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Homeowner blames a 'small-minded individual' for blaze

Published: Friday, Nov. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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You mean this can go two ways? And naturally this is probably national news that proves Mormons are bigoted homophobes and violent too!

Couldn't possibly be someone who is just tired of the bigoted anti church hateful rantings of the gay community..now way.


You're right. This totally justifies all the hate and bigotry thrown at the LDS Church.


As a beer drinker, I'd like a copy of that sign.


Sorry to say that there is no proof for anyone to claim a Mormon did this. I understand why ONE would do this...but I also understand why someone against the LDS Church would too.

Also, be careful using the word bigot.


Anyone who likes the LA Lakers watch out because Bull fans are going to come picket in front of your home until you change your mind.

Anyone who prefers Coke as opposed to Pepsi watch out because Pepsi lovers are going to hunt you down and bug you because they think pepsi is better.

Anyone who likes grape jelly not peach be prepared to have a ton of peach lovers throwing peaches at you and call you names because apparently no on can have differences in believes in the country.

People donated money to support prop 8. Lots of different people from all walks of life. It was voted on. It passed....

John Pack Lambert

There is very little that is clear in this article.
Whoever burned the signs clearly committed an act that should not be tolerated.
I wish church members had more patence, more love for their enemies, and lived up to Jesus' admonition to pray for them that despitefully use us more.
Of corse, there is no evidence that the person who started the fire was a member of the church.


Because taste in sports team, soft drinks, and spreadable sandwich condiments is completely analogous to who you're born attracted to.

Do you people ever think before you post?


America,land of the free? hmmm only for some people is the way it tends to be, if you follow all the rules and do as you are told


Thank you hmmm. You make a really good point. By the way it was not the mormon church that started all of this. It was the catholic church and christians alike.


Who cares who started what????
I'm sick and tired of this soap opera. Every person has the right to express their ideas and preferences period! Stop attacking others for their beliefs and whatever or whoever they voted for... let's move on with life now.


who cares, its just a burned sign. And if LDS people were the cause they need to wise up. Acts like this just give anti-pop 8 people more publicity then they deserve.


The signs should not have been burned and whoever did it, LDS or not, should be ashamed. The people who made the signs have the right to make their voices heard as well. There have been stupid actions performed by only a few on each side of the issue and, unfortunately, it's smearing the images of both sides. But I agree. The public wanted it put to a vote.... they got it. Gay marriage is banned in California. Move on.

The Church should be ashamed

Hate is toxic. You think the LDS Church would have learned that by now. The Prop. 8 battle is going to haunt the Church for years to come.


Everyone should agree that it's wrong to torch people's signs on their own property, regardless of what the signs say.
But then again, a lot of things that should be obvious apparently aren't--like the irony in gay rights people accusing Mormons of hatred and bigotry as they threaten our tax-exempt status and shut down our temples. Or the difference between 19th-century Mormons polygamists wanting to be left alone and gays wanting official governmental endorsement of their unions. Or the blatant bias in how the major news networks are reporting this.
How many of the protestors really try to understand the Mormon viewpoint? How many of them have gone to the LDS Newsroom website and read the interview with Elders Oaks and Wickman?


I bet they burned it themselves just to get press coverage. It worked.

Not Hoax


Knowing the tenants there, I can assure you it was not their handiwork.


I find it so sad that some would blame the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints for what the people voted on. Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained by God. It is just that simple. Clearly all this anger and hatefulness is not the way to go about a disagreement with a law and comes from a source that is not of God.


News flash!
Disagreement does not equal hate. I've had disagreements with my wife but I've never stopped loving her and I've certainly never hated her.

How sad it must be to see the world through a lens where anyone that disagrees with you is interpreted as hateful. What a confused and pitiable world view that is.

Just a comment

If it was an LDS person or persons who did this, shame on them. If it was not an LDS person, shame on them. If it was someone on the No on 8 side, shame on them.

The pro 8 signs in California have pretty much vanished from sight now, and the no on 8 signs live on. Wonder where all the yes on 8 stolen and defaced signs ended up, besides the ones I constantly saw crumpled up in gutters? One trio of teenagers was caught in the act with 53 stolen yes signs in their car on one night.

Oh, by the way, if the person(s) go on the lawn to burn signs, steal them, or deface them - an additional charge of trespassing on private property is applicable.

Another comment

Hope the Salt Lake police remember to add trespassing to the charges if they ever find these people. Also, what about malicious mischief, or intent to incite a riot or something. There should be plenty of good stuff to charge them with. Don't forget to watch the protesters too, if they set foot on private property - get em!

By the way, I voted yes on 8, but couldn't afford to donate. However, two wrongs will never make a right. I urge all who believe in the yes vote to simmer down and let the out-of-control element in the protests shoot themselves in the foot.

I am proud of my membership in the Church. It means a lot to me. I also became a citizen two presidential campaigns ago, and exercised my right to vote every time an election was held, and have been called to jury duty FOUR times in that time. I should not have to feel frightened because of the vote I cast, or simply because I am a member of any Church.

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