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No evidence to link threats to Prop. 8 opponents, FBI says

Published: Friday, Nov. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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slow learner

I used to be sympathtic to the gay comunity, not anymore! Your actions speak louder than your words! You have no honor, no respect, no class,no tolerance!


I think we all know people in this community that hate gays enough to try to discredit them

Please wait until the truth is out and then remember it's a sin to judge others, payable by your being judge.


I am gay, transgendered, and I was (and am) obviously very much against Prop 8. But what is being done in my name is *WRONG*, DEAD wrong, and I want the people responsible for this act of domestic terrorism brought to justice for their crimes.

These criminals do not speak for me. They do not represent me. What they have done is a disgrace not just to the GLBT community, but to the nation.

We DO want tolerance. (What else would we want? Intolerance?) But the way to achieve tolerance is THROUGH BEING TOLERANT; the small-minded criminals who perpetrated this act of violence, on the other hand, are harming our cause and making us look like monsters. I am shamed by their actions.

Worried Son

All of you on both sides - it comes down to one thing: The people receiving these things are someone's relative. In fact, my dad works in the department that received this letter. It could have been my dad! It could have been toxic, and not just an idiot prank! To anyone, gay, straight, black, white, I don't care - next time you think about someone "different" from you, just remember - that's my family you're threatening. That's your family that could be threatened next.

me again

For those blanket accusing gays of this and that, especially of being violent and hurting their cause and/or not speaking out against these violent actions....

at the very least, read some of these comments! Some are here speaking calmly, regretting the extreme actions, not wishing to be represented by them.

RE: Jessica

I am glad there are still sane people on both sides of this issue. I voted FOR the family, but as one who has gay friends and relatives, I can relate somewhat to the disappointment that must be felt by others. (The reaction, however, is inexcusable.) I did not vote out of so-called homophobia, but out of a conviction that without the traditional family, we can't preserve society as it is. I think we've got a taste the past few days of what sort of society might well result WITHOUT the preservation of the traditional family.

Jessica, I'm glad you recognize that what's being done here is nothing more or less than domestic terrorism. The people who are doing this deserve imprisonment, not "marriage." There ARE still good and decent people at heart among you--I recognize that. I hope you and other reasonable, law-abiding, civic-minded GLBT who REALLY believe in "tolerance" can help the outraged engage in dialogue rather than cruelty.

These acts of violence, bigotry, and oppression are NOT winning friends to their cause OR showing that those who commit them deserve ANY "rights"--other than their Miranda rights, that is.

Let's all be civilized!


Well said Jessica! I'm pretty sure that almost all members of the GLBT community feel as you do. I mean, how many times does an overly-zealous group of Mormons give all Mormons a bad name? (I'll give you hint: a lot).


Leave the Mormons alone already. This is getting ridiculous. Focus your anger somewhere else. The people of California have spoken. AGAIN.

Tired of HomoNazis

I'm tired of the threats of violence by HomoNazis who are attacking people and institutions simply because they did not vote the way these trouble makers wanted them to.

We must not back down now.

Mom in MO

If you think the Church has planted this as a means of getting sympathy, you are a conspiracy theory kook. Did they also vandalize their own church buildings? Did they also send some powder to the Knights of Colubus? Did they also send death threats to themselves? Get REAL!


We know where this came from a "no brainer". The Church has been called every name in the book. We will weather this out. The Church will continue to help those around the world. If these "terrorists" think that they can hurt the truth or the Church think again. The people have said what they want with the vote of Prop 8. And if they think that we should be more understanding then read the Bible on what is said about Gay relationships.


The agent from the FBI said that there was no evidence linking this to proponents of prop 8. There is a problem of people automatically assuming it was a group of gay people. Even if it was, saying "these gays" is unfairly stereotyping. This implies that all homosexuals are terrorists.

I imagine those stereotyping gays as terrorists are the same that discriminate against Muslims. It's not fun when the tables are turned. On a recent visit to Texas, I had a difficult time convincing people that I was not associated with Warren Jeffs, when they heard that I was LDS.

In our congregations, we teach tolerance, not necessarily acceptance. I am not seeing a lot of tolerance on this board.

RE: Robert Oh

You certainly have your "rights" to speak your mind. But must it be with hate-filled bigotry? Can it be sane minds agreeing to disagree? Must it be threatening, angry, and hate filled? No, I do not ask for conformity, nor do I expect it. I ask for respect and love rather than intolerance and hate.

Stereo - typing

I believe that commmon sense would tell us, that all who are opposed to Prop 8 would not act in this fashion. Reality is when there is just "one bad apple" or "one rotten bunch" it reflects poorly on the entire group. The group as a whole becomes "stereo typed" - Guilt by association! This happens in all organizations.

It is impossible to control the acts of individuals who claim membership, association, etc. with any group or organization. One or two actions do not necessarily speak for the entire organization or group. That group, however, is held accountable publically for the actions of a few - if they do not denounce (in this case publically)the actions as not being representative of the group. If this is not done, all credibility will be lost!

Organizations need to denounce in-correct actions (against stated policy /doctrine) by anyone claiming membership or authorized authority in the organization. This sometimes is done publically (to protect the organization and victims) but mostly done privately.

The poor actions of a few (unless it is a authorized representative) should never be a reflection of the entire group or of organization's belief/view, BUT IT DOES! Govern yourselves appropriately.

Wait Just A Minute

Wait just a minute...before we jump to conclusions, let's let the authorities investigate the matter and take it from there. I seem to remember a month or so ago a McCain supporter that was "jumped" at an ATM machine and burned with a B. Sudden hate was spouted, "Look what Obama's supporters will do...they will stop at nothing to get their way..." Come to find out this individual did it to herself (the backwards B was clue 1...LOL). So let's all calm down and let the authorties do their job, investigate the matter, and then make arrests. You know what they say about those that make assumptions...

Israelis and Palestinians

Imagine being in a gay couples shoes.

One day you are legally and happily married and the next day that right is taken away.

When a right is taken away such as your marriage license or the thought that you can marry your significant other, it seems quite logical that this could drive someone to make a terrible decision on the primary party who took the right away.

I am no longer LDS, but I totally respect the church. My advice to church members is to stick your ground and turn the cheek when this garbage happens. Remember: Jesus asked God to forgive his murderers.


I don't believe anyone is claiming that all gays have participated in this act of terrorism. However, it is JUST ONE OF MANY ACTS of persecution that have been perpetrated against the Church, and it's members, in the weeks leading up to and since the passage of proposition 8.

I believe these people are showing themselves for what they really are. They clearly don't believe in democracy, free speech or the right of citizens to vote their conscience. We will continue to stand for what's right no matter how much hate and persecution is heaped upon us.

yes on 8 mom

When are they going to have that grandma who was attacked and spat on the Today Show or some other news show. Let's hear her story. That was just awful.

I'm sick of most of the news being one sided and not showing people who just want to protect marriage between a man and a woman. Let's hear their views.

IL mom

Dear Editorial,
Please thank your wife for having the courage to stand up for what she feels is right. I applaud her for writing that editorial to support prop 8.

Too bad many others are afraid they will be put on some hit list, if they voice their opinions.

Shame on those who fought against prop 8.....they are showing their true colors now......HATE.


We all probably remember when a US citizen blew up the OK Federal Bldg and killed close to 200 people. What deranged people will do cannot be comprehended by sane, moderate, tolerant people. We know further calamaties are coming, we can focus on how to stay safe.

Sounds like the temple staff did their job and procedures served to protect what could have been a clear act of terrorism. We can't take our safety for granted. One bad apple...

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