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Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Dan L

I can't stand the Yewts! A win Sat will make our season. It's like bowl week for BYU. Go Cougs!

Utah Overrated

How can Utah be ranked in the top 10 when they have not beaten any top 10 teams this year? Utah hasn't EVER beaten a team ranked in the top 15 in the final season ending polls, or who has finished in the top 2 in their conference. Same with BYU.

Utah and BYU play at best 1 or 2 top schools every year and struggle to beat the lower tier schools (eg. Michigan, Washington). I'm NOT talking about beating USC 10 years ago, I mean USC now, and teams who will FINISH ranked no 1 or 2 in their BCS conference. You guys don't play enough quality competition to be ranked so high.


For the last 11 months Ute fans have whined on these boards about how the reason they lost last year was because they had "so many injuries".

This year, going into the "Best Matchup Ever," the Cougs are full of injuries. Pitta, Unga, and Feinga on offense are all banged up; half of the defense didn't even start at the beginning of the seasons.

The difference between the programs is that the Utes make sure the injuries are known to everyone so they have an excuse when they lose. BYU just goes on playing, business as usual, and finds a way to win even when adversity strikes.

I'll admit, The Utes have a great defense, but this is not the 2004 glory team. The Cougar Offense is full of winners. Unga and Pitta will play through the pain, and we all know that Collie is a winner.
BYU has less pressure this year. For the first time in years they aren't favored, but they're winners.

And if the game does come down to a last minute field goal, Sakota is going to miss. Remember what happened to BYU's All American Matt Payne in the Rivalry Game.......

BYU 34

Best high school game ever?

More like "Most overrated Ever!"

Your 2 rinky dink teams are no better that 20, TOPS!

Yes there are other teams, in other larger conferences that would beat both these "teams" by 30 or more! I would even put Boise ahead of these 2008 wanna be's.

It's a nice little game, in your nice little state.

Best ever? Try coming out to our games out east where your combined fans wouldn't even fill our stadiums!

Because of the confidence and choke factor I'll give BYU a slight edge by 10 in this one and then if they go to a BCS game I'll bet they lose to anyone they play by 35 big ones!

Why Y, WHY!!!

Why couldn't have BYU beaten TCU!?! WHY? WHY? WHY? Can you imagine both teams were in the top 10? I follow both programs very closely and while my loyalty in the rivalry leans toward Cougartown I wanted the Utes to win in 2004. This time I am personally as divided as the state.

This maybe the Best. Matchup. Ever. but it could have been better. Maybe it will be next year. What if both teams start the season ranked in the top 15 and run the table until the matchup!!


Utah, a tea that could not move the ball against Wyoming, 19 less yards during the game.


Brian Johnson, Mr Clutch against the weaker teams, that folds up his tent when there is stiff competition on the field. Mr. Everything missed his reciever on the two point conversion. PI did not cause the reciever to miss the ball that was thrown so far behind him, he had to try to turn around and run over the OSU player to get within 5 feet of the ball, hence the late, phantom flag that gave Mr. Consistency his second shot at "clutchness".

After all the Mighty Ute Fandom took all of those cheap shots against him last year, all Stud Reciever Austin Collie will have a career day, giving non-verbal shout outs to the Ute fanbase. Yhe Utes are toast, and Max will provide the fire.

Sure, Utah had it's greatest game ever in Fort Worth while all Utes were home in slippers, and have spent the rest of the season hiding behind TCU's skirts...

Eweyties, come out and play-ay...
Eweyties, come out and play-ay...
Eweyties, come out and play-aeee-ay...

It's safe, BYU won't make you cry...

OK, just a little.


tea = team, and 19 = 10.

Best matchup ever???

Sure, for BYU...

Dear Small Minded!

To Best high school game ever? You have simply shown how small minded you are by your immature comments.

Re: Overrated, Best High School

Come back east? You mean where the ACC and the Big East don't have a single team ahead of the THREE MWC teams at the top of the rankings? Where no one can seem to distance themselves in spite of overall mediocrity?

I don't think anyone will argue that the SEC and the Big 12 are vastly superior right now, but other than USC and Ohio State, the Pac 10 and Big 10 haven't made much a case for themselves this year, either (see Utah v. Oregon State earlier--a team that will probably play in a BCS bowl THIS YEAR and beat the "now" version of USC). By my count (and others in the national media) that puts the "now" MWC ahead of FOUR of the six BCS conferences.

No matter what happens Saturday, it will be a travesty if at least one MWC team isn't in a BCS bowl.

re Best HS Game Ever?

Not sure exactly who or where you purport to represent, but you obviously do not have a clue about the reality of the quality of play played in this part of the world. Or that BYU regularly sells out 65,000 seat LES-bigger than almost half of the schools in the ACC/Big East/Big XII and several of the schools in the PAC 10, SEC, and Big 10. BYU and Utah have played and beaten almost every national powerhouse program at one time or another over the past 25 years.

Please get a clue the next time you want to go spouting off about something you obviously know nothing about.

Classic Matchup Indeed

We can only hope that the game lives up to the hype. It doesn't matter who wins if the game is as close and exciting as it has been the past several years.

And that whoever wins will bring more even more glory to the entire conference in one of the BCS bowls.

Worst case scenario for MWC: BYU beats Utah and sends a pitiful Boise State team back to the Fiesta Bowl.

Signed, Craig aka the commish

re: 2 rinky dink

is a clueless fan of some mysterious out-of-state team who trolls a BYU/Utah blog to talk smack about a team/conference he's too chicken to identify.

Are you lost? Do you need someone to show you back home?

Bob in line

BYU lost to TCU because of intensity and reading the headlines waaaay too much. Against Air Force it took a half time lecture by Collie to get the team to pick up the pace and quit being primadonnas.

In life there are those who think greatness was thrust on them. The rest of us try to work at it.

At times BYU thinks they are a team of destiny and just by showing up they will score 5 touchdowns a quarter. I'm hoping they realize they have to work dang hard at it.

That cost them the TCU game.

I like Utah, hate many of their immature fans, will be rooting for BYU on Saturday BUT if Utah wins there is a great silver lining for BYU: We do not get stuck in the Vegas Bowl, TCU does; and the MWC will have another BCS buster in play.

Utah goes busting.
TCU thumps another weak PAC-10 team.
BYU gets out of the box and plays someone new.
Plus Air Force ticks off some team with their option game.

Another good bowl season for the MWC coming up.



Well guys, these boards are going to be posted of ridiculous "X team will win, guaranteed," and "Our offense has slaughtered teams all year, and it won't change this week. Easy win." These are mild, to say the least. No stats or saying how X beat Z, so X should beat V, and so on, matter one bit. Why can't people understand this about this rivalry?

I'm not even going to read any of this garbage people will put on here. It's a total waste of time. I'm going to wake up on Saturday and be excited about the game. No posting useless rivalry banter all over. We all know everything about both schools. May the smarter coach and team manage playing time in the 4th, and that team will win.

With that said, GO BYU!!!!!!

Texas Ute

The reason bywho moved up 3 spots in the ranks, so the game would have more interest, Espn laughed at both Utah & Bywho and the b league they play in. It's tough to get wired week in and week out and still be undefeated. Utah should beat Bywho by 21.


Boy knock on wood if I've ever heard one!

Di they just jinx the game and one team is going to blow out the other?

I think it more likely Utah will win but BYU, if they play with intensity should do just fine. They should be able to paste about 30-35 points on Utah. The question is which defense will show up? The one that had three shut outs, etc or the one that has no secondary?

Let's go Cougars!

re:Best High School Game Ever

Wow, those East Coast Teams are fierce aren't they?

North Carolina, and Maryland--grrrrrr!! (top of the big bad ACC) So what if Maryland lost to Middle Tennessee St.

Oh! Don't forget about the POWERFUL Big East--Yes, their top 2 teams: Cincinnatti and Pitt (that loss to Bowling Green isn't looking so bad now that they're 5th in the MAC!!!)

OK, so you're thinking "don't leave out the Big 10." Yes they are better than the Big Least and the ACC. Hey, but they've sure gained a lot of respect the past few years thanks to their showings in the BCS championship games, right?

And those stadiums!!!! The Big House! Wow, I cower in awe at Michigan and how many empty seats they have in that stadium!

You are sooo right, let's have the winner of the ACC and Big East play for a National Championship!


Best high school game? Wow, whatever, whatever, whatever. You talking about the big least or the ACC. Come on get real. The best conf. this year hands down is Big 12. And yes I think Utah or BYU or TCU could very much hang with these teams. Out east you get to be spoiled by the BCS and think your better then everyone else. Grow up your glory days are coming to an end the USA conf. will beat any eastern conf.

Re: Why Y, Why!!!

Why Y, Why, why, whyi, whyin, whine, whine, whine...just like a cougar!

Don't forget Snow College

Snow College, a school that has contributed star players to both Utah and BYU is number one in the Nation and will play for the NJCAA National Championship for the second year in a row at Rio Tinto stadium on December 6, GO BADGERS

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