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Published: Sunday, Nov. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The majority in Massachusetts voted against gay marriage but guess who reinstated it?...Judges...
How is it that these activist judges can overturn the majority vote?!

Grade school girl

What could actually lead a society to extinction? GET REAL....


I come from a very devote Mormon family and I have a brother who is gay. Because myself and my family are in favor of Prop 8 and for Marriage being between a man and woman doesn't mean we love our brother any less. So to those of you who say Mormons are hateful towards gays...well my family and I disprove that theory. We love our brother dearly and always will. But because we love him doesn't mean we have to love his lifestyle or agree with it. And this is not a civil rights issue. I have never seen my brother discriminated against...last time I checked gays aren't required to sit at the back of the bus or denied access to restarants. This is a MORAL issue. Since when is it unlawful for a church to encourage its member to become active in issues. The church stated its stance but did not tell its members how to vote. I am guessing there were other churchs who encouraged their members to vote no on Prop 8. Whats the difference? There isn't any. Protest all you want but do not harass or vandalized our properties because of our beliefs.


Boy, there are a LOT of badly educated people here.

We do NOT live in a democracy. The majority does not get to decide everything in this country.

Turn off the TEVO and occasionally crack a book.

Lori Hansen

Be it known that the list of "financial contributors" is a matter of public record, and you will NOT find a dime from the LDS church. Prop 8 was approved by a democratic vote of the people--only a minority of which were LDS--some of whom contributed their own money--just like the opponents did. What HYPOCRITS to ask for DUE PROCESS and then not accept the outcome which was passed twice--and NOW are resorting to TERRORISM--my nieces were afraid to go to church in CA because of the threats to local members. Shame on the extremist gay protestors who threaten hatred and harm. No one should be threatened because they have an opposing view. 70% of the Black population voted YES on 8, as well as over 80% of the Hispanic pop.


Keep it up, gays. Let your bigotry and hatred come through. That will help the rest of us toss out any compassion we had for you and solidify our convictions regarding truth and the sanctity of marriage.


To Lets just get along:

If my "hetero" nephew described me as "choosing" the gay lifestyle I'd be ashamed of him.

re: Tew

Every time there is a natural disaster, religious people love to attribute it to divine punishment for something or other. Ask Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson how well that goes over, because you sound just like them. That's embarrassing company to keep.

Those who have not been wronged!

Those who have not been wronged would have us believe, that they have. They are the hate mongers and the civil disobedient. They are the ones putting life, limb, livelihood, and property at risk of any who don't agree with them. They are the ones who claim that rights have been violated when they have not. The people have spoken in California and other places too. A choice to keep a fundamental institution in society; in place and sacred.

It is common that the lesser portion of the population will choose that which is wrong. But most of the time the majority will choose what is right.

The great tragedy is the fact that a minority who is not getting their way in a majoritarian government will recruit and exploit corrupt judges to forsake their role as guardians of the law and protectors of the minority into dictators issuing fiats: pressing minority values upon the mjority against their collective will.

Propostition 8 was a victory for the majority to check the endless corruption of our laws by spineless judges and selfish minorities!

AZ Hetero.

I am so glad I'm not gay!! Go Mormons, Prop 8, and Utah!!

Take this Off

Get this issue out of the news. Thats what you usually do D-News. There are much bigger fish to fry than talk about this stupid subject and issue. Of all the real important things going on right now it seems this is #1 in Utah. Get rid of it and let it die. The majority of us want to talk about what affects our daily lives, and future. This is the problem I have the media, wanting to talk about small hometown issues.


OK, so if everybody comes to Utah and helps to boycott all the gay films at Sundance, do you really believe that will teach Mormons a lesson they will never forget? Is this funny to anyone else?

WOW 100's protest

How is this news? I've got one, 100's go to church on Sunday, 100's get up a go to work every day, Who cares if 100's protest?


I find it very interesting that it's OK to malign and attack the LDS church and it's members...Mormons(not all LDS voted yes) were only a small fraction of the people that voted Yes on 8. It's not politically correct to protest against other religions or races(nor should it be!), but put down the Mormons...that's just fine! If I choose to donate money to a cause I have every right to do so(everyone does) without a witch hunt afterwards, without fear and coercion trailing me. It is not about hate! I don't understand how a reasonably intelligent person cannot understand the concept of loving the sinner and not the sin! Tolerance means living side by side peacefully despite differences, it does not mean to tolerate every behavior.


Judging from what I've seen here, common courtesy has become disturbingly uncommon. Is it too much to ask that you treat others like thinking human beings, rather than some vast force hell-bent on destroying everything good?

I'm a straight man, who is an uncompromising supporter of gay rights. I do believe that marriage ought to be a right granted to any two consenting adults who want to express a deep, lifelong commitment.

I am not alone. Those who paint the gay rights movement as an active, perverted few forcing their will on all the good, decent people, need to just stop. Polling suggests that between 30 and 45% of Americans support same-sex marriage. But that fraction is much higher among young adults, and in time I believe that the idea of gay marriage will be greeted with a resounding yawn.

Until then, I suppose the shouting will continue. But proponents should take heart: In 2000, a similar referendum in California was voted down by 60% of the population, not 52%. At that rate, a ballot initiative to repeal 8 could be successful in 2012.

They really don't let people say much here, do they? 200 words? Ick.


Far from showing that Californias Supreme Court was wrong to extend the right of marriage to gay people, the passage of Proposition 8 is a reminder of the crucial role that the courts play in protecting vulnerable groups from unfair treatment.


I agree with Scott. I think that Gays need to be reminded that Gods will is that marriage remain only between a man and a woman. Much like children who need their parents to teach them right from wrong or protect them from hurting themselves, I believe many of us depend on religion to teach us Gods ways; the Bible is the word of God and it has a great history of people who followed Gods commandments and those that have strayed and embraced the ways of the world. The outcome was usually not good for the latter (i.e. Sodom & Gomorrah, Genesis 19:24) Following Gods commandments is a recipe for a happier and more peaceful life. I think that the passage of Prop 8 not only has made it clear that the line been drawn in the sand but also that Gods commandments do not have an expiration date.


Somebody please help me understand. I've been watching the latest news regarding the passage of proposition 8. What I don't understand is that the Gay and Lesbian communities around the nation are rising up in what can be perceived as in-tolerant, hateful, destructive, selfish, disgraceful behavior towards supporters of proposition 8. Yet, during these so called "rallies" they call others bigots, hateful, lacking tolerance, and every other foul and hateful word. They refuse to believe or be tolerant of others beliefs. They call people like me a bigot because I believe in the sanctity of marraige, because I believe marraige is ordained of God, because I believe families are a fundamental foundation of society.
Somebody please help me understand why my beliefs cannot be "tolerated" but I must "tolerate" the beliefs of others?


Marriage is PRIVELEDGE not a RIGHT!!!! You are not guaranteed the right to marry in the Constitution. STOP TRYING TO RE-WRITE THE CONSTITUTION!!!!

Accept what a MAJORITY has spoken and move on!!!!!!

First Dude

I was told many times in my youth that liberalism was more than an ideology, it was a form of mental Illness, i believe that now, more than I ever have in my life. you cannot reason with a liberal, no matter how hard you try. they all seem to have a one track mind. their way or the highway. so it,s useless to try to convince them that they are fighting a lost cause. they have lost two times at the polls, and it's much easier to play the blame game than to face the fact that the people have spoken out about their life style pertaining to same gender marriage,and that they had better settle for the other alternative, legal rights. one with the other. you wont get your way with temper tantrums

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