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Published: Sunday, Nov. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Hmmm, all this over a word

All this over one word, "marriage."

Gays want to share the word.

fundamentals want the word all to themselves.

They do not want to share their toys in the sandbox.

The fundamental kids in the sandbox say "you cannot have my toys because they have always been mine. Go play with those other toys, instead, see, they are just as nice, just don't call those toys 'marriage.' Only my toys can be called marriage."

So the gay kids play with the other toys called "domestic partnerships" and they find out they are not the same toys. Different toys altogether. Different playground.

Moreover, fundamental kids say "if you call your toys 'marriage' that will hurt what I call my toys and it will give less meaning to these toys."

Florida resident

The reaction by a large group of gay supporters to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and its memberships position regarding California's reciently defeated Proposition 8 is having an impact on many folks in Florida. The reaction is mainly that of support. Yesterday the Missionaries in my area told me that as they have gone from home to home doing as missionary's do they are getting support rather than doors shut in their face. As they tell folks who they are many have offered a response of "hey your from the church that supported the defeat of Prop.8" Then they promptly say, "I appreciate what your chuch did." In the long run, I believe the protestors will have a great influence on the growth of the church. The gay protestors are actually helping the church move out from obscurity in an area where few know anything about the doctrine's of the church exept what they've hear from a negative pastor or anti-mormon pamphlet.

Can we have a vote

I would like to vote on this subject in Utah.

Jeff C.

EXPAT: What you fail to realize is that this is NOT about being bigoted or homophobic. We have been tolerant, respectful, civil and have accepted your need to be together as a family. When we (Members of the LDS community) financially supported Proposition 8 it wasn't out of homophobia or hate, it was done in an effort to protect the sanctity of marriage as defined by GOD. We do not hate homosexuals, in fact there are members of the church who are homosexual and realize the importance of following GOD's word by doing their best to follow his teachings. Voting to protect the sanctity of marriage as defined by GOD is not an attempt to destroy a person's marriage, and is therefore NOT about hate or intolerance. I don't think the people of UTAH would have a problem with civil unions. Quit trying to equate your fight with the civil rights movement. The truth is that your CHOICES don't make you a minority, since you can STOP being a homosexual at any time. You can't stop being black, hispanic or asian. Take your civil unions and leave traditional marriage alone.

TO Hmmm, all this over a word

Great analogy!

immature kids and their toys. more like sandbox bullies!

When will Mormons understand that their $$ paid for a campaign full of LIES and played on people's FEAR. an unrealistic fear. You were the biggest contributor and you wonder why the protests, the vandalism, the hate coming your way???

you started it, now deal with the aftermath!!

i will stand beside my gay friends and relatives as they fight for equality and respect.

my Mormon ancestors who were persecuted are rolling in their graves right now. the persecuted have become the persecutors. sad, sad, sad.

to domestic partnership

To say the LDS Church is split down the middle, is showing a great deal of ignorance. I guarantee you that the VAST Majority of members of the Church agree with the Church's stance. Of course there are those who do not understand why the Church took the stance, but the majority of them are still devout, active members of the Church. There is a VERY small minority of LDS members who are letting it destroy their faith and they seem to be the most vocal. However, the Church is far from being split down the middle. Many more people will be brought into the Church because of our position than those that will leave because of it, mark my words.


We all supported our own views on the subject and one side won and the other lost. Same with the political election. So lets move on and accept the results.


One of the basic premises of the field of Sociology is that cultural norms influence and are influenced by each member of a given culture. When a particular path is seen as normative in a society, it increases that likelihood that members of that society will pursue that path.

Thus, the argument that lifestyle choices have no impact on others is myopic, from a Sociological standpoint. Perhaps it is true in the narrowest sense (that my choices, alone, have no direct impact on you), but in the aggregate (my choices, multiplied by thousands/millions of others like me), those choices combine and contribute to the "climate" of our culture.

This is, essentially, a wrestle over the cultural climate. I can't blame the GLBT community for wanting to build a cultural climate that is in line with their worldview. But neither can I blame the Mormon community for wanting to build a climate that is in line with theirs.


If consenting adults is the criteria for gay marriage then you cannot deny the polygamist marital recognition as well. Anyone supporting gay marriage should also ponder if they would support polygamists or other consenting adult marriages. If not, then a consenting adult arguement rings hollow.



I don't know where you go to church, but I would consider changing wards or stakes or something because you are definitely in a very BAD one. I have NEVER heard a joke demeaning any of the people or religious groups mentioned in your post, and I have been in the LDS church since 1993. I doubt that kind of stuff happens at all in 99% of the LDS stakes out there, but since we are all human I can be pretty sure that it happens at one time or another. Being gay does not keep you from being a member of the LDS church, as you could most likely vouch for, but being actively gay in a sexual relationship would prohibit you from being able to go to the temple or administer sacrament. Gays and Lesbians are openly welcomed to our church services, and I would greet and treat them as I would any other person that walks through our doors to attend sacrament. If your priesthood leaders are allowing this kind of treatment I would take it to the Bishop, or if needed the Stake President, who would deal with it right away.



Gay marriage is coming to Utah.

The Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution guarantees it.

...;nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; NOR DENY TO ANY PERSON WITHIN ITS JURISDICTION THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS.
(emphasis added)

14th Amendment to the Constitution, Section 1.

What does this mean? It means that laws that apply to any one of us must apply to all.

The argument is straightforward and simple.

Marriage is not defined in the U.S. Constitution as being between a man and a woman; until it is, the law is clear. Gay marriages must be allowed. To do otherwise is UNEQUAL treatment under the laws of the land.

Proposition 8 will be overturned, if not by the Courts in California then by the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

re: Traditional Guy

Traditional Guy stated at 6:53pm that "The gays at the rally weren't hateful, mean, ugly. They were more than civil and all smiles for the most part. The uglier people there were the Christians rallying against them. It was an honor to be there." I'm not sure which rally you attended, but if you want to see what happens to a Pro-8 supporter who quietly stands among your smiling, peaceful protesters why don't you go on to youtube and check out some of the videos made by people who never mentioned they were for or against prop 8 but were confronted by protesters. Stop pretending that the GBLT protesters are holding hands and singing "We Will Overcome". The fact is that most of these protests involve yelling of obscenities, signs demoralizing the LDS faith and its leaders and sometimes even violence against Pro-8 supporters (Check out the protest where grown men grabbed a cardboard cross from a senior citizen and hit her over the head repeatedly while yelling at her to "Go away, you don't belong here!". LDS members do not hate anyone for being gay, and accept people as they are. Get your facts straight please.


Name one right a gay or lesbian doesn't have here in CA. Don't say marriage because they can get married like anybody else can to someone of the opposite sex. You can't name any can you. This is not a civil rights issue is it.

14th amendment

I guess you pro same sex marriage people haven't figured it out yet that you can get married to someone of the opposite sex which makes us all equal.

I guess also that you gays have completely stayed out of federal courts on this issue because the feeling has been that you will lose on this issue in the supreme court.

You have equality. You can't have special rights because that would make us all unequal.


I haven't heard any gay jokes at church ever, but since gays make a choice to be gay and it is their behavior which is bizare, I don't see how a gay joke would be offensive to anyone with a sense of humor. People should laugh at themselves. I guess none of you ever listen to comedians. Lighten up about the jokes. We need to laugh when we are attacked for standing up for traditional marriage. I can laugh when someone makes fun of me. I think you need to laugh also because you should know that same sex marriage is a joke.


The gay agenda crowd is not going to stop with same sex marriage. Gay pride organizers allow NAMBLA into their events and do not condemn them.


Same sex marriage was never supposed to be a right according to our founders. Of course neither was abortion, but twisted judges who apparently could not read the Constitution came up with that one also. Our founders never thought any group of Americans would be so perverted as to want same sex marriage.


Marriage has restrictions. You can't marry your father, mother, sister, brother, underage child, or someone of the same sex.

CA Voter

Yes on 8 won. We actually believe in the law. On the no on 8 side you have vulgarity, profanity, vandalism, theft, assault, battery, and hate. You also have gay groups that accept the North American Man Boy Love Association who have had many of their members convicted of child molestation. Which side do you think did the right thing?

Fight for what is right

Homosexuality is a choice. Homosexuals child molest at many times the rate that heterosexuals do. They pass STDs at a much higher rate also. They have many more sex partners than straight people do on average. This is not about marriage, but gays are trying to get us to accept their lifestyle.

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