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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re Go Ute Trolls

You're absolutely right, BYU fans are all perfect!!! In fact, I even remember a Utah fan jumping on a BYU cheerleader and getting beat up!!! Wait, that was a BYU fan on a UTAH cheerleader?! What happened? The world is coming to an end!!!

my thoughts

If Utah wins they get a BCS game and If BYU wins and Boise State Loses they will get in a BCS game.

Good for BYU
BYU wins Saturday
Texas Tech beats Missouri and Oklahoma Texas Tech and Texas are in the BCS
Florida State and Alabama beats Florida (Florida has 3 losses)
Alabama and Georgia get in the BCS
Ohio State loses to Michigan and Penn State beats Michigan State
That would mean only 1 Big 10 and 1 PAC 10 team makes it in the BCS.
Oregon State lose to Oregon USC is PAC 10 Champions

In the BCS games ranked
Alabama (SEC Champion)
Texas Tech (Big 12 Champion)
USC (PAC 10 Champion)
Penn State (Big 10 Champion)
Boise State
Big East
BYU/Big 12

PAC 10 and the BIG 10 only get 1 in the BCS
That would make it difficult not to put 2 non-BCS teams in the BCS bowl
Florida and LSU would have 3 losses
Would a 3rd Big 12 teams with 2 losses (depending on who wins the Oklahoma / Oklahoma State game) get in or would BYU a second non-BCS team. Probably Big 12 team

Austin Collie

Last year, when Austin was attacked by ute fans, Dougie Robinson (because his kid had to sit and watch games from the Utah bench-- Kyle made a spot for the kid so someone at the Des News would do his dirty work--) for expressing his moral value system, I'm sure his father sat him down and told him not to worry, keep working hard, and be focused on the game at RES. He didn't need to put a jersey on a tackling dummy (see TCU vs. BYU) to get a focus for Utah.

I would guess as the team leader he will be running harder, faster and playing stronger that the other guys, and they will follow his lead.

I would think that if this is going to be a close game, the intangibles lean heavy in Austin Collies favor.


Highest Winning Percentages By Conference

Conference Percentage (Record)

Mountain West 1.000 (1-0)
Southeastern .733 (11-4)
Pacific-10 .667 (8-4)
Big East .600 (6-4)
WAC .500 (1-1)
Big Ten .471 (8-9)
Big 12 .429 (6-8)
Atlantic Coast .100 (1-9)
Independents .000 (0-3)

If any conference/school should be hanging their head in shame over their showing in BCS games it should be the ACC conference (1-9) and Notre Dame (0-3).

non-BCS teams are 2-1, as good as the PAC 10, and better than the Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, and ACC.

Utes are entitled, Kyle Said

to:"crowtonlover | 1:35 p.m. Nov. 17, 2008
BYU will not make it into a BCS game even if they win. I don't know where zoobies get this crazy idea that if they can beat utah, they can skip into a BCS game with a 11-1 record. Why would they pick BYU? Utah still would be 11-1 and Boise state would be undefeated.

BYU going to a BCS game for sharing the conference championship with 2 other teams will never happen."


I am sure you are right. The polls never give more respect to the team that is playing better at the end of the season.

And lucky for the Utes that the invites are not based on the rankings in the BCS polls...

What, they are...

That would mean that if BYU beats Uth, they will be ranked higher, and being a one loss team up there with all of the other one loss teams, BYU would still never make it from the MWC.

What, the MWC has solid wins against othe BCS conference tems.

But BYU won't sell tickets, sell advertising.

What, they will?

Wow, maybe that's where cougar fans get these crazy ideas.

Dave from Midvale


I have been hearing for weeks that if BYU beats Utah on the 22nd then Boise St. (if still unbeaten) will get the BCS birth and everyone, including BYU and Utah, will be out in the cold looking in.

Sorry kiddies, but it just ain't so!!!

Read the following from the RIVALS.COM article on the BCS today:

"Utah is the highest-ranked non-"Big Six" team in the standings. A non-"Big Six" team is guaranteed a BCS spot in two ways. One is if it finishes in the top 12; the other is if it is ranked in the top 16 and its ranking is higher than that of a conference champion that has an automatic berth. The highest-ranked Big East team is Cincinnati, at 19th. The highest-ranked ACC team is North Carolina, at 22nd.

Other non-"Big Sixers" in the BCS top 25 are Boise State, No. 14 BYU, No. 16 TCU and No. 17 Ball State. BYU plays at Utah this Saturday."

There's going to be an at-large birth available for a second non-BCS team. Boise, if it remains undefeated. . . and, if BYU beats Utah, then BYU WILL go to a BCS game.

To Ernest T. Bass

Are you kidding me. How many points did you score on TCU, oh yeah 7, how many did you allow, 32, how many did Utah allow, 10, so just shut up with the scoring. Utah has better athletes, and ragging on Brain Johnson for stupid throws at the end of games, did you watch the TCU game, that was against one of the best defenses in the country. It will be close cause of the rivalry but utah will win.


This game will be awesome. The only problem is that it should be available on ESPN or one of the network channels---but it is all about the money $$$$$$
Go cougars!

BCS bowl bid goes to...

1) Utah if it has 12-0 record
2) BSU: if Utah becomes 11-1 and BSU has no loss

these are the only 2 scenarios

For BYU, TCU: wait 'till next year.

Out of Your Mind

To: On Your Mind

You wrote: "The Y will loose this game for sure mark my words."

I refuse to mark the words on anyone who doesn't know the difference between "loose" and "lose." I do agree, though, that BYU will be the far looser team going into this game.

BYU is all about the "W." It's Utah that is always so focused on the money.

We're glad the Utes will be able to put a little money in the league's coffers. I mean, the Poinsettia Bowl does still come with a payout, right?


RE: Yep | 7:56 a.m. Nov. 17, 2008
I don't think y fans should be talking about crying in football, remember your 4th stringer on the Dolphins?

Are you kidding? Ever heard of Whittingham? Ever see the postgame from . . . can't remember how many games where Ute players were crying. Save your crying trash for somebody else.


Sammy | 8:18 a.m. Nov. 17, 2008

You are a clown. BYU will be "impossible" to score on? What world are you living in?

If you gave me a helmet I could score on BYU. Really, let me play.


You are correct. Ernest T. Bass is a clown. And he happens to be a BYU-hater. Where have you been? He posts on every BYU story pretending to be a BYU fan.


One of two things are going to happen. Byu will get blown out or they win a close one. If they get blown out, the score will be Utah 52 Byu 28. If it's close, Byu 38 Utah 35


Utah 35


Hey Mr. "Y Top of Class...Less". You know, it is possible that the Y fans complain about the calls-I am there with them and I occasionally complain. But that is standard practice at ANY university! At least the U fans are generally safe in attending a BYU/Utah game in LES. I've heard stories from friends who have been physically threatened and verbally abused by people in Rice Stadium and I won't attend a BYU/Utah game there unless accompanied by my bodyguard brothers and son.

Of course you have to attribute much of that in Rice stadium to alcohol-which you won't find at a BYU game neither served nor smuggled in.

Go BYU! 33--31

Most overrated

The two most overrated teams in the country meet!! They might be able to win the MAC. Oh wait Ball State would work you guys. I live here in SLC grew up in SEC country. It is so funny how serious you guys take the pop warner championship. GO GATORS!!


Dear my thoughts:

How do we expect to yake your points serious? Besides the outlandish scenarios (Michigan beating OSU and Florida losing twice more...esp since they're arguably the best team in the nation and will likely win the NC), you don't understand the BCS. No conference can send 3 teams to the BCS. It's not allowed within the rules. And IF that was possible, be assured that a 2-loss Oklahoma team (with losses to TT and Tex) would make it in before a 1-loss non-BCS team.

Quit fantasizing because this game's shaping up to be like the 1996 game, but not in BYU's favor. Let's revisit history...it was a game hyped beyond reasonable measure. BYU was clearly the better team. Utah had a puncher's chance, but that's about it. They made it interesting every so often, but BYU was too strong in the end. Reverse the names and that's what you'll see. Utah clearly has the better team. The "throw out the records" mantra is garbage. The better team wins in this series 9 times out of 10.

BYU hater

Utah 21

end of story

Best ever?

Alabama-45 BYU/UTAH all star team 6
Georgia 42 BYU/UTAH all star team 6
Texas Tech 107 BYU/UTAH all star team 6
Clemson 24 BYU/UTAH all star team 14
Duke 6 BYU/UTAH all star team 3
This game does not matter!!!!

Automatic BERTH

Only the HIGHEST RANKED non-BCS team is GUARANTEED a BCS BERTH. Other non-BCS teams may QUALIFY, but they would have to be invited as at-large teams. With 10 BCS spots available, the following appear to be locks:

BIG 12: Texas Tech/Oklahoma/Texas/Missouri/Okla State (two teams-only two teams per conference allowed)
SEC: Florida and Alabama
Big 10: Penn State or Ohio State
Pac 10: USC and Oregon State (if OSU wins Pac 10)
ACC: Miami or Maryland
Big East: Cincinnati or Pittsburgh
non-BCS: Utah, Boise State or BYU

IF, USC wins the Pac 10, there will be ONE at-large bid available to be decided, probably between:

Ohio State, Michigan State, and any Top 16 non-BCS teams.

Would the BCS choose an at-large one-loss BYU or undefeated Boise State over a two-loss Ohio State or Michigan State? it's possible, but not likely.

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