy you one (1) overpriced textbook these days. Period. End of story. When did you go to college anyway, Mr. Genessy? ;-)

This will be a sweet game...I hope!

BTW, I'm going into college textbook publishing. I should make a killing that way. Maybe I could retire in a decade or less. :p


Sure, this year there going for that much, when it's not at Lavell Edwards when if I had season tickets like last year I could sell them and buy season tickets for the next 20 years with the profits! Figures!!!


I am a diehard Cougar fan and would love to see them play in person, but why pay that much to see any team play?

TV coverage has replays, soft seats and I'm near my refrigerator and bathroom. Going to this game will have some (not all) Ute fans either gloating arrogantly if they win or making me feel threatened for my safety if they lose. I'd have to wear red and cheer for the Cougs quietly under my breath to enjoy this game and escape with by blueness in tact.

In reality, this is only a game. Why overblow it? Do I want the Cougars to win? Sure! Does it change the world for the better. No! Only Obama says he can do that and he can if he can force the play-off system on the BCS which he says he is going to do. Then, you've really got something as far as changing the world for the better!!

Go Cougs!!


It's known as a free market. Things are worth what someone is willing to pay for them--no one is forced to do so. It's easy to be critical of someone who chooses to spend his money in a way we would not; but if some person at a subsistence level looked at how we spend our money, he would find plenty to criticize in all of us.


It is all about the money $$$$

Misleading Headline

Just because a few jokers put their cheap seat tickets up for sale for $1600 doesn't mean anyone would pay that amount. There are also tickets on stub hub for under $100 available and the average price appears to be about double the face value. You're not going to get rich buying four seats for $60 and selling them for $120. Lame article.

Army Coug

IQm stuck in TX so I can`t even get the mtn. To watch this, anyone know if it`s over the net?

Mtn on DirecTV

Army Coug: mtn is on Direc TV, which is included in their basic package if you live in DFW.


I thought scalping was illegal...if not, at least its immoral...but then...consider those for whom it is okay...they do not generally care about what is moral (or humane, if your please)...and if that is not enough, the universities are already pricing a lot of "real folk" out of seating...if I decide to watch it, it will be on TV!!!

An Annual Rite

It's not just a game, it's an event!

We've been going to BYU/Utah football games for years. It doesn't matter how good the teams are; whether one or both or neither are ranked; whether there's a conference championship or BCS bid on the line or not; it's simply a fun game.

Sitting at home on the couch is okay, but there's nothing quite like sitting in the middle of the Crimson Club, dressed in BYU blue, and having the crowd all around you go instantly silent, except for our small group, when Harline catches Beck's pass on his knees in the end zone.

We usually buy our away tickets from scalpers. In 2006, we bought 6 tickets for an average of $45 each. This year, we knew this game was going to be huge, so we bought our tickets in June.

RE: Army Coug

You can get the MTN anywhere in the US now. Get DirecTV or Comcast. I am in IL and I get EVERY BYU game on the MTN, Versus, CBS C, etc.

Channel 616 on DirecTV. No complaints. Buy the station if you really want to watch.


Coming from an East Coast Utah fan who can't stand the TV coverage or lack there of. Biggest game of the year and its on the Mnt.

You can listen to the Utes station online KALL 700 www.KALL700sports.com.

I wouldn't be able to watch it on TV so I'm flying in for the game! Got my duckets and will be there on Saturday.



This is one of those times to step back from our super fan-dom, see what people are charging for these seats, and think, "You know, there's more than likely a more worthwhile use for my $1600."
You could buy yourself a big screen 1080p LCD screen, DirectTV service installed in 4 rooms, and lunch for everyone who's over watching the game.

Calling the final score:

BYU 24
Utah 17

TV adding CSTV & Versus?

Last year, TV coverage was expanded last minute from The Mtn, to also Versus and CSTV. Any word on that happening again?


Utah's stadium is much smaller than BYU's, thus driving up the price since there are fewer tickets available.

San Diego Ute Fan

For those of you who have never experienced a Utah BYU game from the stands: You have to be there to fully appreciate the experience. Period.

I flew up to SLC for the 2004 edition. Went with my Dad. It was one of the most memorable and fun days of my life. The photo on my wall of us in the stands brings a smile any time I look at it.

To go and experience the game in person is easily worth the couple of hundred bucks it will set you back. As Ferris Bueller said it, (regarding the Ferrari) "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

If you're on the fence on this one, JUST DO IT!

GO UTES! Utah 24 BYU 10

Joe Moe

This is the kind of wealth redistribution I can handle. Money going from the ones that have way too much on their hands, to those who could use it more. And then they ticker sellers can just watch it from home anyway.

Sure beats Obama's plans of forced redistribution!

Reason for the $1600 seats

I have it on good authority why certain seats for the big game cost $1,600 each:

1. They are for BYU Cougar Club fans only.
2. Speakers built into the seats play "There's another Cougar....." everytime BYU gets a first down - so that the person sitting in the seat can say "first down" after it plays.
3. The same speakers play "Rise & Shout" after every score (and also play the sound of a cougar growling about 100 times during the game.
4. Taped to the underside of each seat is a 20% off coupon for a BYU hat or sweater.
5. The occupants of the $1600 seats automatically have unlimited hot dogs delivered to their seats only limited by the size of their BYU sweatshirts expandability.
6. Same speakers broadcast KSL radio for play-by-play coverage to clarify for the BYU fan what's really happening on the field. (These types of fans usually miss the action because they are too busy singing the fight song or giving a dirty look to the Ute fans.)

I think that about covers it.

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