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No evidence to link threats to Prop. 8 opponents, FBI says

Published: Friday, Nov. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I am not seeing anybody in the gay/lesbian community condone such actions even if they have nothing to do with it. Even previous acts of hateful words and such haven't be condoned.

So step your cause up, prop 8/gay marriage supporters. If you truly teach tolerance and want to come off as the better group, then step up. Because the silence isn't helping your cause.

Liberty will prevail over tyrant


"I'm frightened. Strong beliefs are one thing, commitment and purpose are others, but violence to push such is frightening."

A lot of us are frightened but we must have courage and not be intimidated. If called upon to give our life for our freedoms and liberties we should do so. Those who support forcing same-sex marriage on the majority should not be allowed to intimidate us. We should stand call. Being frightened is okay since it makes us aware of danger and the danger that these tyrants pose is great enough to warrant a reasonable fear.

There are many who have called for Temples and our Churches to be burnt down, for attacks on those who voted for Prop. 8 and who threaten to harm their own families who disagree with them. The more united we are and the more solidarity we express in defending our rights the more angry they will become at not being able to violate our rights.

They cannot and will not destroy the Constitution or deprive us of our rights. In the word of Mahatma Gandhi they may take our life but they will not have our obedience.

Robert Oh

Mr. Editorial, what you really want is for those who believe differently than you do to be quite and sit down (in the back of the bus). It'd be easier for you to throw illogical rationalizations at your fears to justify your need to have others conform to your beliefs.

Yeah, It'd be easier for me to go back to a time when I believed in Santa Claus. It's not going to happen.

You may not like it, but there are many who have had enough. Lots of people have been motivated to find their voice to express what they've hidden for a very long time. Some may be better at it than others, but that's no reason to shut them up.

It's not going away!


Don't you just love the radical gay community and their supporters? "We can't have our way so let's become terrorists. That will solve everything." Sheesh, what a bunch of losers! I'm sure the vast majority of that ilk are well meaning and sincere but these radical outbursts are more than counter-productive to their cause.

Rise Above

I guess it was not Homosexuals that vandalized the L.A. Temple. Lets not accuse anyone, It is just a coincidence that this happens after the California public done the right thing. Homosexuality is Blasphemy and it says so in the Bible. Brothers and Sisters you do not have to bow to public pressure and accept these sinners. What these people are doing is morally wrong and we all know it. They could repent and forsake their sins, but they don't. They just try to force the World to accept them. When the Prophet takes up a cause it is for good reason. Listen to the Prophet, Be vigilant and prayerful constantly brothers and sisters, Be faithful to the Lord and keep his commandments and ordinances, live your life and let them condemn themselves. Don't hate but instead try to bring these people to the Lord if they will. Show mercy and mercy will come. But we all know that sin is sin and they must repent to be saved. Remember Prop. 8 is a very good thing and every state should do one. We as Saints should rise above this bickering and proceed as usual.


It's just kind of interesting, because if this has to do with Prop 8, it's not like the Mormon church makes up more than half the population of California. In fact the Catholic church is the largest church in the state.

Face the music. The people voted and according to our democratic government, they were heard, and the majority won twice (lest we forget prop 22 back in 2000). I wonder how many people actually have looked into the fine details of prop. 8 and what it would force churches to do in regards to marriage. Going back to history, this country was founded based on freedom, and that includes freedom of religion. The vote for most people probably had nothing to do with hate, it most likely had to do with personal beliefs and church doctrines. So should people have their beliefs taken away from them too?

Late learner

And to think I was starting to lean towards no on 8. This is a disgrace. I didn't realize the message before, I realize now that this was an issue of religious freedom and not gay marriage. I now see which side was telling lies.


Those protesting the passing of Prop 8 said they would not give up until they get their way. I think it is very nice of the authorities to not assume that Prop 8 protestors are behind the vandalism at churches, and leaving a burning copy of the Book of Mormon on the steps of a church, and now the white powder sent to 2 temples and a Knights of Columbus building. It may just be baby powder, but it was obviously intended to appear as anthrax powder. Whoever is behind all of these attacks should be tried with the harsher hate crime penalties. Not all hate crimes are against homosexuals. It's my opinion that protestors of Prop 8 are behind these attacks. But that's just me.


I've never seen better fundraisers than these anti-prop 8 activists.

I only chipped in a little bit last tim. Next time, I'm all in.


How ridiculous to suppose that a friend of the Church or a Mormon sent the powder to garner sympathy! I think it was a carefully planned terrorist plot by the fringe of the fringe who targeted LA and SLC and also the Knights of Columbus building in Connecticut--where a leftist judge made homosexual marriage legal yesterday. The KC group I think would be obscure to most Mormons here in the West. I would just assume that the Catholic Church in Connecticut voiced disfavor in the judge's judgment of yesterday.

Prop8 losers also voiced anger against African-American ministers who encouraged their congregations to vote yes. I think the Rainbow Coalition is finally showing us their true colors!


I'm only sorry that it was probably a hoax.


For heaven sake, people, settle down! Why don't we wait to see what the white powder is and see if the authorities can find out who did what to whom before we go making all these ridiculous speculations and accusations. For all anyone knows it could have been "Avon calling" with a sample! Give me a break!

A sorry mess

Until we find out who sent the envelopes, the suspicion will be on the Gay community who are gathering in increasingly larger crowds--LA, SLC, NYC. To the average American this pattern will appear vengeful and threatening, and will only weaken their message of tolerance, love, and acceptance.

We have had it with you tyrants

Robert Oh,

"Mr. Editorial, what you really want is for those who believe differently than you do to be quite and sit down (in the back of the bus). It'd be easier for you to throw illogical rationalizations at your fears to justify your need to have others conform to your beliefs."

So anyone who disagrees with you must be labeled in this manner. How dare you hijack what my people went through and compare it to what is happening now. You have no right to compare what happened to blacks who had our civil rights violated to those who want the law changed.

"You may not like it, but there are many who have had enough. Lots of people have been motivated to find their voice to express what they've hidden for a very long time. Some may be better at it than others, but that's no reason to shut them up."

Who is trying to shut someone up? It seems to me that those who support same-sex marriage are the ones trying to shut people up who have found their voice and are voting and speaking out in defense of their rights and liberties.


Weak people will go after the weak. The gay agenda is weak and has chosen to go after the smallest and weakest of religious institutions involved in the matter, Nice job and mighty big of you. Leave the lds church alone, it did you no harm! You are both struggling groups and it does not good for each of you to go at each other, it just draws each of you down in credibility and support.

nothing to do with gays?

Oh, sure, after all the violent protests, vandalism and threats made verbally and on the Internet by hard-core gay rights advocates who have demonized Mormons, Catholics, blacks, Hispanics, and any demographic that supported Prop 8, there's no reason to suspect these envelopes containing a white powder meant to symbolize a deadly chemical had anything to do with a hate crime against Mormons and Catholics. Are you people nuts?

How much further?

The no on prop 8 people have done themselves further harm. Do they think this will stop people from going to the temple? I think not. Now the FBI and Federal Post Office is involved, I have faith they will investigate this thoroughly. Media attention only feeds the frenzy these protestors stir up. This is indeed an act of terrorism and hate crimes. I say 2 and 2 make 4 against the no people, but it could possibly be someone taking advantage of the situation for their own hate agenda. I know where my opinion lies. The protestor's actions point the direction.


The ridiculousness of the whole thing is that the gays don't understand LDS history. In 1890, we were told to discontinue a practice regarding marriage that was unpopular. And we did - without terrorizing or picketing or protesting or threatening or calling names or anything else.



I think we should be careful not to blame the "No8" crowd but with all the recent protests and attacks, I think its fair to put them at the top of the suspect list.

I think lots of people are afraid that our Constitutional rights are being attacked in the form of intimidation, attacks, and blackmail. Politicians abandoned have abandoned Constitution and the will of th people and are doing whatever they can to over overturn Prop 8 even though traditional marriage was voted on and passed twice by California citizens.

It used to be unthinkable that homosexual movement would ever be accused of committing hate crimes but with recent events, its possible for people and institutions to be victims of gay hate nowadays.


Please. If you people on here think this act is some concerted effort on behalf of homosexuals, you are insulting your own intelligence. Who knows who did this? There are a small number of vandalism crimes, and this crime to terrorize.

People who obviously are not concerned about advancing the interests of homosexuals are carrying out these crimes. Who in his right mind would think something like this would bring about positive change in favor of homosexual rights?

Also, please keep in mind, the 9/11 anthrax scare wasn't even perpetrated by the Islamic terrorists.

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