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Published: Sunday, Nov. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Soccer Fan

Nobody cares.


I've never seen so many balls bounce off the goalpost in my life. Yura, Mathis, and Olave really blew it tonight. I thought Findley was fantastic and set up extremely easy opportunities that our guys couldn't finish. We were gift wrapped at least 6 wide open nets and couldn't convert on any of them. Though I can appreciate how close we were on many opportunities, these guys are paid to win games and score goals, and they couldnt' get it done.
...Very frustrating game. Better luck next year.

so unlucky

one mistake and hit the post three times... ran out of luck... glad RSL is respectible and to be proud of going forward


Now we can all concentrate on the Utah/BYU game.

I do have one question, how can a sport have a two-game first round of playoffs, followed by a one-game second round? By this math, the championship game would be one half, right?

How soccer of you.

Rio Tiento

Chin up RSL, at least there are the orange wedges and the participation trophies.


Yura was off his game from the first, he didn't sacrifice much effort for the rest of his team. I guess his streak had to end some time.

The team had a great season

Real Fan

I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I felt like the team played great. Red Bull capitalized in the first have and we didn't have it in us to get one in. Thanks to a team that is changing salt lake into a soccer city. It was an amazing crowd tonight!!!!


Good job RSL. We will be there next year to support your run for the cup again!

RSL Ulty fan

Always an RSL supporter. Great season, just couldn't finish tonight. The crowd was amazing tonight. There should have been a lot more injury time, that New York defender acted injured for atleast 10 minutes in the second half. Oh well.
We always have next year!!!

Phil from Australia

You have to feel for RSL, the luck just wasn't with them tonight as it had been before, but also congratulations to the people of salt lake for supporting the team throughout the season, looking forward to seeing you back at Rio Tinto next year.

Joe Moe

No die hard soccer fan am I, but that was a fun game to watch, despite the low score and the ending. Three balls off a post, and so many other close ones. RSL won in every stat column except the one that counts. Here's to next year!


great season RSL!
thanks for everything. and taking us into the playoffs for the first time.
i'll be there for you everygame next season/


Great job guys. Most people weren't thinking they would be disappointed that we didn't win the western conference. This playoff run was a bonus for me and I am glad to have been there cheering on the team. I have my seats for next year and can't wait for it to start. Go RSL!!!


What a heartbreaker of a game tonight. Hats off to the RSL players and coaches. Thanks for a great season. With that said, the Red Bulls and their antics are what is wrong with soccer. The diving and fake injuries in the winding minutes were horrible. Soccer needs to change the way stoppage time works. With only 4 minutes added to the end of a match when there was probably close to 10 minutes of delays is horrible. Red Bulls have mastered stalling by complaining to refs and coming up with fake injuries to a tee.

el guanaco

great game. great season.

if only kries would've...

...subbed out the utterly ineffective mathis before the 90th minute.

...given andy williams more than 15 minutes to work his magic (he was sensational once he got on the pitch).

...subbed out russell instead of olave (we could've used him on those 10 corners)

...given espindola a chance to add to his goal total.

here's to next year...


I'm amazed one of those didn't get between the posts tonight. Part of it is bad luck. Part of it is we need better finishers.

We're only a few small pieces away from being one of the more dominant teams in the league.

Here's to next year!


Are you serious? Kries made the right call leaving an attacking Russell on and taking off Olave. Russell makes great runs up the wing and creating chances.


Here is to those people who were saying Olave should have been the defensive player of the year for RSL. Another bad decision lead to Olave being beat by the Red Bulls. YOU CAN'T COMMIT IN THE FINAL THIRD OF THE FIELD!!!!! Well anyways, thanks RSL and can't wait until next season!


Williams should have started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 minutes of play for Williams and we are down most of the game. Not kreises best game.


I blame Olave......poor decision AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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