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No evidence to link threats to Prop. 8 opponents, FBI says

Published: Friday, Nov. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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People have a right to protest, but they don't have a right to rough up, spit on and push around old ladies with a cross. They don't have a right to vandalize property. Where is the public outrage?

just me to WELL

I'm confused by your remarks. Did you confuse the word condemn with condone?

I dont think

that its the no on prop8 folks there are tons of others that dont like the mormon church, seems like now is the time to attack. Its not cool to protest in this manner.

Red Rocks

I hate, hate crimes. Can't we all try to be more peaceful and loving to each other, in a very mixed up world, with mixed up people? Let's all try to be nice and not so judgmental of one another. I say, Peace to ALL and a very goodnight.


Robert Oh, it was sent to Church Headquarters, as I was there when they came with the Haz. team.


sympathy I had for gays is GONE FOREVER.


They cover a protest and they show Gay union supporters giving their opinion and they question 'should we really interfere?' etc but they DO NOT talk about this!? And people wonder why as members of the church we say we have to defend ourselves from anti-LDS talk all the time. I support prop 8, I also support the rights of those who are against prop 8, their rights are to voice an opinion. I support this as I support my religions RIGHT to speak to its members about issues and try to spread what we believe is good. The LDS church can try to influence everyone to do what we believe is good. Why? BECAUSE INFLUENCE IS NOT FORCE. We try to convince others that our 'philosophy' is right. GAYS DO THE SAME! But people voted, we didn't force anyone. The church did nothing wrong. The members did nothing wrong. We stand for what we believe along with millions of others of different faiths, no faiths, ethnicities in what is only NATURAL and has been accepted as correct for more than a millennia. But now we are evil, bigots, and discriminatory? LEARN TOLERANCE OF OUR OPINION, it's hypocritical!

True Colors

The picture of the gays at the LA Temple with the sign "Mormon Scum" and other disparaging remarks show their true colors.

Why no outrage by the national media? Governor Swartzenegger? President Elect Obama?

Why no apology from all of you gays that are trying to convince us that isn't your true colors and we shouldn't judge an entire group by the actions of a small minority?

How about a press conference apologizing for the criminal damage at the temple and the frenzied masses intimidating people who exercised their right to vote?

What a disgrace. Way to win over your friends and neighbors.


sympathy I had for mormons is gone forever and ever.


Violence begets violence. Perceived attacks by the LDS religion and other religions won't go unattested to; it's the same philosophy in any circumstance. Don't expect to slander millions of Americans and be respected by those same individuals. The LDS church has more enemies than gay proponents, it's wrong to assume they made the attack. Even if an attack was made with that agenda, don't move so quickly to stigmatize the entire gay community - - every religion, gender, nationality and orientation has a violent subgroup that does not represent the entire group. Multiple attack locations may mean multiple attackers, but this does not represent the whole community.

true blue

That just inexusable. I can't believe this kind of stuff happens. There are crazy people in the world

JBK from Boise, ID

It is too bad, if ultimately the powder did come from the "other side of the aisle" from how LDS people voted on Prop. 8. In our country, voicing your opinion is not looked down upon nor is worshipping how you wish nor is voting the dictates of your own conscience. If the origin is proved as many suspect (and, circumstantially, it seems to point to opponents of Prop. 8), then a line has been crossed. Moving from hurt feelings (i.e., by the passage of California's marriage amendment) to hurting others not only crosses a line, it becomes criminal. And, yes, had I been a Californian, I would have voted against the amendment. But I would live with it or move to another state. It's similar to having to live with Barak Obama as the next president, which is not palatable to me.


I am a member of the LDS Church is good standing. I supported Prop 8 and have been dissapointed in the protests following the democratic passing of Prop. 8. I am saddenned that opponents of Prop. 8 can't seem to be tolerant of our views.

However, I fear that we as members, myself included, run the risk of blowing up this minor persecution into a great ordeal. The truth is, Latter-day Saints have faced far worse, and I'm not just talking about the pioneer days. .

The Church has faced criticism in the past, it will continue to do so. Let's just be happy that Prop. 8 passed and continue to try to be Christlike.


I'm not sure if this was an act by prop-8 supporters but it is not right to send toxic chemicals thru the mail shouldn't they have detectors for that kind of stuff and to sent it to 2 temples that made me mad I hope they find who did this!

re: Anonymous | 9:26 p.m.

"I'm only sorry that it was probably a hoax." Thank you for your excellent example of tolerance (sarcasm)

How disgusting....

That these terroristic acts are targeting religious groups whose members have the freedom to vote for something. Now it seems that the losing side is resorting to horrific intimidation, threats, vandalism, and terrorism. Way to go anti-prop 8 people, whatever sympathy I was feeling for the gay community has gone right out the window. To target members of religious groups is a hate crime isn't it? Really, I was feeling sorry about prop-8 passing, but now I sure don't. Sorry, the Mormons don't have that much influence to have passed prop 8 alone! I am sure that the 52% of people who voted for Prop-8 feel vindicated that it passed. The outrage by the anti-prop 8 community is sure not winning any sympathy. Harassing people for the way they choose to vote is wrong. I don't want anyone to think that is ok. It seems very un-American to me.


Just another day at the office....


Let's start by saying that this issue has nothing to do with being republican or democrat so for those of you who went there, don't even start. People in both parties voted yes and no on prop 8 so you can drop that argument. Now onto the real issue...I am extremely appalled that someone would even try to pull this hoax and to top it off they weren't brave enough to put who they were or their agenda. I know people are saying don't point blame...but it clearly is someone in favor of gay marriage and is aiming their anger at the LDS church. I think these activists are taking a step backwards for gay rights if they want people to be on their side. I agree that this should be considered a terrorist act and if Homeland Security finds the sender, they should be prosecuted. Its one thing to protest but to do this when people are still on edge because of terrorists is just plain dumb.


I agree with you double standard..We know EXACTLY who is behind this. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Hopefully someone will be spending some quality time in a prison.


I would be willing to bet that if the vote were held again tomorrow, Prop 8 would pass by a much greater margin. Way to go, gays - you are really helping your cause.

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