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No evidence to link threats to Prop. 8 opponents, FBI says

Published: Friday, Nov. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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How many times?

Some of the comments made here I feel are a bit off base, but I do think it's important for protest and have their say. The problem as I see it is, the vote didn't go the way the gay community wanted. However, there was a vote. The vote was by the people, and for the people. It was a democratic process. People from Utah, Arizona, and other locations didn't cross state lines and cast a ballot. Money may have come from outside CA, but that happens in nearly every election.

However, I don't feel this is over. I think another proposition similar to Prop 8 will emerge in CA and people will vote yet again on it. The gay community will push this process until they finally get the results they want. I'm not familiar with CA law, but how many times can they put this proposition up?

Has the Church done anything to help protect the missionaries from any sort of threats or violence? Seems things might be headed that way. Let's pray it doesn't come to that.


I think it was Bin Laden.

Who would benefit ?

Who would benefit from releasing their hate against the church and their hate against the homosexual community? I beleive there are horribly vehement groups that are already protesting both. Some groups that don't like the LDS church because they don't protest enough against homosexuality.

Collect the evidence make sure the authorities take it seriously and not stay "politically correct" but honest.

Truth is important in this situation before any other acts are taken. Also the current environment that allows attack of the Mormon church or other religion needs to be stopped and prosecuted.

Mormons have always had persecution and it seems there is always a turning of the heads by many entities.

kelly in cali

No one wants the protections that homosexual couples currently have under family code section 297.5 taken away. It clearly states they have the same rights as a spouse.

A poll taken before the election asked if people were yes or no on prop 8. Most said no. This same polling group then asked do you approve or disapprove of homosexual marriage. Most said they disapprove. Interesting when asked in plain English, how they responded.


You have brought this on yourselves. Stop blaming others. Stop using the law to persecuting and oppressing people who believe differently than you.


As some of the comments have said. There is nothing that says specifically that this is realted to the gay marriage supporters. This statement may be true, however, if the gays and gay supporters don't want to be linked through assumptions, then they should stop assaulting people, and vandelizing property, and using vulgar langauge toward prop 8 supporters. then they wouldn't be "stereotyped".

Charlie Jones

This is just some coincidence that people used to blame on the gay people. They knew if they used this opportunity now, the first group of people that would get pointed at would be the gay people. I say leave the gays alone, and until they are proven guilty, what have they done to you?

Remember Rosa Parks

The civil rights movement had Black Panther, and other violence motivated groups, but does that diminish the acts of Dr. Martin Luther King, or Rosa Parks?

Violence is wrong in any form, but not everyone is that way. And for those that call a protest a riot... your are wrong too. One of the most fundamental principals is our right to protest.


What I say, I say for a different reason, and that is that the Mormons got what they disserved.


1st of all, any investigating authority SHOULD suspect a connection. Stupid NOT to investigate that first.
2cd: receive ALL mail elsewhere, so it doesn't shut down the Temples, which is exactly what is desired by whomever mailed those letters.
It is not that much trouble to divert all mail to an office in another location.

deseretnews.com moderator

In addition to our stated rules, any comments containing threats or references to violence of any kind will not be posted. If the trend continues, all comments will be barred from this story.

Artes Liberalis

Great. The hate coming from the no on 8 people have brought the unstable out of the closet. Nonetheless, this is a hate crime or ethnoviolence, targeting one religious group. It is clear that the LDS church was a target.

If the current hate crimes, vandalism and mail crimes were reversed there would be screams of bigotry and hate crimes.


Would anyone really mind if CA fell into the ocean?

Too much...

This is not terrorism, because it is not directed towards the government. (I think that is the distinction, but I am not sure.)

It is, however, a hate crime.
Since the mail is being used to deliver the envelopes, it is a federal offense.

The person (or persons) doing this no more represents the majority of gay rights supporters than a bad Mormon represents all Mormons.


This is why we all need the Quest for Perfection. Everyone - lets try to be a little better each day.

Patience please!

Let the FBI look at what it is and make an assessment. Remember what they say about trying to "Assume" anything! Break it down.


So, I think it should be made clear that despite what you've been told. There is no gay headquarters, there is no association of which all gay people belong to. There is no organized plot to assault or harm any Mormon person or interest. If these are being carried out by any member of the GLBT community, they act on their own and without any sanctioning by anyone other than themselves.

Too "Robert Oh "

Too "Robert Oh | 6:30 p.m.", who says this doesn't pass his "Smell Test" (because he thinks all mail is opened at church headquarters)...

How does your "smell test" explain the same letter with the same content going to the LA Temple and a Catholic church all the same day? Still think it's just some made up story by someone in the SLC Temple or Utah media?


RE: DEBBIE, Nothing has just began, this has been going on since the beginning of the formation of the LDS church. Why don't You go read church history? There is nothing new here going on that didn't happen in Joseph Smith's and B.Young's time... You maketh NO SENSE!

The authorities will investigate these hate crimes and hopefully, as well learn the truth of the matter and find and arrest the perpetrators.


To Anonymous 10:11: I guess we did get just what we deserved. I guess trying to live righteous lives, sending out humanitarian help around the world, standing up for truth, giving countless hours of service, helping people who are victims of hurricanes and other disasters and serving God's children everywhere is a good reason for us to receive all kinds of persecution. I can see that you're right about that.

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