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(This time, we really mean it)

Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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re: JMT

Considering the caliber of the shutouts versus the other games, I think it is obvious the "no secondary" defense will show up, and Utah will kick butt!

Ute in Sacramento

Oregon State defeated USC, Utah defeated Oregon State, Utah is 11-0 all sounds pretty impressive to me. Go Utes

re: RE: RE: Yep

Alex Smith would be one of the best QBs in the NFL if he had an offensive line. Steve Young had to retire because he was getting his bell rung too many times as a QB for the 49ers because they had no offensive line, and it has only gotten worse since then!

re: Prediction

Wrong year to base that prediction. Try a score like the one in 2004. That's what you will see as Utah gets its 2nd BCS invite!

Alex Smith

Is no Steve Young. Never will be, don't blame the offensive line.

Ernest T. Bass

I'm just saying byu's secondary may be there best unit and they've dominated this year. Great tackling. Grate speed.
Austin Collie should change his name to Awesome Collie.
Pita is good to.
Max Hall will be the favorite to win the Hizeman next year.
byu will win by lots of points.

re: Oh Please

I disagree about USC and Alabama. Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma are definitely not on my list of BCS hopeful match-ups! Alabama has won only two ranked teams, Georgia and LSU. LSU almost lost to TROY! Georgia has won only one ranked team, LSU. Alabama has almost lost to Mississippi, KY, and LSU. They are going to be whipped by Florida! USC lost to Oregon State. There conference wins are over a PAC 10 conference that the MWC beat 6-1. They have only one ranked win which is Ohio State. Ohio State is sooo overrated it isn't funny. They have only beaten one ranked team which is Michigan State. I think Utah could handle USC.

re: Let us not forget

Wrong year. We're going to have a repeat of 2004, not 2006 or 2007.

RE: Alex Smith

your right Alex is no steve young, he didn't have the benefit of learning from a legendary coach, playing behind and learning from the greatest qb to play the game and didn't have the greatest wr to throw to on team loaded with talent on both ends of the ball. Why don't you look back at Youngs Tampa Bay years and see what playing with a team with no talent gets you.

AK Cougar

Good night all. The past reading was great entertainment and mubh better than TV.

Saturday's game will be one of the great ones. Utah certainly has more to lose and BYU has only the game on the line. Either way, they miss the LV Bowl for the conference champs and go to a better bowl.

BYU by 3, 24-21.

Re: Alex Smith

When Steve Young played for Tampa Bay he had terrible numbers because the team was pathetic. Young inherited a championship caliber team when he stepped in to replace Joe Montana. Immediately his numbers improved and he turned into a hall of famer.

If Alex Smith were given the same opportunity, his numbers would improve dramatically. I'm not saying Alex Smith is as good as Steve Young, he isn't, but he would be a solid quarterback.

Cougar fans need to lighten up. Alex Smith is a great young man who will improve over time.

To: Chuck Norris.... you crack me up! The Y and U have several more common opponents where the U's numbers are better (UNLV, CSU, SDSU, USU) but you fail to mention those games! You forgot one more in favor for the Y, the Wyoming game. But really, who cares about those games? The only game that matters will be played on Saturday.

This rivalry is fun but let's try to keep our comments with a little more class.

Go Utes!!


TCU 32 BYU 7 Nuff Said!! TCU thinks BYU is a big joke and so do i ha ha ha


All these comments about other stadiums hospitality. All I know know is that i've never seen a half full beer can thrown at someone at LES, only at RES. You Yewts are pathetic. Own up to your redneck ways.
PS it's pretty sad when your team's best player is a kicker.


to:re: Yep,thatsKylewiththehurtin't

Point being, that both teams outplayed common opponents on both sides.

Utah's cry is TCU, but there are others.

And BYU played better against some teams also.

Neither team can honestly predict a win.

There are scenarios that favor BYU, and some that favor Utah.

Unfortunately for Utah, it has to be played on the field, not in each fans own mind.

This one is up for grabs.

I do think Austin Collie will play out of his head, have a career game, and Utah fans are going to have to suck it up and deal with it.

Dion in CA

C'mon folks, let's get real here. All these comments are as if you are (or think you are) professional coaches. Yeah right....

I'm a Utah Graduate, and both a Ute and Cougar fan! Why is that so hard? Both schools represent the great state of Utah period.

It really would have been excellent if BYU had not lost to TCU, but they did unfortunately. However, here we have a very simple decision to make. A Ute win solidifies a solid BCS birth, and a good bowl for BYU as well. A BYU win takes it all away. As much as I love BYU too, it is a simple choice, this year Utah must win, and win BIG. Utah playing Alabama, Texas, or Texas Tech would allow the Mountain West (and BYU) to get the respect they deserve. Let's make it happen Utes! What a battle to watch.

Ute Fan Rips Urban??

To Re: Alex Smith,

You wrote: "your right Alex is no steve young, he didn't have the benefit of learning from a legendary coach, playing behind and learning from the greatest qb to play the game and didn't have the greatest wr to throw to on team loaded with talent on both ends of the ball."

This is one of the most mature posts ever written by a Ute fan. I'm duly impressed.

LaVell Edwards, Jim McMahon and Gordon Hudson thank you for remembering their contribution to those glorious Cougar teams of the mid-1980s.

I wholeheartedly concur -- although I think you might consider cutting Urban Meyer a little slack, he is at least able to compete for a national championship now that he's at Florida. At least he recongnized that only LaVell was able to achieve that from a non-BCS league.

John Beck and Alex Smith

Why don't we also bring up Joe Hodges from way back when...
I don't actually know if that's a real person, the point is why bring up players that don't even matter in this game. Both quarterbacks are good and if they're lucky will get traded somewhere else where they have a line to block for them and receivers to throw to.
Beck's team is actually doing well this year, but that isn't just because they have Chad Pennington. They revamped a lot of the team.
Alex Smith's team just sucks. Even though the quarterback changes from week to week, the constants remain: he's going to get sacked... a lot, the receivers are going to drop balls... a lot, and he's going to get injured.
Stick with the game at hand.

How is Utah doing it?

It's the new uniforms, stupid. The TDS failed miserably with the new look. Can you imagine what UnderArmour is thinking right now? Get our sales rep down to Provo ASAP. If byu wants to know what they look like, tune into National TV for the Sugar Bowl.

Go Utes.


What's black and white and red all over? BYU will be wearing all white to offset the UTEs black look. The answer is RES!

re: John Beck Alex Smith

It is sad that both QB's got stuck on awful teams. They threw Beck in after trading their best reciever and their RB got injured. Then after the season they bring in Parcells who has a bad habit of recycling QB's he coached on previous teams.

Alex was just on a bad team with an awful coach, new offensive cord each year and an awful Oline, not saying that he is great or will be but I don't think Steve Young or Joe Montana would of had success on that team. Hopefully he recovers from his injury and has a productive career. If former MWC Qb's do good in the pros it should help with recruiting and making our conference stronger.

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