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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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BYU BCS Bowl Week

Welcome to your BCS bowl week, Cougar fans!! Good luck, little brother!!

Honestly, at one time I could not imagine Cougar fans obsessing over and hating the Utes more than they already do. But if Utah wins on Saturday, that obsession and hatred will be OFF THE CHARTS!! That would give the Utes 2 BCS bowls to your ZERO.

This week will most likely be the closest the Cougs ever get to a BCS bowl.


"Seen It" hahahahahaha

Hey "Seen It":

I can tell you received your education from byu so I'll use small words so you will understand this message.

I guess you are saying you "seen it" at RES and LES?

I have been a season ticket holder for 25 years at the U of U and have never witnessed any attacks of other teams fans in our stadium. I can say that the worst fans are definately from Wyoming and from BYU. Wyoming fans are rude and generally out of control. Kewger fans are generally a combination of ignorant, rude and arrogant.

Although I have always entered LES with respect to the other team's fans and school, I have been abused simply by wearing my school's team colors.

Please don't make yourselves look even more foolish by making general statements that all Ute fans drink alcohol, launch verbal attacks and start fights. The same goes on at your university! I have a good buddy who takes his flask of alcohol to every byu game as he has season tickets and is a huge kewger fan.

Last years assult of an innocent Ute fan at LES was proof that fans are fans in different colors.


Remember the "Wild Hog" formation TCU used with their fast receiver? Utah has a quarterback that is just as fast in corbin louks. I wouldn't be surprised if loukes gets a few more snaps this saturday.

Ute Fan

why can't you cougies just shut up you always post on these and talk trash. We all know if all depends on who shows up to play we know it you know it now admit it


Check out Bryson Kearl's article about the rivalry. He writes for Square Magazine, and he makes some really good points, even though he is blatantly biased towards BYU.

RE: Seen it hahahahaha

Are you serious? Really? Bash the BYU education? What are you like many Ute fans who decided to get bitter towards BYU when your multiple applications to BYU were denied?

Claiming that Ute fans aren't rude to visiting Cougar fans is nothing short of pathetic. I have been to BYU-Utah game in RES, and been called all kinds of horrible things and even had a coke thrown at me. So save it. Ute fans love to do all kinds of crap to prove they aren't boring Mormons like the people from Provo.

Re: Re: Seen it hahahaha

Are YOU serious? Really?!?! I don't think you want to compare educations, homes, cars, jobs, etc., with me. FYI, I chose to pursue a career in the medical field. Obviously the U. of Utah was the best local choice. I didn't apply at your school.

As for pointing fingers only at Ute fans, it may be YOU that is pathetic and ignorant. You see, fans are fans. Both schools have good fans and bad fans.

Perhaps you aren't aware that the majority of Utah Ute fans are "boring Mormons like the people from Provo". Your generalizations paint you into a corner. My advice would be to think prior to pressing "Add your comment".

Go Utes!!

Hey BYU hater

You forgot to read the last page.

BYU 52

utah 17

And the utes fans cried in sorrow.

The end.

True Utah Hater!

Come on..

RE: all ute fans: Come up with something new, you have posted the same thing twice on this article alone, and I have seen it on other articles as well. As much as I dislike the typical Y fan, a Ute troll is worse.

RE: Re: Re: Seen it hahahaha | 8:09 p.m. Nov. 17, 2008 The other guy was not referring to the medical professions, that would not be good, too much time serving the population, too much time away from family. Now a PhD in Ballroom dancing is another story.

Chuck Norris

Reply to:"BYU BCS Bowl Week
Welcome to your BCS bowl week, Cougar fans!! Good luck!!"

That would give the Utes 2 BCS bowls to your ZERO."

How many times has Utah's game against BYU been Utah's last game, their "Bowl Game".

BYU will come out of this, win or lose, just fine. Utah, a different story. Talk about hate. Pre-TCU, BYU will never make BCS, and now Utes are entitled? I don't tink so. Utah has so much to gain, and we all know how BJ plays in pressure games. Utah is good, but are they BYU good?

And help me with your Utah math. If Utah does win, and gets a BCS Bowl, how many BCS Bowls equal a NC, trophy, banner and all?

One more quick question, most BYU fans refer to Utah as the U of U, Utes, etc. Why the need for all the immature zoobies, bubble, kitty cats, kitty litter, etc.

If BYU fans treat you civil, with common courtesy, why the need to go all Third Grade in your posts? Can we ask for a little respects from our brothers to the North. When the game is over, I'll still be cheering for both-teams.


all loyalties aside...
doesn't it make sense for Utah to win this weekend...
That would bring BYU (as a team from the conference of a BCS bowl team) MORE money than winning the joke of the las vegas bowl game!

re: Anonymous | 9:16 p.m.

So, you are entitled to the game.

I'd rather just beat you down, like what was intended from the start of season and get our BCS money the old fashioned way, by earning it.

It's in our grasp. Why not just take it?

We're BYU Football. We have class, self respect. That is the way we do things.

Utah is so familiar with taking handouts, they don't see it as a lack of respect, they see it as an entitlement,

football chick

i think that this is the best game... after all both teams have wanted if more then ever and think that they can have. Go Cougs.

Why is BYU called the Y?

April 1906 - The plans to construct the BYU on the mountain were begun. Professor Ernest D. Partridge was assigned to conduct a survey and designed the emblem. When this was complete, a line of high school and university students, and some faculty, passed buckets of lime, sand, and rocks up the mountain in order to fill up the letters. After six hours of hard labor, only the Y had been completed, so the filling in of the remaining two letters was postponed and later abandoned.

The large white Y on the side of the mountain has become the nationally recognized insignia for BYU and the reason why BYU is often called "the Y". It is made of concrete and is 380 feet high and 130 feet wide (116 by 40 m). No other college in the United States has a larger symbol, in fact, the Y is even larger than the letters in the "Hollywood sign" in California.

That is Why it is caled the "Y".


Okay, I've been a loyal Cougar fan for a long time, but I will be amazed if the Cougs can even keep this close. I predict a Utah win by 3+ touchdowns. This Cougar team got too full of themselves during their bye week, and haven't looked like a top 25 team ever since. Even so, I'll say it just as heartily as ever, Go Cougs!


"Anonymous | 9:16 p.m.
all loyalties aside...
doesn't it make sense for Utah to win this weekend...
That would bring BYU (as a team from the conference of a BCS bowl team) MORE money than winning the joke of the las vegas bowl game!"

I think BYU has done quite well when it comes to endowments. $1, while it is not pocket change, will not make a huge impact on BYU.
Also, BYU as a shot at BCS after beating Utah.

Now, the 8 million would help.

re: Utah Overrated

Wow! By your reasoning, Florida doesn't belong in the top 10. The best team they've beaten is #11, Georgia. The only other ranked team they've won is LSU. They also lost to unranked Mississippi. Yet, many think they will play for the championship. USC lost to Oregon State who very well may be the PAC 10 champion. Who has USC beaten but Ohio State? Speaking of which, who has Ohio State beaten that is currently ranked other than Michigan State? Michigan State will be ranked lower than TCU and Oregon State after next week, and they have yet to beat a ranked team. How about # 11, Georgia? The only ranked team they've won is LSU who almost lost to Troy, and is rightfully ranked lower than BYU and TCU. How about Missouri, Ball State, Cincinnati,Pitt,NC, Miami & Oregon who have yet to beat a ranked team! #12 Oklahoma State has only beaten Missouri. You might be able to argue that Penn State belongs ahead of Utah, but Penn State's only two ranked wins are Ohio State and Oregon State. Utah has beaten Oregon State, and TCU. The BCS computers put Utah at 4th for a reason! GO UTAH!!

re: Excuses

Please! Sakoda has shown time and time again he can kick under pressure, but Utah is going to kill BYU just like they did in 2004. Sorry, but no BCS for you BYU!

Jarid in Cedar

BYU fan at 5:44

"....it is surprising to see how overconfident the ute fans are.knowing it is a rivalry game all bets are off....."

Same can be said about many of the BYU fans who arepredicting a pasting.

That said...The game "generally" ends up close when one of the teams is favored heavily (think 2003, 2006)....and the game ends more comfortably when we think it will be a nail biter (think 1996) The only game that lived to the hype of 2 good teams was 1994.
Utah will be favored (5 points was the initial line). Given that home field is generally worth 4 points in vegas lines this game would be a pick 'em on a neutral field.

Utes 38 BYU 28 with Utah surging to an early lead and holding on at the end (ala 2005)

re: Yep,thatsKylewiththehurtin't

Your comments are so ignorant, they don't deserve a response, but here goes:

WY - Many Y fans like to think this means the U's offense can't perform, but they miss one big issue. The U's offense can't run up any yards while the score is being ran up by the defense! Example: WY runs down the field 4o yards, and then coughs up the ball and we move it down to the 10. That means our offense can only score 10 yards of offense, and then WY gets the ball back. Looks like our offense did nothing, but we scored and they didn't. You also miss the point that we played that game in WY with a bad wind that reduced the pass options.

TCU - Utah won, BYU lost badly!
Oregon State - Utah won. I don't care what you say about the PI, they make up part of the game, and we won. By the way, it wouldn't have been close if we didn't spot them 13 in turnovers.

Colorado State, UNLV, San Diego State, TCU - Utah played and beat by larger margins than BYU!

2-0: # of ranked teams Utah has won versus BYU.

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