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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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If this ends up a close game, 34-31 sounds familiar. It's 50-50 which team will end up with the 34.

However, I suspect this time around, one of the teams is going to pounce on the other early on and the pouncee will never recover. I'm not expecting a close score this time.

I sure hope it's the blue-blooded team that's on top!

Positives if BYU wins: a "happy valley"! and maybe some BCS dollars, and sending Utah to a lesser bowl game (if Boise State wins out).

Positives if Utah wins: BCS dollars (for BYU, too).

Negatives if Utah wins: long faces in Happy Valley.

Negatives if BYU wins: none if Boise State loses, or all those lost BCS dollars if Boise State wins out.

Gonna be a fun weekend for watching college football!

Bottom Line

BYU's potent offense will score 30 plus points on the Utes good defense. Utah's average offense will score 20 plus points on BYU's average Defense.

So I give the Cougs the edge, even tho the Utes will be favored.

I also agree that BJ will fold in the clutch. Under pressure he makes bad decisions, holds the ball too long etc.

Y Top of Class . . . Less

As a non Ute I have been to games in Provo and Salt Lake as well as attending games at a number of other schools in other states. The cougar fans are at the top of my list for complaining at every call made against their saints (team). The fans that I have encountered at Lavell Stadium have treated visitors in the stands very poorly. I am saddend that some of my 10% goes to Utah county.

Utes by 21

Win, Lose or Draw

BYU is the class of the conference. Utah's fan base is split, one half embarrassed by the other half.

The King?

All you Utah fans are raving abotu Sakoda again? What did he do for you last year? Kicked one field goal and had a kickoff out of bounds? Yeah im not too scared of him.

CO Coug

I love this, can't beat this game! Looking forward to a great matchup (with Cougs on top). But I will cheer for the Utes if they win and go to a BCS bowl, MWC needs more publicity and respect. I can't stand the arrogance of the BCS schools.

Ernest Bass, you always rip on Collie with some sarcastic comment, but my friend......you would last about a tenth of a second on the field trying to cover him. He is the leading receiver in the nation (according to ESPN.com), you have to tip your hat to that.

Can't wait till Saturday!!!!



Just wondering...if Utah goes undefeated in the Nation and win their bowl, would they be considered belmished because they have not played anyone.....1984 Cougars...I would like to see what the Utes fans would say...since they always claimed that 1984 Champs was a bogus....WOW....oh know my Utes???besides TCU...who have you played????

Ain't it fun?

What a riot! Let's all get together this Saturday. What we need is one big stadium in Bluffdale where we can all go and just love each other!!! Where's Dave Checketts when you need him?!

Love my Cougars! Go TEAM! FIGHT! WIN!

Arizona Reader

How can you say that BJ will fold in the clutch? Johnson pulled together three 4th quarter victories vs some solid teams this year (Air Force, Oregon State and TCU). Sure there may be been some fortunate plays, but the best team always wins, that's why their the best team.

I'm a Cougar fan and honestly, I'd much rather have the ball in our hands with 2 minutes left, down by 5 than to give the Utes another 4th quarter comeback.

I think this game will live up to all of the hype and it will come down to the end. The team that converts on 3rd down and limits turnovers will pull it out. Both have their offensive and defensive strengths, but the little things will make the difference this Saturday.

Final Score:
BYU: 35
Utah: 31


To those whining about the TCU loss:

TCU was simply the better team with superior talent. A lot has been said about lack of prep, but based on what we saw one team was clearly superior that day. BYU lost to one of the best defenses in the nation. BYU has a talented offense but an average defense.

TCU again appeared to be the superior team against the U. The stats indicate that. TCU lost because their freshman kicker couldn't connect on the easy ones and the QB missed a wide open receiver in the endzone. The best team doesn't always win, the team that has the fewest mistakes by key individuals usually wins.

To those SEC worshippers, Wyoming 13 Tennessee 7. Yes, a traditional also ran from the MWC beat a tradtional power from the SEC at their place. Each player at TN was recruited over the guys at Wyo, yet still managed to lose.

Game Predictions! Thanks

You forgot a few!!! Maybe include a score prediction and it won't back-fire!

Hall will throw three picks.
Collie will drop 4 passes.
Unga will fumble twice.
Utah will sack Hall 4 times.
BYU will rush for 27 yards.
BYU will pass for 107.
BYU secondary will get burned 4 times.
Utes will gain 200 yards rushing.
Utes will throw for 250 (maybe more).
BYUs Special Teams will be on Fire!
BYU 42, Utah 17

It will be a happy day at the RES for cougar fans!!!!
Then on to the Fiesta Bowl for a BIG WIN.

And the Cougars will still Win.
Thanks for saying the Cougs will go to the Fiesta Bowl and have a BIG WIN. Utah will be a nice practice game.

And my favorite that you said...
Cougs will finally shut their yap.

Sure enough, BYU didn't need to talk, they showed it on the field.



Oh, this is fun.... Less than five days...! I will not say who I want to win--both teams are excellent, and both will have great bowl games too. Go UTEBYs! Or is it BYUTES...?! This is fun!

(Win your bowls BIG! Break up the overrated

Bender Rodriguez

re: Win, Lose or Draw | 1:01 p.m. Nov. 17, 2008

>>BYU is the class of the conference<<

Really. Does this repression work better than Alteril?

By class you don't mean special ed?

Class = key jingling, tortilla throwin, clueless yahoos hoping popcorn grows on apricot trees? I think not!

Ugh...spare me...

Here's hoping they both lose.

Go Aggies!

Ernest T. Bass

Oh my goodness oh my goodness! How is BYU ever going to stop Utah's potent offense? Why, just look at all the points they scored against New Mexico (13) and TCU (13) and AFA (30; BYU scored 38). BYU's defense hasn't been able to stop anyone this season, just look at all the losses they've piled up this year!

RE: Bottom Line

Are you referring to the poor decisions he made to score the go ahead TD vs. a great TCU defense? Or maybe the poor decisions he made to break the tie against Air Force. Or possibly the poor decisions he made down the stretch against Oregon State. Sure he's had less than stellar moments, but when the pressure has been the greatest he has come through.

That being said, Hall has also proven very capable of coming through late. If it's within a touchdown late it could easily come down to who gets the ball last. As long as they have 60 seconds or so left on the clock I expect either QB to make it more interesting than either side will want.

In recent games though, I think Utah has done a better job of protecting the football though. Not so with BYU. Don't expect Utah to drop as many easy picks as Air Force did.


"Ernest T. Bass
Awesome Collie is so darned good."

I think more than that, Austin Collie will be so darned motivated. All of those cheap shots last year about "on and off the field" but the uneducated Ute fandom has probably been a mantra. As upset as he was last year, those words have probably been a "mantra" to him this season. I am sure he is looking forward to shut the silly Ute fans mouth from the RES endzone this weekend. You know it's his focus.

Why, oh why, did the Utah fans need to be so intolerant of a young man's belief-system?

Now Austin Collie will come out focused. And, if you think his halftime speech was motivational last week think about how he will "focus" the cougars this Saturday.

Why should the utes even worry about this game? BYU is not TCU... Utes have this one in the bag."

BYU is not New Mexico, either. BYU beat New Mexico 21-3, and Utah beat them 13-10. Don't even think about the fieldgoals BYU blocked this year, or how inconsistant BJ is in big games. Utah is entitled cause Kyle said so.

Keep hiding behind TCU's skirt, Utes-happy-place.

Re Yep @11:26

Say what you want about Smith, at least he didn't cry.


Move the yewts to the pac-10 so they can get worked every year and shut up. Move BYwho to the Big 12 so they can get worked. You might be bowl eligible. But we beat Oregon State yea but lets see if you can after playing USC and then going on the road. BYwho hasn't beaten anybody except Northern Iowa. Look out they deserve to play in the New Mexico bowl. Maybe Weber will play them. GO LONGHORNS!!


does anyone know if the game is going to be in hd? if so, what channel? will it be part of comcast's basic cable?

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