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Published: Sunday, Nov. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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CO Coug

Somebody's protesting and mad at the Mormon Church? Whatever shall we do? Yawn.......nothing new, just different topic. Protest all you want, it wont change anything.

Funny how no other churches were singled out, they only chose the LDS faith because they knew that we wouldn't do anything in retaliation, whereas another church might come out swinging.

Don't stress fellow members, the principles of the Church will not change, nor will the Brethren bow down to threats and intimidation.


There were thousands of people protesting today, not just hundreds.

Ho Hum

The prince of the world cometh, and hath nothing in me. It doesn't matter if you demonstrate against us. We still love you, and we still believe you are wrong.


If by 51/49 we can take the right of people away, maybe we can go with Prop 9 and re establish slavery....


I'm an atheist.I would not ,however, try to dissuade anyone from their beliefs.
Kudos to the Mormons for backing their beliefs,and not changing them for the cause of the moment,as apposed to a lot of other so called religions .


America is not a simple democracy. America is a republic. This means the minority should be protected from the tyranny of the majority.

Give me a break Utah ok?

All you people have to do, is dress up Mitt Romney in a dress, turn him lose in the streets there, the handful of the Utah gay community will see him, and, all die laughing at him, you bury them at the county landfill, problem solved. Why is it so hard for you to think up these thing's also?. It works. Than push for Mitt Romney & Sarah Palin for the White House in 2012.

Robert Oh

Mormons, thank you. You have been the catalyst to help focus our cause to move forward. You have been the motivation for thousands both Gay and Straight to find their voices.

As they said today at the rally... "we'll look back with the next generation, years from today and say - you know, I was there in Salt Lake at the time when it started. Salt Lake City, Really, this IS the place!"

Mormons, thank you again.


I agree with Anonymous. Why shouldn't we be able to vote on marriage between men and women. For all of you who are in straight marriages, just imagine if one day your marriage was not viewed as legitimate. How would that make you feel? Of course you would fight back.


So let's see...this is a political issue, so churches should stay out. Oh, and it's a moral issue, and about fundamental rights! Pick your argument, gay rights people.


See the lilies of the field see how they spin see how they toil !!


Democracy 4:33. I don't know what Rodrigues is referring to, but CA electorate passed a bill that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Then their Supreme Court overturned it. Prop 8 is the second time the people of CA have voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Why do YOU get define what marriage is but not me? Separation of Church and State also means keeping your STATE out of my Church. You say you're not going to force me to allow gay marriages in our buildings and temples, but your vitriol, vandalism, and violence make your middle-of-the-road promises seem very, very empty.

your momma!!!

6,156,848 people voted yes on P8, and only 749,490 people in California are LDS. what does that mean??? Over 5 million people dont support gays marrying, and nor do I. why single out a church that has only has a few people in Cali? Are you looking for someone to blame for your defeat?


The GLBT loves to distort the issue, huh. Its not taking away any rights, because they have all of the same rights in a civil union. Its looking for validation of a behavior choice. Readers here, did you know that the scientific community has never EVER found any evidence that you are BORN gay? They have tried and tried, but there is no Gay gene, no gay instinct, nothing but high hormone levels and screwed up homes/relationship backlash. Being gay is not forced on a person in any way, no matter how loud the GLBT shouts that it is. I will always vote against laws that encourage people to be gay because I don't want to support the lies that state that being gay is anything more than a physical/mental problem. The GLBT community needs therapy, not encouragement!


The anti-Prop 8 protesters are proving that the left's charade of demanding "tolerence and acceptance and diversity" is a bunch of lies. They want tolerence for THEIR views, but not for others, even the majority.

The gay "rights" agenda is unacceptable. Gay "marriage" is a sham, as well as unacceptable.

Go home and leave us alone. You had a chance at the ballot box and lost. The will of the people has clearly spoken and overturned the despicable acts of activist California judges.

If Prop 8 comes up again, we will fight twice as hard to defend traditional marriage.

The NIT - Culture Division

I am so tired of the half-truths and complete lies offered by the "homosexual community" regarding this issue.

For once and for all - it's NOT a right. Marriage is not a right - got that - NOT a constitutional right. You have no more a "right" than a many times convicted DUI offender has to continue driving a motor vehicle - that's the best analogy. Nobody took ANYTHING away from you.

You have every right to choose another lifestyle. You have every right to change your ways. You have every right to form a civil union. You have every right to be whatever you call it in your own privacy - I don't want to know about it.

The PEOPLE in three states have spoken - you lost at the ballot box [a novel idea,huh?]. And, as one of yours said, you may have awoken a sleeping giant and it's not you. For example, I like your great turnout in New York City - a few dozen out of millions and millions of people.

Gays: show yourself

Gays- show yourself. Oh, you already have. Bigoted, hateful, vengeful, violent, arrogant, law breakers, and unconstitutional. Yep, the description seems to fit well. Oh, California is burning. Why are you not there supporting the state. Too busy, protesting in another state for selfish reasons? Not considerate of your neighbor in their plight? How sad that your cruel behavior shouts so loudly across the land that no one can actually hear your rants of meaness towards others' beliefs.

What Sir Elton John says

"I don't want to be married. I'm very happy with a civil partnership. If gay people want to get married, or get together, they should have a civil partnership," said John. "The word marriage, I think, puts a lot of people off. You get the same equal rights that we do when we have a civil partnership. Heterosexual people get married. We can have civil partnerships."

The dinner, held at Cipriani Wall Street, was hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper and featured a performance from Gladys Knight. John's foundation gets a four-star rating, the highest available, from CharityNavigator.com and John, in his speech, called for the enactment of a national AIDS policy.

Tax Exempt Status is the Thing

Of all the many many supporters of Prop 8, the reason the LDS Church gets singled out is not because the protesters think the Church made the difference in the Prop 8 outcome. The vast majority of these protesters probably don't even care about gay marriage.

Instead, their protests are fueled by their general hate for the LDS Church and all things LDS, and the opening they're taking is based on this thinking: "Hey, hey, hey, we see an opening to take away the Church's tax exempt statuts. Let's go for it. Then, finally, we could cripple the Church's influence, growth and progress around the world."

The gay marriage prop 8 thing is just a pawn. The end game is destruction of the Church.

Man, oh man what deep-seated bigotry is alive and well in this the 21st century. The struggle for freedom from religious bigotry goes on.


The Gay Activist claim that they're only seeking equal rights is seriously disingenuous because they seek to turn society into Sodom and Gomorrah as Lot experienced described in Genesis 19. The blessings and sanctity of the family were established in the ancient law of marriage reflected in God giving Eve to Adam to be his wife with the command to multiply and replenish the earth. The sanctity of the family was further magnified in God's promise to Abraham that through his posterity all the families of the earth would be blessed with the gospel of salvation even life eternal. The emphasis is on Family not the separate individual!

This ideal can not, could not, and never could be possible with any conceivable homosexual relationship. The sexual relationship between gays violates and corrupts the sanctity and promise for life eternal in holy marriage as blatantly as do adultery and fornication. To make a homosexual couple a family would pervert, destroy and overthrow this marvelous ancient law of eternal promise!

Their lie is vividly demonstrated in Massachusetts where parents seeking their parental right to protect their child from being taught homosexual behavior in primary education were thrown in jail.

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