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Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good job Anti-Proposition 8 people, domestic terrorism will always further your cause. Your true colors are shining through.


odds are 10:1 that it turns out to be home-ground flour from 20 year old food storage wheat.

Any takers?


It appears that opponenets to a familial society have stooped to an all-time low here. First they oppose democracy, and now this... terrorism? Wow!

This type of behavior nullifies any attempts at showing a just cause and reveals the true colors


Don't blame the entire opponant side of this. There are always the outlayers that are happy for the main stream to take the hit, or someone that is just crazy. Just because they support gay marraige does not make them Terrorists.


They will be supprized to find out it's not BABY POWDER.


No thanks on the flour. I have about 1000 lbs of my own.

To "wow": Lumping all opponents of Prop-8 (including the gays & Lesbians) with a few idiots who break the law show your true colors. A bigot.

Re: Pam

No, they are terrorists because they attempted to frighten and cause terror by sending a substance similar to Ricin or Anthrax in the mail to organizations that supported Proposition 8. Not helping the pro-gay cause by resorting to these types of tactics.

get over it

You lost on a DEMOCRATIC vote, this is a democracy, deal with it in a civil manor. By trying to scare people you are just making it harder for gay marriage to become legal. I do agree that it is only a very small minority that is making these threats, so you can not throw every gay marriage supporter in this category.

Let's Find Conspiracy

What if it was done by a supporter of the so called 'familial society' to further discredit the rising opposition? I thank God, in any event, that most of the rights I enjoy are inalienable and can't be voted away by a simple Utah majority. I wish more rights were inalienable.


All you fools obviously missed the last line of the article stating that the FBI has not found any link to those against to prop 8. Peoples true colors are showing alright but I dont think its those against prop 8

Agents provocateur anyone?

I'm highly skeptical that gay terrorists had access to weaponized anthrax.

A good antidote to fear is reason.

just me

Even if it is linked to the no on prop 8 crowd it doesn't mean that the person who sent them is gay. There are plenty of straight people out for blood over prop 8, convinced that religious people are hatemongers.

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