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Published: Sunday, Nov. 16 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tuffy Parker

Can anyone envision Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, African Americans, Hispanics, etc out protesting and vandalizing if the vote had gone the other way?

Common Sense

Equal rights by definition means every man and woman has the exact same rights.
The passing of Prop 8 did not grant anyone anything but equal rights.
Every man in California has the same equal right to marry a woman.
Every woman in California has the same equal right to marry a man.
The limitation is that no man can marry another man and no woman can marry another woman.
Well guess what? That limitation applies equally to me as a heterosexual man as it does to you as a homosexual man.
Gays are not calling for equal rights. They are calling for special rights.
And lets not even get into the argument about how marriage never was a right to begin with.
I find it interesting that I have yet to see one opponent of prop 8 that posts in this forum back up any argument they have made with logic and reason. Probably because what they desire to shove down every ones throats is both illogical and unreasonable.

Tuffy Parker

If one believes in God, the pattern was established from the onset. If one does not believe in God or creationism, the pattern was established by nature. In either case, we're here (mankind at large) because of a man and a woman union and the unique role each plays in creating new life. IMO, marriage sanctifies that union and creates a heaven blessed or a natural family. To apply the term marriage to something other than that union, reduces or marginalizes the sanctity of that status.

A gay union is not a marriage in the same sense that a heterosexual union is. It can't be by either God's definition or nature's.

Oh Brother!

If I read one more comment about separation of church and state I am going to puke. Shows the illiterate nature of our so called citizens who enjoy civil rights. Read the constitution and do some research into the reason for the concern over religion before you open your big mouths and make yourselves look like idiots. The founding fathers sought to PROTECT religion from the government, not the other way around. Remember why people came here to begin with? Go back to high school people.

Respect, Be Tolerant

The California Prop. 8 campaign manager said "It strikes me as quite ironic that a group of people who demand tolerance and who claim to be for civil rights are so willing to be intolerant and trample on other people's civil rights.".. I say "Amen" Brother

things that make me go hmmm

If you are a gay Christian, how does that work? If you profess a belief in the Bible how can you at the same time mock God by actively doing that which he has clearly condemned? It is true that no man can serve two masters and if anything this prop 8 fight has made that crystal clear, as gay Christians actively fight against the will of the God they profess to believe in.

Rules, Rights, Coice ???'s

It is the belief of the LDS that we were given
"Free Agency". The ability to choose between good and evil, right and wrong. I know of no doctrine that allows us to make our own rules.

"Rights" are what we as a society give to each other, they change as WE ALLOW them to be changed. That is what is going on here. Some want the rules to change. So votes have been held and overwelmingly the votes have been for good.(I know, Good is my opinion) Evil doesn't want to quit. NEVER, never, ever! Will we?

It is said that "evil will be made to look good, and good to look evil". What are we letting happen to our society by our actions? (Or inaction)

I don't hate my fellowman (or sister), I HATE to watch evil win. So I will voice my opposition to any evil perceived right as long there is a fight.

I long for the type of attitude Captain Moroni had with the Title of liberty. Freedom and Peace come by action, take a stand and choose the right.


Did I not understand right? Did not gay marrage not get voted down in 3 states or similer props? Did the people not speak? Why all the protests, it was soundly voted down, or is this a best of 3 vote? or 5 maybe?


SO the Mormon hating crowd is finally exposed and united in their goal to destroy the influence of all religion on society. No one cares. It doesn't change anything. I've been hearing it all my life. It just makes me stronger. Christ endured that same kind of skewed thinking and I'm glad to be on His side of the issue.

You will separate church and state the day you learn to segregate the thoughts in human minds. Frankly, I do not seperate my belief that God exists from my belief that killing is bad. They are all just truths in my mind. People only try to segragate them when they want to diminish the value of one of the catagories. Sad really.


time to switch topics. let's talk about the BYU vs. Utah showdown this coming Saturday at Rice-Eccles....outstanding game on tap.

So who donated to prop 8?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called upon their members to do all you can to support the proposed constitutional amendment by donating of your means and time to assure that marriage in California is legally defined as being between a man and a woman.

Statistics are now available to show how successfully the LDS church members responded to this call. Google "mormonsfor8" for more information.

To those of you who can't understand why the Mormon church has been singled out for their involvement with Proposition 8, the statistics are quite revealing. According to California state records, of all donations of $1000 or more to the proposition 8 campaign, almost 48% of those donations came from the members of one church.. the Mormon church.


The state has a legitimate interest in who can be married and who cannot be. It has been determined that marriage between a man and woman is the best way to achieve the purposes of the people as a whole. Marriage is not a right. If it were, people wouldn't have to pay for a marriage license and meet certain requirements. For similar reasons that people cannot marry their cousins or multiple people, it has been determined by 30 states whether by vote or state Constitution that it is in the best interest of the people to define marriage between man and woman. This is not to say that gays are being denied any rights because they haven't been. Marriage is not a civil right. Read Jeff Jacoby's editorial in the Boston Globe from last Wednesday for some real insight.


Gay marriage is coming to Utah.

The Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution guarantees it.

...;nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; NOR DENY TO ANY PERSON WITHIN ITS JURISDICTION THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS.
(emphasis added)

14th Amendment to the Constitution, Section 1.

What does this mean? It means that laws that apply to any one of us must apply to all.

The argument is straightforward and simple.

Marriage is not defined in the U.S. Constitution as being between a man and a woman; until it is, the law is clear. Gay marriages must be allowed. To do otherwise is UNEQUAL treatment under the laws of the land.

Why the Gay community continues to waste its energy on marches, protest and half-measures is beyond me.

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on this would in one fell swoop end this constant bickering.

Wise up Gay community!


You can vote on marriage between a husband and wife when the bible says that such an act is an abomination to GOD. Go live in Europe if you don't like a Christian based country.


Oh and one more thing, the mob/protest mentality is cowardly and shows no knowledge of the issues or any semblance of intelligence. It represents people that can have a 3 word slogan and yell and scream at other people without fear of retribution (kind of like the internet). Please try to know the facts. The LDS church did not put any money into this issue. It's members did. It's members are people and have every right to do so. If you think the government is going to eliminate the tax exempt status of religions that get involved in politics (all of them), you are insane. Churches across this country fulfill a great role that the government couldn't on its own. They save the government countless millions of dollars in volunteer work to help the poor, disaster relief, donations, and service work. There is truly a compelling interest to leave things as they are in this way just as there is a compelling interest to define marriage

To Stenar

Here in San Diego is was a about 300. Not Thousands


If anyone can show me where in the constitution, or any of the amendments, it guarantees anyone, gay or straight, the RIGHT to marry, I'll vote for Gay Marriage next time it comes around, and I'll even donate money to the cause.

Constitutional Amendment

We can no longer live in a Divided United States. I think we should have a Constitutional Convention and let the States Decide on a US Constitutional Amendment that states: "Only Marriages in the United States will be Between One Man and One Woman". 34 States would need to ratify such an amendment, and since 30 states already have such a statement, what would it take to get 4 more? Then it would BE Constitutional and not Subject to the Courts.

Remember that Dred Scott and Jim Crow Separate but Equal were not Votes, but the opinions of the COURTS. Edmunds-Tucker was congressional legislation, not votes. History PROVES that the courts have forsaken rights, while the Vote of the people have protected them. Frankly, if we are to survive as a republic, keep the power in the hands of the people as stated by James Madison.

See you in 2012...

Marriage is not a "right" that was taken away Prop 8.

Marriage is a privilege, it has ALWAYS been between a man and a woman and was NEVER between two persons of the same gender. It was created by God in the beginning. God also forbade homosexuality. He has not altered his decrees.

Just because judges overstepped their authority and permitted gay marriage for a few months in California did not change these facts. Gay marriage did not become a right and homesexuality is still immoral, regardless of those judges' opinions.

The gay community's anger over Prop 8 stems from your dashed hopes that calling civil unions marriages would make it appear that homosexuality is mainstream and no longer forbidden by God. Californians saw through your thinly-disguised scheme and defeated it again.

Your anger at Mormons rises from your plan being thwarted by a religious coalition being courageous enough to stand up to your criticism, name-calling, vandalism and threats to defend morality and truth.

Sorry about being better organized and winning twice. Please continue acting out, because it will show America your true colors and make winning next time even easier.

Our sleeping giant is bigger than yours...

Educate yourselves

Don't mention gays being Christians in the same sentence because the bible clearly states that marriage is between man and woman. Merely believing in God is not sufficient enough whereas a true christian sill seek to know Doctrine or facts. Nothing is going to backfire on the church and no the church will NEVER allow gay marriage. You call it hate but that would just contradict the doctrine of the church. Just keep doing what your doing and soon the majority show up and reduce your numbers from minority to minute.

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