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No evidence to link threats to Prop. 8 opponents, FBI says

Published: Friday, Nov. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Another Opinion

Putting white powder (simulated or real anthrax) in an envelope and sending it to the LDS Church has one purpose and one purpose only, to imply, or commit an act of terrorism.

If this cowardly act is linked to the "No on Proposition 8" supporters, it speaks volumes. In addition to being prosecuted by Federal authorities, the leaders of the "No on Proposition 8" movement should denounce and condemn the act.

This type of behavior will do far more damage in the court of public opinion than any "message" those responsible for this hoped to make to the LDS Church and its members.

Mark Bredthauer

I can be okay with the picketing but sending an unknown powder into the temple is going too far.


I personally could not care less if gays get married.
I have 2 other serious concerns however that neither side seems interested in answering.

First that if marriage is to be redefined that it be the will of the people on a federalists (state by state basis) Just like acceptance or rejection of abortion, redistributive taxes, and immigration all need to get off the federal level or we are going to head to another civil war. Let states reap the good and bad from their decisions rather then forcing their morality on the rest of us.

Second soon after gay marriage is legalized any religions that teach homosexuality is a sin will be susceptible to hate crime charges. This would eventually include casting such church leaders into prisons and revoking their tax exempts status. (it will just take one violent psychopath who the media can paint as religious to give politicians the excuse)

Even those churches that disallow gay people to marry in their buildings or temples will also be sued or declared non-tax exempt. (this has already happened more then once in states with gay marriage)

In short it is either freedom of religion or gay marriage.


plain and simple.


Amen to Anonymous.


I have to agree with Michael Jay. There are many uninvolved people out there who would love to see an out of control fight start who could be responsible. And even if it was a antiprop8 extremist, its exactly that an extremist. Extremists don't define the group.

I may be anti-gay marriage but I dont want to see this escalate any farther than protests and discussions. However due to recent acts of vandalism and assault being associated with no2prop8 supporters they need to act quick to distance themselfs from this one.


Nobody blamed all the gays for this. You are creating predudice. Who stereotyped? You are inventing predudice. You are a hypocrit!
The church leaders asked us to love and not judge. You could learn something from them before you speak again and throw both Mormons and gays under the bus which you just did in your comment.

Robert Oh

Doesn't pass the smell test.

Why would someone send something like this directly to the SL Temple? Why not Church HQ?

Doesn't all the mail go through the office building mail room?

I think we need more info.

John Pack Lambert

My first counsel in for people to calm down. There is no cear indication where this envolope came from. We do not know if it was harmful, and we know even less about why it was sent, so it might be good to not assume anything.
On the other hand, I have to admit Eric at 5:43 really confuses me. Either he does not understand Proposition 8, is really confused about the position the church took, or does not like it when other people espouse his political position.

John Pack Lambert

Why at 5:18 is also confused. Well, besides the fact there is no evidence presented in the article that would link this event to Proposition 8, it would be those against Proposition 8 who are mad at the church.
Hey for all we know this was sent by someone mad about polygamy. The fact that the church has been excommunicating people for practicing polygamy for nearly a century does not prevent people from vocally speaking out against the churh on such issues, and so there is no reason to believe it prevents hate acts based on this issue as well.
My point is there are many reasons people decide to hate the church.

Joe Moe

As a Mormon and a Prop8 proponent, I have to say, odds are this is a response to the recent vote. However, it's also very possible it's totally unrelated, or even something mailed by a Prop8 proponent to inflame the issue even further and reflect poorly on the Prop8 opponents (anyone could foresee -- and can now see plainly -- what assumptions could be made).

No use blaming this on every gay or every Prop8 opponent. It's just one wacko out there somewhere.

Mike - Riverside, CA

Local TV stations in LA are now reporting that the LA Temple also received an envelope with white powder today. The TV stations are not getting confused with the SLC Temple becasue in the same broadcast they mentioned that that temple also received an envelope with with powder.


The local LDS bishop lives near. He had Yes on Prop 8 signs. It never crossed my mind that taking it was acceptable. Being a liberal, means tolerance to me. In all movements there are extremist. Read about Porter Rockwell.


The LA temple was also closed today due to a white powdery substance mailed there. Anyone still doubt who's behind this?


Mormons rock the world! They are the nicest, most awesome people you will ever meet. Whether this letter be from some enraged homosexual or some idiotic person just trying to make a joke, it doesn't matter. The LDS people don't deserve this, no matter how full of goodness and righteousness they get.


this is a little too much in a land that's known for freedom!!


I'll be interested to see if the national media covers any of this.

It's not a good idea to point fingers until we know anything for sure, but after Mike-Riverside, CA at 6:35 p.m. posted that there was an envelope delivered to the L.A. temple, it would appear that this could be going in the direction of a definite hate crime.

Still, I think we must act in a mature manner, and understand that these are extremists who do things like this. But what the public does with this information, well, that's a different story. Seems like they like to choose who they rally around if it fits their agenda and biases. Even so, it's useless to get bitter. Better to move forward.

There's reasonable cause

Stop pointing fingers so fast,

"This probably has nothing to do with gay people. You are showing the kind of prejudice and hate that they keep accusing us of having against them. Let's just hope there was no harm done and move on without pointing fingers until the authorities have actually confirmed something."

There is a lot of evidence that it was a gay person who was behind this. They vandalize the Los Angeles Temple, attempt to intimidate worshipers at the Salt Lake Temple, make hateful comments online about how our Temples should be burnt down, how we should all watch our backs. Now there is evidence that people are burning copies of the Book of Mormon, setting fires outside of LDS Chapels. When you add it all together its safe to assume that a gay person is behind this.

The very nature of their protests are a tyrannical attempt to intimidate Mormons into not voting in the next election or donating to opposition to same-sex marriage. Even by themselves these protests are all terrorist acts.


An angry mob of homosexual activists in Southern California attacked an elderly bespectacled woman carrying a cross then shouted her down during a live TV interview as she tried to explain to a reporter her defense of the state's new marriage amendment.


Congratulations Anti-Prop 8 folks. You have now joined the realm of the terrorists. Your messages of love and peace and understanding have just turned into a message of hate, religious discrimination, racial discrimination, and violence. You have just showed America exactly what you are!

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