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Published: Sunday, Nov. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sir Elton John con'd

The entire text of this article which appeared in Wed Nov.12, 2008 USA today. It can found online at their website or at protect marriage. Note also that Gladys Knight, a Mormom, sang at his benefit. We truly don't hate gays. See this article for yourself and then email it to everyone you know. He is the world's most famous gay man and he says civil partnerships are equal to marriages!!!!


I know!
Let's just vote on it...

oh, wait...

just reward

The mormon church is getting exactly what it deserves. You spout bigotry and that's what you get in return. The mormons have united the LGBT community more than ever before. We're mad and we're not going to take it any more.


For years and years and years, anti-Mormon preachers, speakers and protestors have been saying the LDS Church is fading away into oblivion. They claim the LDS Church is no longer able to produce any kind of effective change in the society at large and that eventually, there membership will disappear into just a few pockets of people here and there.

Well, if all this were true, then how come Prop 8 passed? How come the LDS Church has become the main target of gay activists? How come the LDS Church continues to receive large amounts of press coverage?

Simple, many people, whether they will admit or not, truly fear the LDS Church. It's not an Osama Bin Laden type fear, but a fear that, despite the best efforts of anti-mormons everyone, the LDS Church is growing and will continue to grow.

And as for Richard G. 4:04's comment, as well as Henry Drummond 4:11's comment, YES, the LDS Church has sown something. The have sown an awakeness to the world that they mean business, that they don't shamlessly cow-town to the winds of political correctness, and that even with small numbers, they can make a difference.


I think the more accurate assessment of the situation is that 5 judges awoke the real sleeping giant - the voting public. Gay marriage has been voted down in every state where the citizens have been given a voice. A full 29 states have constitutional bans on gay marriage, and we're still counting.


The gay community is extremely fierce about protecting its viewpoints because they feel like another group (the LDS church) is infringing upon their beliefs. Their desire to protect their beliefs is commendable. However, they argue that this all comes down to protecting their personal rights to marry and because another group feels differently than them, they call that group a bunch of hating bigots. This is where they begin to cross the line.

On the other hand, The LDS church rarely gets involved in political matters, unless it is a moral issue in which the outcome could affect their beliefs as a church. So, in response to Proposition 8, the church encouraged members in California (not in Utah) to take a stand on an issue that could affect marriage, the core belief in their church.

Hmmmmm, both groups take a stand on an important issue that they both believe is effecting their rights. When the voice of the people decide the issue (not one church!) the gay-rights supporters freak out, point fingers and start calling names, because the church was doing the same thing that they are trying to do?

Seems like a contradiction to me! Who are the haters?


if you were at the demonstration today then you know the speeches were not anti LDS. The focus was on marriage and equality. Speakers were explicit, as well, in the need for respect of religious and other rights. Sheesh.

Democracy is about protesting to make your voice heard. The fact tat someone has a belief and has to deal with protesters because of the consequence of their belief is also democracy and takes no ones right away. That is part of the system. Stop whining pro-8 people. You won the election, now you see the energizing effects of your vote. That is how the system works.

Proud to be ME

I am proud to support the GLBT efforts. This county has a strong history of civil rights movements. I'm just glad I can play an active role in this one. March on my friends, march on.

Re: Henry Drummond

You are quite mistaken. These protests are exposing the nation to the radical fringe of the gay rights movement. That portion that feels singling out individuals at their workplace, boycotting church farms and programs that serve the needy, and yes even committing acts of domestic terrorism are all fine in the name of tolerance. The irony is so very rich. I promise you, we'll have public opinion survey soon enough and you'll see that most Americans will be turned off by the extremist tactics employed by gay rights activists. They are the ones who stepped over the line. They preach a message that faith is the equivalent of hate. That supporting the traditional definition of marriage is some how an explicit act of hate. It is not. We are taught to hate the sin and love the sinner. We love our gay brothers and sisters, they are the ones that have reduced us to a catch-phrase. Their rhetoric is firing up nihilists and fanning the flame's of this country's culture war. They would be wise to stop blaming others for their defeat and consider how they managed to lose in one of the most liberal states in the nation.


If every voting elegible California mormon voted against prop 8, it still would have passed. California democrats had a significantly greater role in passing prop 8. The LDS church had a very minority roll in prop 8. For a group that already has full domestic partnership rights, you are falsely making yourself a victom. Please stop the delusional claims.

steve Semita

The gays and lesbians need to realize that the Church of Jesus Christ bases its doctrines on scriptures that are thousands of years old and on modern revelation. The Bible leaves no doubt that marriage is to be between the sexes, not within them. You cannot expect to challenge ancient laws and directions from God by introducing changes that contradict these established rules. God calls homosexuality an abomination. What homosexuals do is called sodomy since it is recorded that Sodom was destroyed because of the practices of its inhabitants. Will follows of Jesus Christ resist those who wish to call their actions correct? Bet on it. Gays, lesbians, do what you want. That's your right. But it is not marriage. It is not ordained of God and it must be fought against as unacceptable to those who follow the teachings of God and His Son.


The LDS church is not confined just to the state of Utah. There are tons of members in CA, so the church has a right to protect it's members there as much as anywhere. "Protect" you say? That's right. If people would actually read the legislation that Prop. 8 overturned then they would know that it actually would have been a major violation of rights for LDS people to practice marraige in CA. LDS members could have lost the right to perform temple marraiges in CA because they would have been required to allow gay marraiges in LDS temples. This violates LDS beliefs about who is allowed to enter their temples. As a result, the temples in CA may have needed to close. This is why the church got involved, to protect it's members rights, not because of hate. If gays want equal right, that's fine, but not at the expense of others rights.


Has anyone considered that this may not be a vote against Gay Rights as much as it is a vote against the Judges in CA who CONSTANTLY introduce laws and do not go through the proper channels? I feel like the national media is missing this important side of the issue.

Not being from CA, but being in CA during the vote and listening to the discussions, most people I interacted with weren't anti gay, but "anti judges."


Same stuff different day. Why can't the GLBT's come up with something original.

We can fight back and forth all day long, but it does not negate the fact that the California's voted and it did not go your way.

What kind of cheese can I find for your "Whine".


Why aren't any of these protestors showing up outside an Obama press conference? He has stated on multiple occasions that he does not support gay marriage. Where's the outrage?

Re: Robert Oh

Thanks for displaying your true colors.

You've been the catalyst for me to worker even harder in the future to prevent the indoctrination of my children.

Gay people, thank you again.

To Stenar

America is governed by the majority. We vote to elect a president, representives, etc, does not the majority rule. Guess we should through out Obama because the majority should not have their say. We need to be protected from the Majority. Stenar, are you for real????

Everyone is treated equally


"I agree with Anonymous. Why shouldn't we be able to vote on marriage between men and women. For all of you who are in straight marriages, just imagine if one day your marriage was not viewed as legitimate. How would that make you feel? Of course you would fight back."

If that vote targets a specific race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other factor then it is a violation of our civil rights and everyone would be well within their right to protest but that is a different issue because marriages of homosexuals are not invalidated based on their sexual orientation, or their race, or their gender, or their religion or any other factor. A gay person or a straight person who marries a person of the opposite sex will not have their marriages invalidated based on sexual orientation. A straight Mormon who married a gay Lutheran will not have their marriages invalidated based on their religion or sexual orientation.

This is what makes the current definition of marriage non-discriminatory. A woman can marry a man and a man can marry a woman regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or any other factor.


This is from my good friend:

Dear people who are persecuting the Mormon Church for supporting Proposition 8,

I can understand why youre angry. However now that you are mad at us about this can we finally be off the hook for polygamy? It hasnt been practiced for over 100 years in our church and were still getting grief over it. It doesnt make sense for you to criticize us for practicing an unorthodox form of marriage 100 years ago when that is what you are fighting to have the right for today.


You are oh so mad, oh oh so mad, and you won't take it anymore...go line up in the streets, yell, kick, scream, whatever you have to do to feel better... Why don't you go line up on the borders of California, seems like the MAJORITY over there voted yes, and they aren't Mormons....get a life...

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