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No evidence to link threats to Prop. 8 opponents, FBI says

Published: Friday, Nov. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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"That's your family that could be threatened next."

Yeah, and Proposition 8 threatened the families of gays!

So it is OK for you to threaten their families, but when someone threatens your family ONLY THEN do you take it seriously?

I thought empathy was an ability taught by Jesus to his followers? I guess Mormons aren't true followers. They have no empathy whatsoever.

IL mom

Let's move on people. Yes on prop 8 passed with a majority of the vote in CA. Get over it and on with your lives.


This is terrorism... and should be investigated as such! And we are called fanatics...????

VA momma

Why wasn't the story about the church in Michigan front page news? Let's see that covered on the news instead of just these temple protests. Where is the coverage of that Michigan church? I want to hear what really happened.

Can you imagine if we went to their places of worship to protest them? Shameful....


looks like the geys are digging themselves a deeper hole. let them do it.

St. George Aggie

I definitely think this has something to do w/ Prop. 8 because both the Mormons and the Knights of Columbus were the 2 main outspoken churches in support of Prop. 8. It is a little more than ironic that both church headquarters get mailed the same thing.

Apparently the democracy that makes our country so great means nothing anymore.

The people voted and the majority were in favor and the amendment passed. Move on! There have been many things and many candidates that I have supported that have failed according to democracy.

That's life. You move on. You don't force your hand.

This is a despicable act. I have lost sympathy for those against Prop 8 for acts like this and many others.

I know all gays are not the ones doing this, in fact it is probably not even gay people. But, wow whoever it is, is giving homosexuals a bad name.

East Coast LDS

I agree this is completely out of hand. But please, there is really no evidence that these actions are being done by gay people. It is possible that these acts were done by people who are so anti-gay that they are taking advantage of the situation to discredit and inflame feeling against gays. We just don't know.

But even if the perpetrators ARE gays upset about prop 8, it is still wrong to ascribe the actions of malcontents to the entire gay community.

I cringed every time the news media referred to the Texas polygamists as "Mormons" or even "fundamentalist Mormons" because they so don't represent the church I belong to. I suspect many of you felt the same. It is likewise wrong for us to lump all gays together behind these acts.


It is far too easy for angry, frightened people to lump the "other" into a giant evil monolithic group of terrorists. Obviously the whole gay community didn't have a meeting and decide to terrorize the church. Surely we can see that? Oh, wait. I forgot where I lived for just a second.


I will no longer be supporting the democratic process in any other way than with my quiet vote. No polls, no dollars, no campaigning, no signs...just a vote.

If this is what can be expected when one supports a particular cause or candidate, I'm out...until I go to the voting booth. Today it's gays and Mormons. Tomorrow it's young people, Libertarians, teachers, people who listen to NPR, dog-lovers and members of the Junior League. If you've got an opinion, best keep it to yourself until you get to the voting booth....if you want to work, live, attend services, or play in your yard without harassment from the those with radical opposing views.

The Rock

Do Gay Rights Exist?
Where do rights come from?
Some say from government, others say from God.

If rights come from government, then rights are subject to the whims of those who control the levers of power. In a democracy there are no rights without majority support. Gay rights do not enjoy a majority; therefore, gay rights do not exist.

If Thomas Jefferson was right when he wrote: "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights" then rights are granted by God, and are absolute.

When Gay activists claim they have an absolute right to do that which God has absolutely forbidden, they are making a religious argument. Absolute rights are dependant upon the existence of God. In this scenario, "gay rights" constitutes an obvious contradiction.

The further America drifts from her moral roots, the more expendable your rights become!


Of course it can't be related at all. It would be irresponsible to say so. . . Jeez. If it were sent to any other people or any other place, it would be considered terrorism.

Hate Crimes

I hope that any arrests associated with any of the protests are being prosecuted as hate crimes against the mormons. If this type of thing was happening to the jewish people, or even the gays, people would be screaming hate crime. But once againit looks like the mormons are fair game for any kind of criminal activity.

misery loves company

I have never felt threatened by a homosexual. I have been seriously annoyed by a member of the "sunday squadron" many times.

Maybe, if the supporters of Prop 8 had fought a little harder prior to the election this might all be a moot point.

All things being equal, both sides need to lighten up ALOT!


Marriage is not a right. Marriage is a recognition by the state of the union between two people. Under California law, registered partners have all the same benefits as married people with regard to taxation, visitation rights, etc. So the ONLY thing that a marriage grants that a gay couple does not already have is a certificate, wherein the state officially sanctions their union. This is tantamount to the state saying "I condone and endorse your homosexual behavior." It is not a question of civil rights. Essentially, all Proposition 8 was asking was "Do you think the state of California should condone and endorse homosexual behavior?" Obviously, based on how the vote turned out, a majority of people do not feel the state should do this. This issue is similar to a situation where a gay person tries to seek approval from his/her parents. The parents can't make the child refrain from living a certain way, but by the same token, the child cannot force the parents to condone and endorse his/her lifestyle.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? My husband and I agree; it sounds like the persecutions of the Church and it's members has begun. This is just the beginning. We need to prepare for what is yet to happen. This has just opened the door for other activists to persecute the members of this wonderful Church. We all need to be praying instead of complaining.


It's unfair for some of the posters here to paint the whole gay community as being behind this despicable act. The majority of gay people are no more terrorist than all christians are murderers because one christian fanatic shoots a doctor at an abortion clinic.


Ok, so there's no evidence to prove that it was regarding prop 8, except that the envelopes were sent to the LDS Church and the Knights of Columbus (was that it?) another group that supported prop 8. Add to all this the facts that LDS temple gates in LA were vandalized with some graffiti by protesters of prop 8, and that the same group is threatening a boycott of Utah over it, and that people on these forums, from other prop 8-related articles, suggest The Church is getting what it deserves (really? vandalism is what we deserve?), does suggest that this is prop 8-related. However, it could be someone trying to make prop 8 opponents look bad, we don't know. My guess is that it's from a prop 8 opponent.


This is not the first time that followers of Christ have suffered for their beleifs! The Lord honors those who honors Him! This is just one of the affects of taking up you corss and following the Savior! It was never easy for Him and it will never be easy for us. but the least we can do is still love our brothers and sisters! we abhor sin but not the sinner! we are all sinners and need each others help!


To Quiet: I certainly hope your blog was intended to be sarcastic.


Even if this was an individual who supported Gay Rights and was outraged, this is not the thinking of good decent people who are just fighting for what they believe is equality. This/these individuals who committed this act are people who hate and have only one thing on their minds, feed the fire. I may not agree with giving marriage rights to gays but that does not mean they are bad people. Whether it be this issue or another, someone is always evil enough to drive a wedge between the groups who choose to disagree. And as a Soldier, I fight for those rights, equality for everyone, not just one group or person.

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