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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Typical behavior. I am sick of Gay bashing.They cry their rights have been violated, so have mine. We are not the only faith to stand up for what we believe is right. Many many others are also now doing the same thing. Many African American churches nationwide have voiced the same opinion. Gays slam our faith saying we are horrible and non-loving people when they themselves are full of violent acts, and destruction. Gods laws are unchanging. It says so in the Bible.He is the one who made this law.Our world is unraveling. I am so disappointed in the gay community.
They can keep vandalizing churches, sending hate mail,hacking and whatever they need to do to send their message. This is getting to be typical behavior for the gay community. THEIR actions are hateful. Far more than opposing prop 8.



I think it's pretty irresponsible to blame this on the LGBT community. ANYONE could have hacked into the system. It could be anyone who feels the LDS church has done them wrong. It could be anyone who is using the Prop 8 fight as a reason to target the Mormons. Be rational.

head under a rock

Dear Concserned,
Let us see. Sinc ethe passing of prop-8 over 20,000 pro-gay-marriage people have been threatening to burn down the temples and churches of the LDS, to murder LDS members, to picket, shout obsenities, threats and other falsehoods.

This is all in less than a week. But no... they couldn't be behind any of this... no siree...


Calling your opponents hateful is just a tool to silence them

Whose Rights are Trampled?

Let's see, GLBT's have all the rights of marriage with civil unions, but that's not enough. They want the approbation of society to their unnatural acts, and they want to indoctrinate our children into their "lifestyle".

I don't see how GLBT rights are being abused, when they are trying to change 6,000 years of civilization's respect for man-woman marriage.


Ah yes, now it begins. Typical of "they can dish it out, but they can't deal with it". How about a parade gathering similar to the homosexual "Pride" thing, only it would be for traditional marriage. Can you imagine the negative Media coverage and the backlash?? The CA black people voted by 70% for Prop 8. Have you heard of any black church being vandalized?? No, because the homos are afraid to be considered racist.

RE: Concerned

Um, Concerned, who ELSE do you think might have done this? You must have some other suspects in mind if you think the same people who would storm an LDS temple in broad daylight would NOT hack unseen into a prominent Mormon-culture website.

I'm willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. And sure, the specific individuals have yet to be identified. But in this case, sorry to say, there's really not much wiggle room. When those individuals ARE identified, there's a really, REALLY high probability that we'll find they're part of the anti-Prop. 8 mob.

In the past few days, we've seen a fairly substantial group of "tolerant," "loving," "equality-minded" people show that the ONLY right they deserve is one to a speedy trial. "Marriage" doesn't even enter the discussion at this point.

So no, Concerned, I'm afraid there isn't much doubt.

To Anonymous

Even when it's true? Because, I'm pretty sure the white powder was a true gesture of hate.


I too am getting tired of the militant gay community trying to force their "morality" on the rest of us. If you don't believe the way they want you to believe they are going to picket your places of worship, boycott you out of a job, terrorize you with letter bombs, and burn your religious. For a group began by just asking for tolerance, it sure has turned ugly!

Re: Anonymous | 1:14 a.m.

Are you saying, "Calling your opponents hateful is just a tool to silence them" in reference to what was said in this blog by jessicasmith | 11:24 p.m, or are you referring to the thousands of blogs, and I mean thousands, that I have read by people that oppose Prop 8, saying this about anyone that has supported Prop 8? Saying these one-line, truth-filled statements, anonymously must make you feel you are a voice of reason in the wilderness, championing your cause for the opponents of Prop 8, but when it comes down to it, it shows how little you have listened to and thought through this controversy and the rhetoric that has been spewed from both sides of the issue

On the other hand if you are listening to the rhetoric from all of the blogs, from all of these Prop 8 related articles, then yes, both sides are trying to control or silence one another. It is not just the Prop 8 supporters.

While we're at it, some (overused)statements used by mainly the Prop 8 opponents, used to try to control a faith-base movement, are: "Shame on you",and "It is so Christ-like of you to (fill-in-your-own-Prop_8-Opposition-Phrase)

Blame game

Lets blame the LDS for everything:

1. Wiping out on your bike when you were 5 years old
2. Losing your job.
3. Getting a "B" in spanish
4. Losing the football game three years ago.
5. For something that will happen two years from now.
Why do people seek to blame the LDS church for everything.
What is that about?

To anonymous

Would you call these actions "loving"? Liberal extremists are the most open-minded people in the world until they encounter someone who disagrees with them. The people who supported Prop 8 have not picketed, attacked, vandalized or bothered this bunch in any way. What they have done is taken a moral stance in an immoral world. They (and of course it's not all of them) are acting like spoiled brat children who didn't get their way and are throwing a fit. If you can't win the argument you attack the messenger. It is hateful and obviously it's not going to silence them because they have no morals and no shame.

To Concerned

You be rational. Just your everyday Mormon haters are not going to put lesbian porn on the site. The timing is also too coincidental. We should not accuse anyone without evidence, but it is not irrational to suspect gay activists in this case.
These groups are very skilled at their attacks and at pushing their agenda. They have a live target with the LDS church and they are at war. I now believe this is the sad truth. It is too bad for all. These kinds of actions and the "rationale" coming from the gay community are unfortunate for all, especially the kind and "good" in the gay community. Current actions will polarize communities and ultimately the whole US. Very scary.

Not accomplishing their goal

Whatever the rioters/opponents of Prop 8 do will not make the LDS Church change their stance or their beliefs. Nor will it make the devote members of the LDS church less strong in their convictions. That's all.

We are

seeing these people's true colors. This is what they are made of. They have revealed themselves and it sure isn't pretty.


Why are the LGBT targeting the Mosques?
Just wondering...

Susie Q

Head Under a Rock-I live in CA accross the street from a "mega church" (the ones that have like 25k members attend every week) that participated and they are picketed on Sundays as well. All people who contributed are getting picketed. Part of freedom of speech is accepting the consequences of freedom of speech.

Should anyone have done this? Absolultey not. However, can you really think of a better way to upset an LDS themed website right now? Until they talk to the person who did it, we will not know the cause.

Susie Q

One other thing, I have not heard of death threats against members of the churh. The picketing is not uncommon in a situation like this. Similar to the way there were "Yes on Prop 8" people holding signs at every major intersection in CA, people who are opposed to what happened want to make their voice heard and further the fight.

Quite honestly, I don't think anyone in the church PR office is suprised at this response. The LGBT community is upset about what happened. They are finding a way to keep it in the spotlight. Not uncommon either. The problem is that for some reason lots of members of the church thought that once the election was over, this would end. This is like the church's involvement in the ERA. It isn't going to go away. People who disagree are not going to forget.

The church took it's stand. Others will take theirs. Similar to the fact the church said it was not picking on the LGBT community, they are not picking in the church.

New Yorker

Bring it on. As the lgbt tip toe around threatening people, this will backfire. I believe some of us are getting sick enough to start dishing their hateful spew back at them. Remember, 98% of people aren't lgbt.

re: Anonymous

The gays calling the LDS cjurch hateful won't silence it one bit. Truth is truth and right is right. Sin will always be sin.

The gay lifestyle is immoral according to the commandments of God. It always has been and it always will be. We feel for those involved in it and pray for their salvation.

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