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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Utes will win

The Cougs may make keep it close if Johnson commits turnovers (likely to happen in an emotional game like this one), but the Utes' speed and Sakoda will result in a Ute win. I would love to see BYU pull the upset but even if they do, I don't want BYU playing in a BCS game with this team---it would be a setback for the program. Best-case scenario for the MWC is for Utes to win and go to Fiesta Bowl against Texas, and for the Y to go to Poinsettia Bowl against an ACC or Big East pansie. Let TCU play in the Vegas Bowl for a change...


Why should the utes even worry about this game? BYU is not TCU by a long shot. Utes have this one in the bag.

Seattle Cougar

Two words.....GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Sanity

How can BYU be the class of the league when they lost to TCU? How can you be the class of the league when you lost? I guess you, being a typical BYU fan, have a way of turning that loss against TCU into a win. Too bad the MWC hasn't gotten the memo and still lists you as 10-1.

Let us not forget . . .

4th and 18, baby. 4th and 18.

Go Utes!!!

I am a Utah man sir!

Tarheel Ute

I watched both games Saturday, BYUs in person. Both teams will be in top form next week. BY U should have been up 24-10 at the half if not for unsportsmanlike behavior call, and should have been more dominant. Later as required, the Utes dominated SDSU. Both teams have their traditional advantages, Utahs defense and BYUs offense. Not necessarily a classic separation; Utahs offense has played very well in the clutch. BYUs defense is pretty solid, particularly if BYUs offense keeps them off the field; thier weakness is holding position; they were fooled by AFAs misdirection.

But BYUs tight ends will give Utah defense fits. Theyre tall, big with good hands and will make third downs difficult for Utah. Im a little surprised by Halls pass selection, however, particularly in the flat. AFA defense dropped several interceptions; unable to get two hands on the ball. Utahs corners are at least a half a step faster and will get both hands on the ball.

Keys Halls passing against Utahs corners. Ball control; BYUs big running backs, great tight ends. Utahs running game, particularly at the edges. Last minute heroics by Collie or Brain Johnson.

Utah 34, BYU 31


Hey Call- your comments regarding the 1994 season are inaccurate. Going into the game BYU was tied with Colorado St. in the conference rankings. If BYU had won agianst Utah, they would have clinched a share of the conference title. because byu only had one loss to csu and csu had lost to utah.

On Your Mind

We all know the U is going to win this Saturday. The Y wants that big check from the Utes going to the BCS. The Y will loose this game for sure mark my words. They need the $$ to bribe some DB's. At this point the Y needs the money more than the "W".

RE: RE: Yep

4th stringer? he's actually battling for backup, that #1 pick of the niners (Alex Smith) is the worst QB in the NFL, if they could redo the draft they would select Aaron Rogers...and Alex Smith would now be selected in the 6th or 7th round


The "Quest for Irrelevance" comes full circle Saturday.

GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please NO BCS for either team. It will be an embarassment for the conference. Money aside, they will take this into consideration before a conference team is invited again.

Kevin in the Terrace

Best case senario would be for Oregon State to win the rest of their games and go to a BCS game. Then the BCS would have to take the Pac 10 champ and probably USC as an at large. Then the MWC champ would have beaten the PAC 10 champ and will probably get a shot at another BCS conference Champ. Then the MWC would really have an argument agains the BCS exclusion. I hope everyone would really crow if BYU beats Utah and no MWC school goes to the BCS while two pac 10 teams go.

Bob in line

BYU, Utah and TCU can compete with any team from say 5-25, beating most of them. I don't think any of these three beat the top 5 teams but clearly are capable. None of these three teams are overrated. You could say that Utah is a stretch at 7 but they have beat every team in front of them. For all of the great NFL teams that has been done twice in 40+ years. It is hard to do so I give Utah respect on that.

As for Utah having this one in the bag, admitted I think it is Utah's to lose but anyone who thinks this is in the bag is just plain talking smack.

First, this Utah team is no where near as strong as the 2004 team. Second, being a rivalry game most of the other stuff is out the window. I remember years ago when Steve Young was All-American, BYU was ranked high and Utah was a bad high school team. Steve Young had to lead a 2 minute scoring drive to win. Outside of that 'high-and-mighty' BYU loses to a pathetic Utah team that year.

I hope BYU wins.

Respect both teams.


Can't wait for 11/22 when the Utes crush the lowly cougars by half time. I predict it will be over by then. Utes will win 42 - 7.


Well, the time is finally drawing nigh. It is more exciting than Christmas morning! Santa won't bring these goods cause the mighty Utes will ravage the weakling, limping, crawling and tired Cougs. Then ONWARD TO THE BCS to kick some big time butt for a shot at the national title.

Game Predictions

Hall will throw three picks.
Collie will drop 4 passes.
Unga will fumble twice.
Utah will sack Hall 4 times.
BYU will rush for 27 yards.
BYU will pass for 107.
BYU secondary will get burned 4 times.
Utes will gain 200 yards rushing.
Utes will throw for 250 (maybe more).
Cougs will finally shut their yap.
It will be a happy day at the RES!!!!
Then on to the Fiesta Bowl for a BIG WIN.




history repeating?

Forget the statement made this past Saturday in San Diego!

The best team on the 22nd will win. All things being equal, this game will be alot like 2004 where BYU makes it a good game for quarter and a half before the Utes pull away.

I'm looking forward to the Utes & Longhorns in Phoenix or Utes/Gators in the Big Easy.

re: Tarheel Ute

That is an oxymoron. You cannot be a Tarheel fan and a Ute fan. If you were loyal to the Tarheels you would hate the Utes for beating the Tarheels in the 1998 Final Four. I know I still do.

Have some loyalty to one team instead of trying to play it both ways.

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