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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bobby Miles Doopay

Reply: "On Your Mind
We all know the U is going to win this Saturday. The Y wants that big check from the Utes going to the BCS. The Y will loose this game for sure mark my words. They need the $$ to bribe some DB's. At this point the Y needs the money more than the "W".

I think BYU would rather beat Utah, jump up in the polls to 9 or 8, and be invited to BCS (Prideful, Arrogant Utah's worst nightmare) and earn the 8 mil on their own. Utah could use the $$ from BYU to bribe and offensive coordinator, and pay for a defensive coordinator who knows how to shut down Beck to Harline, and cover collie on 4th and 18.

Wyoming outgained you in total yards by 10 yards? They must have a powerful offense, except BYU's defense shut them out.

I bought tickets to RES this weekend, not to see Utah win, I just needed some piece and quiet, and what a better place to get time for peaceful contemplation that RES with the clock at 00:00 in RES after the BYU games, when the Utes finally shut their own mouths.

Brian Johnson

Hey dogs, You Cougars are going down this Saturday! I'll be throwing TD passes left and right and there's no way your weak defense can stop us! Can you say TCU? That's right, we're going to walk all over you as the Y will be nothing than a speed bump on the way to a BCS bowl game.

Then they'll be asking me "now what are you going to do"? And I'll be going to Disneyland baby!


BYU will not make it into a BCS game even if they win. I don't know where zoobies get this crazy idea that if they can beat utah, they can skip into a BCS game with a 11-1 record. Why would they pick BYU? Utah still would be 11-1 and Boise state would be undefeated.

BYU going to a BCS game for sharing the conference championship with 2 other teams will never happen.

Old Ute

To Utah Overrated:

Utah and BYU would love to play teams in the top ten. They try to shcedule them every year. When Utah sheduled Michigan, the Wolverines were a top ten team. But for some reason (I wonder why ? Figure this out for yourself) they will rarely agree to a contest. When they do agree to play Utah or BYU they will rarely agree to a home and home contract. So sometimes the Utes and the Cougs have to play only one game on a foriegn field. When they do agree to a home and home, they often play the first game on the foreign field and then get bought out for the game in the Mountain West so the top ten team won't risk getting beat. This is typical of the BCS Chicken S--- attitude. So don't come on theis blog and give us this crap !

Re: Excuses

First, stop sniffing glue.

Second, it's Sakoda, not Sakota, and he doesn't miss.

Third, Utah won't need Sakoda to win it at the end. BYU won't be that close.

Overrated again...

MWC 'owns' the PAC 10?? If you guys would have to play more than one game vs. the PAC 10 - ie. a whole season in the PAC 10, you would not be in the top 2. Oregon State may have lost to Utah at home, but don't forget the result of last year when you played OSU at home. Playing and beating an occasional 'real team' does not put you in the same league as those teams that play a whole season in a big league conference. I'm sure if OSU had to play the likes of UNLV and Wyoming all season long they would also be able to run the table. Big deal, little Utah schools!!

Tarheel Ute, RE: Oxymoron

No trouble here - If required, I am a die-hard Ute fan that just happens to be from North Carolina.

Welcome to this blog - or any blog? - I use that tag because this blog does not register it's bloggers. Plus it is easier to query previous blogs and responses.

ESPN Laughed???

Of course ESPN laughed at the MWC! Where do you think their revenue comes from (try broadcasting BCS games)? They are nothing more than paid advocates for the BCS. The BCS commissioners would go nuts if ESPN were to give a non-BCS team reasonable respect (or time). That would elevate the question of the legitimacy of the whole BCS system. That's why BCS conference fans have such a skewed vision of how good they are and how bad the MWC is.

As for BYU and Utah, pretty much everything has been said both good and bad. Now let's play the game, have fun and see! And let both teams answer the quality/power ranking question in whatever post season bowl games they go to.

I've got to admit, it would be great to see some of the BCS dollars diverted to the MWC pockets once again.


Bywho?!?!? That's HILARIOUS!!! I have NEVER heard that one before. You are so original!!! I have no idea how you EVER came up with that one Texas Ute. You must have spent hours.....

Go Ute Trolls

"To All Ute Fans:
I'll be at Rice-Eccles this Saturday and you better watch your mouth or it will get popped."

"Re: To All Ute Fans
This comment is a threat. I'm sure that BYU and all it supposedly stands for is pleased to have you as a fan."

While we wish all Utah fans would keep their obsceneties to themselves, these are obviously Ute trolls responding to their own posts, enjoying portraying BYU fans as something they are not.

That is what makes you Utah fans so "special", so "precious", your ability in your uneducated, alcolhol induced minds to twist things and project you behaviors onto the BYU fans.

I was at RES two years ago and only saw two BYU fans get smacked, both were cheap shots taken from the back, and both Ute Fans stumbled (ran)away (Utah Men Sir) as fast as they could.

I have heard RES flashes an 800 number to report inappropriate fans (Wow, I hope that is not necessary at LES games-- except when Utah fans are there.) I'm sure that is the only real threat to you Utah fans during the game, is being asked to leave before you do something stupid.

Re: Bender

Bender? Isnt that the name of the Drunken Robot on Futurama?


"Please NO BCS for either team. It will be an embarassment [sic] for the conference."

Just like The Ohio State's great performance against the Gators 2 years ago? Utah or BYU would do just fine in a BCS bowl game. Neither team is perfect but no football team is (even our wonderful Gator team here in Florida lost to lowly Ole Miss at home).

I'm lovin' It!!!

Wow!! This game has the makings of a classic!! Utah definately has the pressure on them, and they have the most to lose. It will be interesting to see if BYU can step up to the challenge and play like they played at the beginning of the season. I am a 100% BYU fan, and I would like nothing better than to spoil Utah's plans for the BCS. But, if BYU beats Utah then that means that Boise State will probably be in a BCS game. And if there is anything I dislike more than U of U football it is Boise State Football. So, if BYU wins, GREAT!! If Utah wins, still great because BSU won't be going to a bowl game. Any way, it looks to be a great match up!!



Yes, the game is to be broadcast in HDTV. I am not so sure on the details, though, for cable. I know it will be on DirectTV (616-1--someone correct me if I am wrong). But, yes, to answer your question the game is to be broadcast in HDTV.

re: Please

BYU is 2-0 vs the Longhorns!

@BYU 47
Texas 6

Texas lost to Oklahoma (9-3) 13-28, Arkansas (10-2) 24-27, and Texas A&M (7-5) 24-28 in 1988.

BYU 22
@Texas 17

Texas lost to Oklahoma (11-1) 9-44, beat Arkansas (9-4) 16-14, and lost to Texas A&M (10-2) 13-20 in 1987.

What's a cow lover doing hanging out on a BYU/Utah blog anyway? Aren't there any Big 12 blogs?


Who cares about the east?

This is the game.

I could care less about SEC, Pac 10, Big 12, Biggie smalls etc.

Let's strap it up and see who is left standing. The U is tough, but I'm going blue. Let's go cougars!

BCS Play-in Game

What a great game this should be! Each team is the other's strongest opponent this year. Season finale, conference championship, BCS berth...exciting!

Who will win? BYU has more talent but they have underachieved in a few games (witness Austin Collie calling out the team at halftime against AFA). Utah has played perfectly. So I guess it depends on which BYU shows up. I'd say BYU has a 50% chance of winning.

This game is a huge test, and the winner deserves a BCS berth. I'm not saying they will get it, but they will deserve it.

Boise State does not deserve its current ranking. Their conference and schedule are far weaker than ours (and that's saying something!). But they're at #9 and not likely to drop unless they lose. That makes it very hard for BYU to pass BSU.

Ute fans: you're not out of the woods either. Even if Utah wins--and I'd say there's a 50% chance they will--Boise State has an extra game to go, the day after Thanksgiving. If they win by enough points, they could move up and pass the Utes.

BUT...Saturday's winner will deserve a BCS berth. Good luck to both! Fans, play nice! :-)


Only five more days until Utah locks up its second straight trip to the Poinsettia Bowl.

Take it to the bank, Ute honks!

re: Overrated again... |

"If you guys would have to play more than one game vs. the PAC 10 - ie. a whole season in the PAC 10, you would not be in the top 2."

Based on what evidence?

The MWC is 6-1 vs the PAC 10 this year, with even lowly UNLV (2-5 MWC) knocking off then #14-ranked Arizona State in Tempe and Utah knocking off PAC 10 leader Oregon State.

There's only one team in the PAC 10, USC, that would have had even a prayer of going undefeated through a whole MWC schedule this year.

Oregon State, Oregon, California, and Arizona all would have lost at least 3 or more games in the MWC.

my thoughts

If Utah wins they get a BCS game and if BYU wins and Boise State Loses they will get in a BCS game.

Good for Utah
Utah wins Saturday
Missouri beats Texas Tech who beats Oklahoma. Missouri (a 2 loss team) is the Big 12 Championship and Missouri and Texas Tech get in.
Florida Losses to Florida State and then Beats Alabama - Florida (a 2 loss team is SEC champion) and Both Florida and Alabama get in the BCS.
Michigan State beats Penn State. Ohio State (2 losses) get in the Bowl Game
Oregon State wins out Oregon State (a 3 loss team including one to Utah) is PAC 10 Champions. Oregon State and USC should get in.

In the BCS games ranked in order in BCS
Texas Tech
Florida (SEC Champion)
Ohio State (Big 10 Championship)
Missouri (Big 12 Champion)
Big East Champion
Oregon State (Pac 10 Championship)
ACC Champion

That means for the National Championship - you could have Texas Tech, Alabama, USC (all have 1 loss and all who did not even win their respective conferences) or Utah. Utah would be able to make a case for National Championship.

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