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Published: Sunday, Nov. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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California Volunteer

We are OVER the gay response to the vote. Proposition 8 has passed and we are not out celebrating in the streets we are being very respectful unlike those who did not get what they voted for!!

YES, PROP 8 HAD DONORS BUT THE RESULTS OF THIS VOTE IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE DONATIONS!! IT WAS A LOT OF WORK!! Yes, many disagreed with us during the process and we responded with "we respect your position" and then we moved on.

I think the gays are upset that religious people came together for this cause and Prop 8 passed.

I can't emphasize the amount of hours that were donated by MANY PEOPLE of MANY RELIGIONS! So please leave the Mormon Church alone!

P.S. Thank you Elton John for speaking out on "civil partnerships".


WHy is LDS the prime target of LGBT protests?
Cuz ya wrote the initiative AND gave 4 of every 5 dollars for the Yes on Prop 8.
If ya can't take the BLOWBACK, speak to your elders, and thank them for your increased property and sales taxes, when 6 BILLION dollar Utah tourism TANKS.

I hadn't held any animosity towards Robert Redford and Sundance organizers until NOW. If Sundance uses Cinemark as their main venue, who donated heavily to Prop 8....EVERY film at the festival will be BOYCOTTED too.
Cinemark you can say buh bye to ALL LGBT patrons in EVERY state.

some guy

There are people on both sides of the argument who are out of line. "Stop the hate" is right. Stop disrespecting gay people. Stop disrespecting religious people who disagree with gay people. Stop vandalizing churches. Stop persecuting gays.

We've all got problems. Each of us has a responsibility to live our lives as best we can. And we should be helping each other out along the way, not bringing each other down.

If homosexuality is a sin, isn't it also a sin to fail to love one's neighbor? Certainly, we should vote according to our beliefs. But in the daily challenges of life, we should be kind to one another. If we disagree, we should be civil to one another.

The religious community should seek to understand the gay community. Ask, "Why do they believe the way they do? What kind of people are they?" Don't just call them sinners. We are all imperfect.

Likewise, the gay community should seek to understand the religious community. Ask, "What are their beliefs? What kind of people are they?" Don't just call them bigots. We are all imperfect.

We cannot let our devotion to one particular belief trump our basic human decency.


Does anyone wonder why the state of California is burning down today? God and good will prevail.


This is not a disagreement about supposed civil rights. At the present "civil unions" grant all the "rights" available to any California couple.

This is an argument over the re-definition of the word "marriage", and by extension, the word "family". Despite all the rhetoric, hundreds and hundreds of posts on each related story, and all the name calling and all the anger and defensive and offensive words, what this argument comes down to is wheather or not we should re-define a very old word and the conotation which it has acquired over many thousands of years.

I say "No, we should not redefine 'marriage'."

Certainly the world has come up with many new nouns to describe people, places and things in todays culture. If the homosexual community wants a word to describe two adult humans of the same sex living together, with the understanding that they are having sexual relations, that is fine. No one is trying to keep them from coining their own word and using it. With continual use it will probably be included in the dictionary eventually.

The word "marriage" all ready has a definition and I believe that most Americans are not willing to change it.


I read over and over that people think gay men and women only want to get married so that the straight community will be forced to "validate" their lives. ??????? A smarter person would realize that if the gay community really cared what anyone else thought they'd all be huddled at home hiding in the closet.

Give it a rest

I am so glad I left UT. Why do Mormons think they can act this way? Of course the gays are upset... they are being treated like animals. Straight people have pretty much screwed up the institution of marriage in the last 50 years... let the gays have a go at ti.


I have a few cooment to make. Probably already done in earlier posts but I have to have my say anyway.
First if the Church (LDS) did not stand up oppose gay marriages, then we would be hypocrits. Second, Mormons make up about what? 1% of California population and 52% of the people said no to gay marriage. Doesn't sound like we were the majority of the voters but a minority. Third, I think it's ironic that a group of people is speaking out about hate using hate. Gays are just a bunch of hypocrits. Lastly, we don't hate gays, just what they do. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Over 100 years ago, the government and majority of the people said no to plural marriage, did we protest and call others hatemongers? No, we accepted the will of the majority. Plural marriage has basis in the Bible, homosexuality does not. Remember sodom and gomorrah?

Great Post

wow, "some guy" that was probably the best post I have seen in Months if not years. Thank you for showing there are still reasonable people in the world and that reasonable people can disagree without being nasty.

Robert Oh

To those who say gays have the right to marry, just not to someone of the sex that they want to. How would you feel if I as a gay man decided to marry your daughter or your sister? Do you think that would be fair to her?

As they said at the rally today..."There are thousands of gay people in Utah who are today legally married, their spouses just don't know about it." They will eventually and families will be torn apart. But of course since you think we should marry someone we don't want to, it's ok.

How's that for family values?


The LDS Church DID NOT give any money to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign. Get your "facts" straight, Mark. It was individual people who donated their time and money to the cause. This was their legal right to do so. Do not harass and target people who were exercising their right to vote. Why punish the LDS Church, Utah and it's tourism industry for something that the people of California VOTED for? It makes no sense.

Obviously, all these people who are exercising hatred towards the LDS Church and Utah do not have their facts straight.


The caravan is moving on. All you antis and protestors best get ou the the way.


Where exactly is the discrimination? No law has said that gays or lesbians cannot marry. The laws have only said that marriage has to be between one man and one woman. The law is equally applied to all and doesn't select a certain group to grant or deny any particular rights to. Even if I wanted to marry a person of my same gender for whatever reason, whether it be inheritance or whatever, I am denied the state's sanction of such a marriage. Gays can also marry any other consenting adult of the opposite gender, for whatever reason they want.

The argument that gays are being denied the right to marry who they love shifts the point from a rational argument of denial of rights to more of a play on emotions. Civil unions grant all the same rights. If marriage becomes classified as a fundamental right and the decision of the state as to who can marry is based on marrying who one loves, there could ultimately be no restrictions on marriage. Any argument currently presented i.e. bigotry, by the opponents of Proposition 8 could be easily used to push the removal of any restrictions or mores society has.


Threats and intimidation are wrong, period. Regardless of your position on the issue, you need to win by convincing the people of the merit of your position. Regardless of what you might say about civil rights struggles for blacks and women, those rights were given because a majority of the people were convinced of the merit of their positions (i.e. constitutional amendments). Instead of trying to force others to believe the same as you, convince them. NO more temper-tantrums and no more threats or violence.


Stenar - Of course marriage is rooted in religion.
Civil Marriage Is between a man and a woman outside the church context.
Back in the 60's "marriage" became passe', unnecessary, and irrelevant outside the context of religion! "Who needs a piece of paper?", we ALL said.
In my opinion, "marriage" IS a religious term and should not be used outside the context of a man and a woman....think of another term...other than marriage...oh, you already have one??..then what's the point??? Must be a MONEY thing...ah yes, the almighty something for nothing motivation disguised again as the irrelevant, and selfish fulfilment of self and satisfying of your own selfish desires. Marriage is the LEAST self-serving thing that can be done in life because you both give up yourselves in the rearing of CHILDREN.
It is NOT your civil right to get more of my tax money for nothing.
It is my understanding that 44 states voted FOR the ban, so redouble your efforts, without the violence, cz thats just hurting your cause, and try again next time, like all the rest of us have to do, in pursuit of those goals important to each of us individually in our lives.


Gays and lesbians say they want equal rights, but what about equality in American culture?

A few seasons ago, the CBS cop show CSI aired an episode in which the killer was a gay person. CBS' phone lines and e-mail accounts went hey wire. The gays were angry that they were portrayed in such a negative way on television. The same thing happened when movies like "Basic Instinct" and "Showgirls" came out.

When Greg Louganis, the gay Olympic diver, wrote his autobiography, he drew ire from many of his fellow gays for discussing how he had been in abusive relationships with other men.

So, once same-sex marriage is legal, will we see TV programs discussing domestic violence in gay and lesbian reltionships, like we do heterosexual ones? Will we see news reports about sexual abuse in a same-sex marriage household?

DON'T BET ON IT! The gays and lesbians want the good, without the bad. Plain and simple!


It wasn't all bad. A lot of mormons were separated from their money. Hitting them in the wallet always works.

Got the answer!!

Here's the answer. Let them live in "Paradise" for both. Let all the gay men get married and have one of the Hawaiian Islands all to themselves. Same thing for the gay women. They can all be sooo happy expressing their "rights."

In a couple of generations there won't be anymore problem!

So You're A Robot?

Article quote: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' involvement in the issue has turned Utah into "ground zero" for the gay civil rights movement, Jeff Key, a gay Iraq war veteran, told the crowd gathered at the Salt Lake City-County Building...."You called us out," Key said. "YOU did this."

Really? Mormons are making you move your feet and wave your arms and paint antagonistic signs and jump up and down and yell and look foolish?

"Mormons" did that? Wow, and here I thought you were an intelligent human being who was capable of freedom of thought and action.

Silly me....


Can't we all just get along? I'm sure people wont ski and come to Utah because of this. That's sad. I guess they'll have to settle for Texas. It passed! It passed in a lot of states. Your liberal friends are the ones to thank for it. Don't be mad at democracy. It's a good thing. Bring it to vote again. Lets see if your liberal judges will do what that the people want. Look at who voted. The mormons weren't the ones to pass it. It was the other millions of people who did. That's what you do though pick and choose who you want to discriminate against because they don't follow your views. Nice!!!

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