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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Neutal Zone in Sandy

Go Cougars!!! The winner will take all - stats doesn't matter because this is the big one. Utah may be overrated and same too for BYU. But, a lot other top ten are overated too. But if Texas Tech beat Oklahoma, then yes they belong there. I want more than ever that BYU win all out!


I live out East, and trust me, the crowds in the East are no better than the crowds in Utah. Besides, there isn't a stadium in the country that is big enough to hold our combined home crowds. Although I've seen a lot of empty stadiums out here recently.

And we're absolutely deserving of a top 10. I've seen the football out here, and it's not as good as you think it is.


to best high school game ever:

Wyoming 13
Tennessee 10

'nough said

Ute Grad

Any one see Gunther on tv last night spouting hatred? admitting to holding the cougs all game last year and trying to start fights talking about the BYU players sister. Wow Utes you have a lot to be proud of! BTW Gunther did you happen to check the scoreboard at the end?

Reality check here

Regarding previous comments; the reason BYU couldn't beat TCU is because TCU is a better team with better, faster athletes. The same reason Utah will win. Win or lose, BYU is going to the BYU/Las Vegas bowl anyway so what difference does it make. And they just love the cougs in Sin City. Maybe they can somehow get UCLA a bowl eligible exemption and play them yet again, for a 4th time in 2 years.

To the MWC detractors, Utah has played a strong non-conference schedule for years and has beaten almost every PAC 10 (inc. So Cal with Carson Palmer in a bowl game) & Big 10 team over the past 15 or so years. They have the best non-BCS team record in the country against BCS competition and easily had the best non-BCS team ever in 2004. I don't know what else they can do, so get over it.

This IS going to be the biggest 'Rivalry GAme' ever and Utah will win because they have better athletes and better on-field leadership. It's their destiny.


Phil Steele

Hew Cougar fans, remember when Phil Steele releases his pre-season rankings and he had UTAH ahead of BYU. REMEMBER when he said UTAH would be the team to bust the BCS THIS YEAR. REMEMBER how many Cougar fans responded and said who is this guy. Well it looks like he's pretty smart.

Ernest T. Bass

Awesome Collie is so darned good.
He's one of the foundational pillars of their program.
Quests for near-perfection are always fun.
All that speed and tackling ability in Provo's secondary will be impossible so score on.

Chris in Texas

I'm a BYU alum (class of '88), but I am proud of both teams. I'd like to see the Cougs win to tie for the championship, but I'd like to see the Utes win for a great BCS bowl game. I hope they both play well, that it goes down to the wire, that they're sportsmen, and that both teams walk off the field with their heads held high! What a great year for the MWC. Way to go Cougars, Utes, and Horned Frogs!


All this trash talking and dissing--especially from folks back east is great! A few years back they wouldn't even care about the BYU-Utah game. Now thanks to BYU, Utah, TCU and AFA the Mt. West is on everyones radar. This is great! After all these years finally a little respect.


Congrats to the Utes for not dropping their usual annual game to a bottom MWC team. Congrats to BYU for making it to this game with just one loss after turning off all motivation and desire to win for 3-4 games. If both teams play to capability, this will be a good game and BYU will come out on top, barely. If BYU can't get the pistons firing they won't be able to play catch up. Least likely, if both teams come out struggling, we're in for a heart attack match-up with a lot of disappointing drives.

Go Cougars!

Oh Please

Neither one of these teams can combete with Texas, Texas Tec, Florida, Alabama, USC. Reality check, please. (By the way where is the guy who said that BYU would play for the National Championship?) Mendenhall has yet to solve the problems of this BYU team. No insult intended at all, but you can't win games on spirituality. Somewhere along the line the Y defense has to show up. Good team, not great,but stripling warriors they are not. Utah is overrated, but so what. Makes the conference look good. Go Utes. I am a Y fan but am a little tired of trying to win games with the help of a Higher Power. Good hard hitting football is the thing that wins.

Overrated huh?

Isn't it interesting to read comments from the noobs back east. As has been mentioned above, the Big Least and ACC are in Bill Walton's words "HORRIBLE" this year. And the MWC has owned the PAC-10 this year as well...not to mention a little Big-10 game.

While it's true, the MWC doesn't get the best "athletes" in the country. In fact, I would submit that the MWC gets the 2nd and 3rd tier recruites compared to the Big conferences. However, we still seem to beat those "BCS" conference teams. Why? And who would want to go to school in Boise? Yet these "weaker" teams seem to win when it comes to ONE game....right OU and Pitt?!

All we've got is a bunch of slow white guys, and islanders scattered amongst a few black guys. Michigan, UCLA, Washington, Arizona, Tenessee should ALWAYS beat up on MWC competetion simply because they get better athletes all the time.

Texas (Tech), Florida, Penn State, OSU, and Bama will always be good...but you never know what can happen in one game. LSU almost found that out against Troy on Saturday.

Go Cougs, Utes, TCU, and maybe even BSU a little.

true blue

If BYU, Utah, or BSU ever find a way to crack the BCS then you know all those college football supremists from back east, down south, and on the pacific coast will revamp the system and make it near impossible for it to ever happen again. If you can't beat 'em the change the system

these games kill me...

it's like riding a roller coaster for 3.5 hours straight! crazy!



I don't think BYU can ever take Utah this year. Utah is just too great for us lowly Cougars. With all the injuries and a soft defense I just don't think that there is any possibility. Brian Johnson is too strong and the Utah Defense is just too great for BYU to ever beat them..........
But won't it be fun when we do.
BYU by 14!
BYU is the class of the league... Win Lose or Draw!

RE: Yep

I don't think y fans should be talking about crying in football, remember your 4th stringer on the Dolphins?


Not to be a downer here, but the respect lacking on a national stage is largely due to the pathetic Mountain Network and its ability to keep the rest of the country from ever seeing the brand of football in the MWC. Sadly, when BYU / TCU got on the national stage, one of them failed to show up. That hurt the conference. The MWC needs to find a way to dump the Mountain Network and allow the quality football to be actually seen nationally, even regionally would be an improvement. Doesn't much matter who the teams play, if they never get seen. Craig Thompson and the Univ. Presidents really did the conference a disservice with the MOuntasin deal. Go Utes, Go Cougars. Put on a show, but I hope Utah minus five.



You are a clown. BYU will be "impossible" to score on? What world are you living in?

If you gave me a helmet I could score on BYU. Really, let me play.

All the BYU fans are getting a little scared to leave Utah Valley.

Try to be brave when you cross the point of the Mtn. into Salt Lake. Losing won't be so bad.

Try to take it like a brave kalueaky warrior or whomever you are pretending to be during your hoola dance.

Collie, watch out, because if they do give me a helmet then I'm going to knock you out of the game, just like your older brother Sean Covey.

Go Utes!!!


BYU ---7-10-14--7--38

In yet another exciting rivalry game, Utah appears to be headed to another BCS game and another 34-31 win over Utah when a Louie Sakoda punt pins BYU inside their own 10-yardline with less than 2:00 remaining. But Max Hall and the Cougar offense convert on two straight third downs to keep the drive going. On a 2nd and 3 from the Utah 40 yardline, Max Hall finds Austin Collie on a play-action pass for the game-winning touchdown with :30 remaining. On Utah's final possession, Brian Johnson throws an interception on 3rd and 10 to seal BYU's 3rd straight win over Utah.

Utah's not overrated

Utah is 11-0...They can't be overrated with the current ranking system. However, they have had some lucky bounces, and why should that change against BYU?

Brian Johnson can't throw the Deep ball, which is good because BYU can't defend the deep ball.

Utah's greatest move they made is hiring a Cougar to coach their team. Kyle bleeds blue as we've seen on his 4th down defense the past 2 years.

I don't think there should be score predictions on these posts; instead, let's predict how many trick plays Utah will run. I'm guessing 7 including the 2 fake punts.

You are the best Ute Fans! Thanks for making our end-of-year victories so much more rewarding. Utah better hope for a Football win this year because the Basketball team isn't looking to promising. Who did they lose to...Southwestern Baptist St. Glorified High School?

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