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Lifelong Cougar fan changing his colors this week

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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What if one if one of his other sons goes to the Y as a coach? who will he root for then?? mind blowing, would not want to be in the family i COULD NEVER CHEER FOR THE Y let alone wear blue..
I love the attitude - Great choice Tom
- GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!! your heart finally came home..

Dr. J

We still embrace Mr. Sitake as our own and respect his desire to support family. However, he is treading on thin ice--do not test the cougar nation.

Be afraid, be very afraid

I have had many Ute friends call me (a Coug fan) and try to talk smack. Most, if not all, finish the call by saying they are very nervous. They should be! There is so much at stake here. I can't remember a game between these two teams where the stakes have been this high. I can't wait!


Actually, this is good. For you, there are no losers! That's the way it should be for all of us.

tough decision

Who do you root for? The son who is assistant coach for the Varsity team, or do you pick the JV team and just accept being second best. Obviously he picks the A team because he knows where the power resides.

Utah 47
BYU 10 (all fourth quarter points against third string D)

Ryan Chai

Go uncle Tom! We love you!

Frankly, I am

puzzled why anybody would question where his loyalties are. Of course he wants his son to win. Wouldn't anybody!!! I would have been shocked if it was any other way.

Well Said

Well said Tom. The football rivalry is great. The disrespecting fans, not so much.


There are no losers for any of us. We have two great teams to root for.

Acting like a silly high schooler threatened by your cross town rival only makes you look immature.

This will be a fun game to watch IF everybody plays well. That is what we should hope for.


waited 20 plus years for this to bad both teams are not 11-0

All Blue

What a game this is going to be. I don't remember a one meaning so much to either team. The Utes want an outright solo MWC championship and a guaranteed BCS appearance, and the Cougars want redemption and a share of the honor. I've always bled blue, but for what should be a spectacular football finish, it is too bad that one of these great teams will walk away from this one with an 'L'.(BYU 34-31 UT)


With all the challenges in the world, Happy Valley is in their own little world thinking this rivalry is the most important situation in the worrld. Narcissism is not a very attractive characteristic. Please realize that this is a game--it will not mean much in the scheme of things.

utah 34 byu 3

utah 34 byu 3

Ute Fan

Utah 31 BYU 27
Go Utes!

Game Matchups

OFFENSE: Utah 36.5 PPG
BYU 36.3 PPG
edge to utah

DEFENSE: Utah 16.6 Points allowed per game
BYU 18.7 Points allowed per game
edge to utah

SPECIAL TEAMS: Utah has the obvious edge with louie sakoda.

So, going off stats utah has the advantage in every aspect, but then again stats usually mean nothing in a rivalry game. Just some fun facts.


How much do you think ESPN or other major networks would be willing to pay for the right to air this game?

Utes Rule

Go Utes!

Toa Sitake

The title of this article says it all!

Although we love our hometown PROVO and of course, the hometown team, the Cougars...we love our brother MORE! We support any team he supports...after all, that's what FAMILY is all about!

Good luck to my relatives on the BYU roster!!!!
Good luck to my relatives on the U of U roster!!!!

it's going to be a great game!


Utah is favored. Ranked higher, better wins thus far, better defense and better special teams. I love coming into this game as an underdog!

Cranky Coug

Re Tough Decision 6:17am

Just another uneducated (football) Ute fan, these guys can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.

Pressure is on Utah...Big Time!

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