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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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to:"To Ernest T. Bass | 3:15 p.m. Nov. 17, 2008
Are you kidding me. How many points did you score on TCU, oh yeah 7, how many did you allow, 32."

BYU vs TCU, while the Utah players were safely tucked in their beds, Utah played their greates game this season. Utah dominated the BYU team "through" TCU...

Ute fans, quit hiding behind TCU's skirt and come out on the field.

It's time to settle this, and it's not going to be done by the seven degrees of seperation of Kevin Bacon Ute logic...

Head to head, can you handle it?


OK, so I won't say NEVER. However, the classless Ute fans FAR outnumber the classless Cougar fans! I know, since I've been watching this rivalry in my adult years since 1978!

Speed Kills Y fans

Utah has more speed, athletes, and oh yeah overall TEAM SPEED!! Remember what TCUs team speed did to your offense? expect more of the same in this game!! expect max hall to be on his back ALL NIGHT!!You Y fans that are going up to the game this week will see the fastest defense you have witnessed the Lady Cougs play all year!! Utah 28 BYU 17

I've changed my mind

after reading all of the great posts by byu fans, I now think that they are right.

They have a huge national reputation that has nothing to do with that cult... opps, I mean religion.

They are so much better than everyone else - not just the team but the people - just ask them, they will tell you. They live the right way.

They have just as much tradition, if not more, than Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Penn State.....etc. etc.

We are all lucky to have them and their fans in our conference and in our state.

Long Time Cougar

The bottom line for how you're treated at each other's stadium depends on how you act while there.

Some fans attend the rivalry game in the opponent's home field and deliberately stand up and taunt the home fans. For those people, they deserve what they get!

If you are just cheering for their team and not taunting, they should be left alone!

The problem is with alcohol involved at RES the likelihood of bad things happening there is MUCH higher, regardless of whether you're taunting or just cheering for your team!


Boy, what a lot of snake spit. Look these are both excellent football teams. BYU is probably at some disadvantage being on the road and banged up pretty good from what I can see. But the people saying these teams are over rated simply speaks as a fan and not as someone who knows the game.

Technically, both are sound in every aspect of the game. BOTH TEAMS commit errors. SLIGHT EDGE TO UTAH ON DEFENSE, SAME TO BYU ON OFFENSE.

I watched Fui Vakapuna sandwith a TD run with two of the most boneheaded missed blocking assignments of all time. He is usually better. I watched Asiata make the same mistake twice against TCU. He's better most of the time too. Overall, these are consistent. They block, tackle, run, pass and play fundamentally as good as almost any other ranked program. They're appropriately ranked.


The WINNER here should get the BCS invitation regardless of what BSU does. BSU has played nobody!


Man it isnt even going to be a close game.
BYU is going to shut them out in the first half and end up creaming them in the 2nd half.
The Score will be:
BYU 38
Utah 10


BYU FAN in MURtown


Harline is still open in the endzone
Collie still open on 4th and 18



RE Best High School Game Ever

LES Stadium holds 65,000, RES holds 45,000.

Which stadiums back east hold more than 110,000? Penn State's, which holds 107k, is the biggest in the country, and only Michigan, Ohio State and Tennessee are over 100,000. Hyperbole?

byu fan

both byu and utah have their fair share of bonehead fans. but as previous posters have noted there definitely seems to be a lot more anger and hatred amongst some of the ute fans. i have seen it myself and it is borderline absurd. after all, it is a game. maybe too much to drink?

who cares about the bcs. we need to win this game on principal alone. wanting utah to win to bring the mountain west respect? no way. any true byu fan, or utah fan for that matter, would want their team to win the holy war.

it is surprising to see how overconfident the ute fans are. knowing it is a rivalry game all bets are off. if i were the utes i would be a little concerned. so much too lose. don't be surprised if you end up in new mexico or san diego.

just my thoughts.

To: Mike Buys

I'm a Coug alum, and love the blue. But I have to agree with you, we just don't match up this year. I'd be very surprised, if the boys in blue win this year.

Seen It

re:Mr. BYU

I have seen many Holy Wars since 1970, at both stadiums.

I do feel comfortable taking mt wife and Children to LES. I think the Haka, the cougar growl, the judgemental looks and the popcorn song are all stupid, but safe.

I would NEVER, as a husband and father, subject them to the antics of RES, the inebriated, foul moth, cheap-shotting Ute fans, Smacking people from behind, stumbling out like real men. I didn't "read it in the paper so it's true", I watched and heard. I would feel much safer in a Biker Bar in Barstow than RES.

Maybe over where the Utah season ticket holders sit it's different, but sitting in the BYU seats, it's downright ugly.

So don't be painting it in you fairytale red Ute minds differently. It is what it is. Ute fans are what they are.

Instead of suggesting that it is different than it is, just do your best to try to change the culture and reputation of the Ute fans.


HEy fool,


If the prediction is for a high scoring 45 to 38 affair, it will be 7 to 3. If you're predicting a low scoring game it'll be a blow out. The truth is all bets are off in a rivalry game. Prediction: Sorenson kicks a last second 55 yarder to win by 2. Cougs wins.


Hey all you fans that live in a bubble. Ya that is you BYU fans. Let me tell you some stats that you need to be aware of. You have all been lulled to sleep by Tom Holmoe and Bronco Mendenhall. BYU has not played a top 10 team since 2002. So their record looks real good to you all but in reality they are just a good Mountain West Conference team. They played a 23rd ranked TCU team this year and got crushed. As of 2 weeks ago, BYU's apponents that they had beaten had a combined record of 19 wins and 43 loses. Not a hard schedule. But now they get #8 Utah. Let's see how good they really are.


As a faithful Ute for many years during the GREAT the good and the bad times my BYU friends have all ways preached to me to support for what is best for the conference. So what is best for the conference? Utah in BCS bowl game? Or a loss to BYU? It seems to me every one should want the Utes to win and go BCS bowl busting but then again the shoe is on the other foot.. Its Utahs turn and their on top with everything to gain and build the conference. isnt time to put your money where your mouth is?
Go Utes it our year again!!!!!

Chuck Norris

"To: Mike Buys | 5:45 p.m. Nov. 17, 2008
I'm a Coug alum, and love the blue. But I have to agree with you, we just don't match up this year. I'd be very surprised, if the boys in blue win this year."

I have watched BYU and Utah all year long. BYU is 10-1, BCS ranking 14. Utah is 11-0, BCS ranking 7.

BYU was beat by TCU. Utah needed two 4th quarter FG misses by TCU' freshman kicker from 30 yards to win. NOT blocked FGs, but missed.

BYU beat UNM 21-3, Utah squeaked by 13-10. BYU beat AFA 38-24, Utah won by a TD, 30-23.

I don't care how blue you are, or red. If you are surprised if BYU beats Utah, you are not a college football fan. If anyone thinks either team is overrated, they are not college football fans.

Neither team can really claim homefield advantage in these rivalry games. Neither team travels, and both teams sleep at home the night before the game. BYU can go through their pre-game strategy in their own team room.

I won't be surprised if either team wins. Utah is -6 1/2. Take BYU and the spread.


no denying this is going to be a great game. I'm not a big fan of either team. one question though.....why do they call it the Y?

Utah Fan

I'm sorry I made all those comments last year about Austin Collie now.

I hope he doesn't take all of those statements I made and twist them to make him focus and take it out on my team.

If he beats Utah again, because of me, I take all the blame.

I know he forgives me in my heart, and will not take it out on the Utah football program. We need the BCS money, because it is embarassing having this big stadium built for the Olympics, only to have it fill up on a regular basisbecause BYU has all of the fans.

We need the money to have the seats taken out because when we start losing again, I hate sitting in a empty stadium.

To All Ute Fans:

You better watch your mouth or it will get popped this saturday

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