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Published: Sunday, Nov. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Participation in the campaign

When are we going to get a straight answer from you folks? I keep getting mixed messages:

"Yes, we did participate in the campaign, we volunteered because it's in the best interest of society"

and in the very next sentence...

"No, we were not involved. California voters did. The Church stayed clear of the campaign."

Sounds like you're confused about what your direct participation was.

So let me help you out.

You did participate --- Hope I have helped you out a little bit.


I have to laugh when I hear the argument that mormons should have spent money feeding the poor instead of supporting the yes on prop 8 side.

If homosexuals had not illegally married in San Francisco a few years back and then filed lawsuits when their marriages were disallowed we never would of had to pass prop 8.

Of course spending the money is good for our economy here in CA. We wouldn't of had to spend so much, but the opposition did.

As far as Utah is concerned. It is the most charitable state. It is #1 in charitable donations, so I guess all those mormons are helping the poor after all.

Next time, save us money and keep your equal rights (since everyone has the equal right to marry someone of the opposite sex) and stop demanding special rights.


How come you pro same sex marriage people can't answer these questions. What rights do I not have that other people have? And how am I not equal in rights if I have the exact same rights?

I will help you since you confused people always avoid logic and you can't be honest when it comes to this subject.

You have all the same rights as all other Americans. You are equal. You can marry someone of the opposite sex like everyone else can. Completely equal.


You no on 8 people told many lies during the campaign and you continue to do so. Same sex marriage would have been taught in schools if 8 hadn't passed. Just like in Massachusetts. Your lies are so easily debunked.

Feed the children

We need all these homosexuals and lesbians to stop protesting like immature babies (since they lost in this election) and get out there and work and feed the poor. Why didn't they use that 40 million dollars spent to defeat prop 8, to feed the poor? I guess they are very unChristian because the Mormons spent money on prop 8 and still fed the poor. In fact Utah is the most charitable state in the nation. I guess Mormons are the best Christians after all according to your standards.


To all you left-handed people. Don't you know that your lifestyle is a CHOICE? And my leader says that your choice is wrong. God only recognizes right-handed people. It's only natural and most people are right-handed. Please learn to be right-handed to live under God's laws, or don't use any hands at all. Otherwise you're a sinner and God will NOT allow any left-handed people into Heaven.

Makes as much sense as the Church's stand on gayness.

Think LOVE, be LOVE

from a straight Mormon in California who stand with her gay brothers and sisters for equality.

Help the cause

Sure some people that are for same sex marriage now may have a more negative view of our church. But your protests have turned some of those who voted for gay marriage against it now. Plus since the country is over whelmingly against gay marriage, this has given many more people a favorable view of the LDS church. People see your protests and don't want to be like you. They know what is right and now they know more about us and are seeking us out more. You people trying to destroy our church are actually helping to build it. You are definitely aiding the traditional marriage side. This is called the law of unintended consequences. The more you cry and whine and try to tear down democracy, the more you convince people to be against gay marriage and become more favorable to the LDS church.

to not really a straight Mormon

You aren't a Mormon or you would know that homosexuality is wrong. You would also know the prophet is right. You are wrong on both counts. Strike 3 is you know that homosexuals and lesbians have exactly the same rights as we do. We are all equal and can marry someone of the opposite sex. You swung and missed 3 times. You are outta here. Save your antimormon stuff for the village idiots out there. You lost this game and you are playing for the wrong team.


Tenderheart: you rock.
I agree with the ideas expressed about how outrageous the gay/lesbian community's actions have become. If I was making a choice, I simply choose religion over shaking old women in wheelchairs.
I guess I'm just a softie with old people holding crosses.

Johnny Utah #9

Re: Lies | 10:19 p.m.

Nice investigative work, you should be on CSI...

So, would they make gay marriage a new class in all these elementary schools or something? I don't remember marriage (gay OR straight) being a part of the curriculum at any school I attended.

The government shouldn't have anything to do with any marriages, gay or straight. Many have said it's "gods law" and it should be kept that way, separated from the state law. Just like the Constitution says.

Oxy Moroni

Re: to not really a straight Mormon | 10:57 p.m

It's people like you that perpetuate these issues. So blinded by your devotion to your "prophet" that you cannot see the real world for what it is. You are denying basic civil rights to fellow human beings. And they are just that "civil" rights. The bible or book of mormon have no place in any civil laws.

I can only roll my eyes and shake my head in disbelief at the ignorance and bigotry displayed in your comments. It saddens me think how many other have the same narrow minded views as you do.

to Oxy Ignorant

You have the same rights as all Americans. You can marry someone of the opposite sex who is an adult and not a close relative. You are not being denied any rights. I don't have to argue this using religion at all since I know you have no clue when it comes to God or religion. You are a bigot against Mormons and other God fearing people. You are ignorant when it comes to the Constitution, rights, or natural laws. If I was you I would be sad too. Same sex couples cannot consumate or procreate. Their parts aren't compatible. In CA where I live you can have civil unions. Which gives all rights without the name marriage. Children without mothers are more likely to end up getting pregnant or causing a teen pregnancy. Children without fathers are more likely to commit crimes. A man and a woman compliment each other and children need that. Even in divorce most kids get to spend time with both parents. Homosexuals and lesbians are many more times likely to child molest than heterosexuals. Their gay behavior is abnormal and twisted. Homosexuals and lesbians have a choice and they made the wrong choice.

to Johnny

In California marriage is taught in sex ed and outside of sex ed in school K-12. So if 8 was defeated same sex marriage would have been taught in schools here. It is taught in Massachusetts K-12 schools. They have gay days for elementary schools there and you can't opt your kids out since most of it is outside of sex ed. You are like some of my students who don't pay attention in class, so it doesn't suprise me that you missed the whole marriage thing in school. You also didn't get that whole Constitution thing either. There is no mention of seperation of church and state in the Constitution. Please study the issue some before you opin next time.

On left handedness

Being left handed is not one of the three highest risk factors for contracting AIDS/HIV. The top three risk factors are: 2. Prostitution 3. Drug Use and the Number 1 risk factor? 1. Homosexual sex. Please verify with the Center for Disease Control and the World health Organization.

To anonymous

You seem to have missed that children in Arkansas AREN'T going to homes with one husband and one wife because those homes ARE NOT available. Worse still is that homes with two females or two males or even 1 male and 1 female that are not legally married but loving and capable of being good parents were excluded in a state with a SHORTAGE of foster and adoptive parents. Again, you sacrificed children to institutions to protect the "sanctity of marriage." Do you really not remember the Romanian children damaged by these institutions? Again, 1 man and 1 woman as married are not presenting themselves as foster and adoptive parents. So the children are being sacrificed for your cause.

Re: to Johnny | 12:27 a.m

Well, since marriage is a religious institution it has no business in schools or government. Separation of church and state is part of the First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" So if marriage is an establishment of religion the state has no right to govern it.

I think gay marriage should part of the sex ed program in schools. School should prepare our children for anything and everything that life can throw at them. Education is the answer, ignorance only breeds bigotry.

John Pack Lambert

No one has denied that thousands of Latter-day Saints participated in a grassroots campaign to pass Proposition 8. We joined with other people of faith to accomplish this. Just read the statements of the Catholic Bishop of Sacramento on this issue.
However, as I have pointed out before, these were Latter-day Saints living in California who participated in the campaign.

Oxy Moroni

Re: to Oxy Ignorant | 12:15 a.m

Gays and Lesbians cannot marry the person they love. (Obviusly it still has to be an adult and not a close relative)So, they do not have the same rights that you do. You should stick to reading your church propaganda, and keep your nose out of business that doesn't pertain to you.

You are not a "god fearing" person.

Fear IS your god.

That fear, is controlling every aspect of your life.

John Pack Lambert

To the 8:59 commentator,
I have known people who have waited for years to adopt children. So either Arkansas has too localized a system or there are other problems.
Also, I was not aware that the meaure in Arkansas had any effect on foster care.
Maybe if state's did not mass evacute 300 plus children when they only had anecdotal evidence of abuse in one or two households in the neighborhood they would not have overloaded foster care systems.

Adam and Steve

A darn good thing God didn't start out with Adam and Steve... or Adelle and Eve for that matter. Where would we be today?

This know also that in the last days, perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of thier own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.

WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTION, trucebreakers, FALSE ACCUSERS, INCONTINENT (lacking self-control), fierce, DESPISERS OF THOSE THAT ARE GOOD, traiters, heady, (bold in their iniquity), high-minded, LOVERS OF PLEASURES MORE THAN LOVERS OF GOD, from such turn away.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

Welcome to the last days! Who's on the Lord's side, whom? Now is the time to show, We ask it fearlessly...

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