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Published: Saturday, Nov. 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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AK Cougar

How? Wow, I hpe the Utes put it together for the remainder of the season.


WOW, not one thing has changed since last year. A coach who can't call a play and win a game in the final seconds. Happened a dozen times last year. BOYLEN MUST GO, a coach with head coaching experience must be hired. Absolutely ridiculous, wake up Chris Hill. BOYLEN IS HORRIBLE!

Ute fan

I was at the game, extremely embarassed with the outcome. Better show up and play better on Tuesday or we will be 0-2 to start the season

Ute fan

This loss is by far the worst loss in our history, guard the 3 pt line, giving up 16/32 threes is unacceptable


i don't know how your opening sentence of this article was that the utes were shocked. its not very shocking when weve been losing to teams like southern baptist for the past 4 years. first was southern utah now this. i couldnt care less about this team anymore. good thing the football team is fantastic. i hope we kill byu next week



Oh my. Southern Baptist must be awesome to knock down the mighty Utes in the Huntsman Center.

Look out Mountain West.

Nelson Muntz

Ha ha.


What was Stony brook farm all booked up?

Seriously...Southwest Baptist?

And they lost?

Bring back Giacoletti!!!

Ha Ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's funny. Get used to losing to church schools.


It's going to be an uphill battle this year. I have confidence in Coach Boylen and the team. This is hopefully a wakeup call. And - you've got to hit free throws!!


I can't believe this. This is like losing to SLCC. Maybe they need to water down their schedule more.
Discraceful for the Mountain West Conference.


Isn't Southern Baptist a high school?

Good thing this wasn't on the Utes home court. Wait...

Looks like the Ute Women's team will be able to beat Boylen's boys.

Two points


2. It seems that the traditional athletic fortunes of BYU and Utah have switched places. Utah seems to be in the driver's seat in football but hapless in basketball. BYU is good in football but not as good as Utah (sad to say, but true), but BYU usually has a decent basketball team.

Grazing Ewetes!!!

Please, keep coach Boylen. It increases the chances of the Ewetes opponents winning. Good hire. What a great sportsman coach Boylen is, letting all these nobody and worthless teams win.
There is always next year Ewetes!!!!

Ute Buddy

Boylen is in trouble. I don't see him making it here for too long. This is a joke.

Easy Poor Sport Fans

Some of these comments are totally ridiculous. This is not Boylens fault. Put the blame where it should be. He inheirited this bunch of flunkies. Whats he do to do, get the athletic director to let him dump all of these second raters? Give the coach a chance and I'll bet he makes you nay sayers eat your words.

RE. Eat my words

Boylen's been here long enough to recruit some players. But apparently not good enough to be a community college.

Eat your own words.

true blue

This team is an embarrassment to basketball in Utah. This is boylen's fault. You don't have to let a team shoot lights out from the three. Relax though. This is not nearly as bad as Virginia losing to Chaminade.



Another year of boilin' boylen and beaker together losing...Go COUGS

Because Of These Negs

I have never been able to stomach BYU but because of these negative Boylen comments I hope The Y stomps the Yewts in football this next week, and in basketball twice this year. You get what you sew fans.

An Aggie Fan Down South

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