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Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Touch Down School (TDS)

Huh??? I thought (based upon Ute Fan Logic) that after playing SDSU that you should drop a couple of spots in the polls. Oh... I forgot, the Ute fans really have no say in the matter.

Nice trick play in the 4th quarter. Good way to put the game away.


*feeds troll*

Scoring 63 there vs 41 at home... yeah that is more impressive. Beat the snot out of a bad team is what we should do. No reason to move down. Have fun up north pond scum. Max Hall, meet Paul Kruger.

Y-ners Fans all the same

It's the same old story from the Y-ners. Bad mouth Utah because the kitty cats could beat TCU, or whoever else they lost to. Just ask yourself. . . who's playing for "Perfection" and who's playing for a trip to Las Vegas?

At least the AP has TCU ranked ahead of BYZOO - where they belong.

no respect

drives me nuts that the Y has no respect for the utes ranking. I guess that's why the Y is going to trounce the U ;)
Y: 59
U: 11 (2 points to paul)

re: no respect

Sorry, but the Y will be trounced by the U


Both Utah and Boise State will receive their first loss this Saturday!

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