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Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Big Daddy

Mike let me help you....Utah by 8
Go UTES!!!!


That was a great article. Very much needed and I hope these trash talkers read this because it seems both sides are clueless to the history to this rivalry. Us fans are so lucky to be part of a huge and historic rivalry. Many colleges barely have a rival, so we truly are lucky.

More facts

Utah is third highest in percentage of LDS students behind BYU and Utah St. You'd never know it by the behavior of some students and fans who 'pretend' not be be LDS during this week.

Utah has over 80% of its students living at home with mom and dad. Kind of takes the edge off all the 'tough talk' you hear.

Utah and BYU are alike in all other demographics - students mostly from Utah, California and the West. Kind of blows the Utah mirage of being cosmopolitan.

To most of us outside Utah, we are mildly amused by the antics of Utah students and fans to 'distance' themselves from BYU - you are more alike than you will admit!!!

Y Grad / Y Dad

You in Utah really DON'T know how good you have it. In my neck of the woods, the big rivalry is the Apple Cup - Washington -vs- Washington State.

High stakes indeed. Somebody will win a game this year.

re: Big Dadddy..AncientCougar

Leave it to a ewt to get the "Utah" propaganda score wrong... IT is Utah by 5.... (Tom Barberi's annual BYU-Utah projection)...


This year look for BYU 42 Utah 28

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

This is a big game. I agree--far better than the Washington Washington State game (BTW, Washington State does have a win over Portland State). I think Washington may just get a win this week as Washington State is probably the inferior team.

I doubt BYU will win 42-28. On paper, Utah wins this game. But, it isn't played on paper, but on the field and we have seen "miracles" performed by BYU in the past. The teams are pretty even. More likely than not, it will be decided by a touchdown or less. Because of the string of late miracles that Utah remembers, I am expecting this year that Utah will have BYU down by two scores late in the game to end the streak of miracles.


look for BYU to finally have some spark since the UCLA game and call it BYU 42 and Utah 35.

Todd Norfolk VA

Collie and Harline are still open and that scares even the alpha yewt.


I laugh at you bwhyu fans who think your actually going to score 35+ points on saturday. You guys are a joke. I have the over under pegged at 31. You never know what offense is going to show up with jughead in the both, and as good as the why's offense is, Utah's defense will smother them

Utah 17
WHY 14

Todd from VA is lame...

So, Todd, after 2 years you're still using the most lame response to this whole situation "___ is still open..." GROW UP and think for yourself for once. How is it that you've had two years to think up some new material for the rivalry, yet you continue to be less-than-creative creative and utilize comebacks from 2006? Maybe you still use boondoggle and slap-bracelets, too, along with your troll doll collection.

to: train

great post, man, but I'm pretty sure nobody from the Y knows what "over under" means...it's probably against the honor code to know gambling terminology - they may lose their privledges to the Wilkinson Center or The Creamery or something, and life just can't go on without that...

Re: Todd from VA is lame . . .

It may have been lame, but his trolling worked on you.

Re: to train

Hahaha! Keep those BYU jokes comin'! Since I'm not supposed to know any gambling terminology-good thing this is anonymous-I'll put the over/under on the average Ute fan's IQ at about 75. Yep, that's about right.

Frank Castle

Pay Attention Cougar fans. This article states that BYU admists Utah has the series advantage... by a comfortable margin.

No way does the Y hang as many pts on the U as Oregon St or Michigan did!!!!

To Re: Todd from VA is lame . .

Don't be knocking on slap-bracelets and boondoggle. They are commin' back

Bet the Over

Pretty sure most of us Y fans know a lot more about gambling and football than you give us credit for. (Wish we knew less about gambling) There is no way these two teams don't get into the 20s each. BYU's offense is too good and their defense too poor for that not to happen. GO COUGS

Utah Cougar

Does anyone know where I can find a blue treasure troll?

Bet the Over

What is your evidence to suggest that the Why's offense is capable of man-handling utah's defense? You've played one good defense, and the only reason you scored as much as you did was because the put the 3rd stringers in.

And, as bad as your defense is (and i said this in the above post) no-one knows which utah offense is gonna show up- 35 points in the first half against San Diego or 3 points in the second half against michigan. I could be far off, but i think most logical people will agree with my 31 point over/under

Todd from VA is lame...

"Trolling?" Hmmm.... Too bad his "trolling" didn't work during his NFL career - o wait, he didn't really have one. And by "trolling," did you mean a linebacker dropping out of zone coverage to try and hit Beck, thus leaving him open? I'll make sure to scratch that out of my Webster's Dictionary and insert the new definition.

California Ute

Yeah, um,

Pretty sure there's a lot of nonsensical trash talking going on here...why doesn't everyone just wait for the game instead of talking like a bunch of kindergarteners?

We all know the U isn't full of people with low IQ's. Talk to most Freshman girls at BYU and you'll promptly want to shoot yourself in the head.

And everyone at the U doesn't automatically have street-cred. Like somebody said earlier, half of them live with mommy and daddy still, commuting from their suburban shelters.

As a typical out-of-state, temporary resident of Utah that is tired of the constant trash talk across the "Great Divide," let me remind all of you that people at these two GREAT (yes, you heard it, BOTH of them) institutions talk trash for one reason, naivete. Watch the game, then laugh and point.

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