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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Utah Fan

BYU will beat Utah as handily as they did Air Force. BYU 35 - Utah 21

slow people

ute fans please try to act a little smart bc people might watch this game across the country, and you make are great state look like there are a lot of slow people

Special teams

I think this will come down to the kicking game, which does not bode well for the Cougs.
"And a Louie shall lead them..."
Utes 30
Cougs 24


BYU will beat Utah.
BYU will go on to win the national championship against Alabama.
BYU beats Alabama!
Oh yeah!

Go Cougars!


I have a dilemma! As a BYU alum, I always root for BYU to defeat Utah. However, a BYU win will knock Utah out of the upper class of the BCS and will not be enough to raise BYU to the upper class and neither school will qualify for a BCS bowl game.

So, as usual, I will go with the Cougars. Sorry, MWC.


I went to the U, however there is still no way on earth either one of these teams could play in the SEC or even the weak PacTen conference game in and game out. Yes, if either team has to play one game against Washington or Oregon State they can perform pretty well. However, if BYU for instance had to play Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Auburn and LSU....come on. If they won any of those games I would be shocked. Take the PAC 10 for instance. Neither team could go through that division even this year without at least two losses. Cal, USC, Oregan come on. Big twelve maybe, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State....are you serious? Until Either of these teams plays a difficult schedule game in and game out, beating even a good Oregon State team is only one win of a good school and then nine or so wins of sub-par schools. BYU beating no win Washington on a last second controversial call...case closed. I think the teams are more on par with Jr. College teams than just good high school teams however.

Ute Fan 2004

Utah is the goodest team in the state. Bryanne Johnson will run over the Cougar defense all day long. Our players are really fast and strong. We are smart. We can run. See us run. I have been a Utah fan all of my life since 2004 and I think that BYU is a crap school because everyone in my family works for a BYU fan and they are always talking about how good they are. I am sickn'tired of BYU fans who think they are so cool with their indoor plumbing and their automobiles. I hope we beat them behind the woodshed.

Hey Yep

Where is the first round pick Alex yewt??

BYU wins!

BYU by 14

Re: Dave from Midvale

You forget that the BCS only has to take one non-BCS conference team that qualifies. That's why in 2004 Boise State didn't make it in to a BCS even though they also ended the regular season undefeated (lost their bowl game though... PRETENDERS!).

So win (honestly now...) or lose, BYU does not go to a BCS game.

Double standard

I love the TDS fans who talk about Utah getting lucky and barely beating OSU and TCU, but then also mention the '84 NC.

So does it not count as as lucky win when you throw a "Hail Mary" in to the end zone if it's for a national championship... just curious?


BYU isn't TCU they are tons worse, so UTAH should win this game easily.

To: Mr. BYU

I'm tired of hearing kewg fans making statements about verbal abuse and alcohol when speaking of Utah fans at RES. There are good fans and bad fans supporting both schools.

Wasn't it last year when a kewg fan split a Ute fan's head open at LES? If I remember right the victim was a child. It was reported on the news so I know it happened.

On my first visit to LES I remember being verbally attacked several times as I took my two young sons to our seats. Some of your fans made a nice initial impression on my sons. It goes both ways!

The majority of Utah Ute fans are great people and so are the majority of kewg fans. To make a general statement putting Ute fans down is totally classless on your part.

Perhaps you should experience RES sometime. I think you would be pleasantly surprised.

Go Utes!!

Re: Mr. BYU

Never is a strong work, I was sitting in the middle of the cougar club section during the ice bowl (3-zip, remember?). I'm pretty sure the guy in blue next to me was not sipping kool-aide out of the flask in his pocket. Unless it was rancid and that is what made him puke (and yes he did get escorted out). Or is it not wrong if it is not in the open? Never say never.


BYU is supposed to be the doormats, do their job, and lose this game. They still go to the vegas bowl regardless and thats all they are good for, 10-2 and a vegas bowl zoobies.

Mike Buys

Biggest cougar homer ever. I love my cougars but I think Utah has way to much speed for the cougar defense. I go back to the Gifford Nielsen days and all the other great cougar QB's and teams. This is the 2nd best Ute team ever. I watch alot of college football and this BYU team in my humble opinion is maybe our 4th or 5th best team. We lack the speed at linebacker this year, and miss Brian Keele, and Brady Poppinga alot. We are weak on the edge this year. I think our only hope is Utah turns it over and we score off of thier turnovers. We have quick DB's but we have no pressure off of the edge like we did last year. Utah will expliot this. I can only hope Bronco gets Manti Teo, and Kyle Van Noy like scout.com says we may get both of them. They are big and fast and highly rated. Here's luck to the cougars because I think it will take some luck to beat them Saturday. I love the cougars but I don't see us being able to compete defensively, or being able to stop Utah's offense.

Sideline Joe

Well, I used to work the sidelines for WAC/MWC games, and I was at several BYU/Utah games. I heard terrible language (swearing) insluts that would make a sailor blush, and saw cheap shots all day long from BOTH sides.

I was a little surprised at first until I realized that they are just football teams.

BYU Football != LDS religion or values.

I think it would do well for both sides to remember that.

Ute Fan

This is the BIGGEST GAME EVER. In istory of games in College Football this game has gotta be in the top 5.

Ever! ever! Ever. ever. ever. ever...

mormons talk trash

i have never seen such trash talkers in my life. why don't all you no-life people just pay your money and go watch the game and enjoy yourself and quit trash talking. If the Y wins great if the U wins great we are all utahns together win or lose. or maybe its the (mormons) good against the bad people??? nice guys finish last.

Long Time Cougar

Hey "Mr. Souble Standard", Do you mean to say BYU won the 1984 National title by a "hail mary" pass?

If that's what you're saying, get your facts straight... the hail mary was thrown by Jim McMahon a different year. The QB for the 1984 season was Robbie Boscoe!

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