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Published: Monday, Nov. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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ER in AF

Truly a mark of a wise man is to know when enough is enough. Not ever knowing satisfaction is a flaw that many great men have. It is nice to know that Coach Edwards is not only smart, but wise.

Thanks to a Legend

What a class act! Lavell has done more for developing the conference than any group of individuals. Every team in the conference, and many in the nation, owe something to Lavell Edwards. Especially the University of Utah!

Utah Fan

I'm a Utah fan who finds in Lavell Edwards the example we should all follow when it comes to rivalry week. Be passionate about your team and have some light hearted fun but in the end be able to shake your opponents hand and walk away having given/received each other's respect.

Lavell Edwards, a man who deserves to be honored for his approach and conduct on and off the field.


Hands down best coach in all of Utah sporting history. No one has come close to do what he did. The best part was about 20 straight wins over Utah! I'm glad he is tutoring Bronco. What a coach!

Jared - Utah Fan

One of the greats of college football, and he deserves every bit of credit that comes his way. Class act, class man!

One of my favorite quotes came at a Stake Eagle Scout recognition fireside at which he was the guest speaker - arranged by his nephew who was in the Stake presidency. At the event, the individuals who had earned their Woodbadge awards were also recognized. When Lavell got up to speak, he also recognized the adult leaders who had completed the "WoodPECKER" training, and then went on to speak on the merits of an Eagle Scout. I loved his candor and sincerity as he said it, because he did not mean in in way to slight the award, which made his terminology slip-up that much more hilarious!

Thanks Lavell for some great memories on and off the field!


Good on you, coach Edwards!

Thank You!

This is the first time I have ever seen comment entries stay on a high level. Granted, there aren't very many. May we all be civil and complimentary of coaches, players and give the rivalry the respect it deserves. I think we owe Coach Edwards and Coach McBride a great deal of thanks for the way they brought the rivalry to a new and respectful high. Who can forget the pictures of those two embracing and laughing with each other. I congratulate both teams on a very great season. I look forward to a very hard fought game. No matter the outcome, both programs are winners this year. Let's vow to keep this on a high and respectful level. The players do and so do the coaches. Let's all follow their example!



Greg - BYU

This is going to be a classic game. Utah, the best non-BCS team in the country and one of the best teams period in the country is going to host a BYU team that's capable of putting up some big numbers, so I look forward to a classic battle for 4 quarters.


Out of respect for Coach Edwards, I will say, BYU 34, Utah 31. Two good teams.


My compliments to the comments that have been made regarding a great man and two great programs. It is so refreshing to read some nice uplifting comments instead of those that are always so derogatory. Any chance that in the future they can be kept on a high level? Thanks!


Great coach who single handedly change the game of college football forever.

That said, please explain to me, "Thanks to a Legend," why "especially the University of Utah" owes something to the Lavell Edwards.

I hate to bring down the good feeling of this board but it should be pointed out that a BYU fan made the ill-advised remark and should be prepared to offer up the details to support the statement.

I can't imagine what the University of Utah has to do with Lavell Edwards. Can you help me out here?

In 2004 BYU was given more than $1 Million by the Ute football program. That is a tangible gift. Did BYU thank them??

Please be careful what you say and don't blame this Utah for changing the spirit of this board. A BYU fan stared it.

Re: Legend

I didn't write the comment you referred to but I'll tell you why I think the U is indebted to LaVell.

By significantly raising the level of BYU's program he basically forced the hand of other programs within the conference to also improve thru hiring better coaches and recruiting better players. The U was especially influenced by this due to being the big in-state rival and in the same conference. Also, LaVell's teams brought a great deal of media attention to our conference during the 70's and 80's which also helped bring better players & coaches to the conference. Additionally, LaVell was very influential in lobbying the BCS to expand opportunities for non-BCS schools to have a chance to play in a BCS bowl game.

Re: Legend

He started it! Hmmm, where have I heard that before--oh, yeah in kindergarten.


This is the year that the world will be painted RED. Lavell will be a figment of the past and mighty UTES will rein as King of the MWC. Then, its on to the BCS Fiesta Bowl to rise like cream to the top of the college football world. Utes day has come. Cougs will fall out of the top 20 and look forward to a better quest next year. Thats the way the cookie crumbles.

re: Legend

The U and the rest of the non-BCS owe it all to Edwards and what BYU has done over the last 35 years. Utah would never have gone to or be considered again for a BCS game if BYU had not won the 1984 title, beat #1 teams, and won a Heisman. That is no disrespect to Utah or anyone else, but I think that is what he meant. BYU is the reason for the BCS. As an added note. If the BCS existed, BYU by rule would have cracked it in 1979, 1983, 1984, and 1996. I am just making the point that the successes of Lavell Edwards teams paved the way for teams like Utah. So indeed, the University of Utah does owe something to Lavell Edwards.

re: legend

"In 2004 BYU was given more than $1 Million by the Ute football program. That is a tangible gift. Did BYU thank them??"

Answer: No absolutely not, BYU NEVER thanks anyone for anything ever. It is their BIRTHRIGHT to have everything that comes to them. That is why as a BYU fan I'm not going to thank you for your question.

Now in case you didn't pick up on the sarcasm in my reply, let me explain it. First of all it sounds to me like you must be a very shallow and superficial person to even bring that up and ask that question. Secondly, I'm confident BYU did thank them but I don't need to question whether they might have or not. If you are that concerned about it and need a full accounting of this event then please write to BYU's administration and ask them or go ask the U's admin about it. And quit trying to stir things up and/or make other people do your research.

To "Legend"

I'm not the author of the "Thanks to a Legend" entry but will take a stab at the question presented by the "Legend" entry which was, why the U should thank Lavell Edwards.

Edwards and his coaches and players were the first teams from the old WAC to put the conference into the national football spotlight. He did it will the "Quarterback U" name and with the 1984 National Championship and again with Detmer's Heisman and the year in and year out national rankings. All that helped the whole conference. It helped blaze the way for Urdan Meyer's team to be the first BSC buster. So, as BYU should give some thanks to Utah for being the first MWC team in a BSC bowl, Utah should recognize the help they got from BYU's National Championship and years of success while Edwards was the head coach.

This should be another close and exciting game. I think a higher scoring game favors BYU.

Re: Legend

Not to mention the fact that Kyle W. graduated from BYU.


L. Edwards was a great coach and he cooked my Utah goose more than once. I am glad that he did so much for football in this state.
He is obviously the best coach to come out of the state, Meyers us good, but he did not build a program, My main man Rony Mac did that.

Thanks L. Edwards, and go Utes.
This game is destined for the record books. Either way we are all going to see a classic football game on saturday.

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