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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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It's time to move on with life. The people have spoken. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Those who support the initiative to keep marriage between man and woman have chosen that way. the other side has chosen the way they feel and believe. The bottom line is about choice. Choosing which side to be on will also bring persecution. For either you belong on, we will all be persecuted for what we believe. The vote was done and the people of the country have spoken. Live with it or go find another place in this world to live and excercise your choices.

News Flash

NO RIGHTS WERE LOST WHEN PROP 8 PASSED!!! Gay Civil Unions and registered Domestic Partnerships in California still maintain all perks/visitation rights/tax breaks they had 2 months ago. Prop 8 merely keeps them from hijacking the title of "Marriage." And yes, the US Constitution allows the majority to define who can marry and what its definition is based on moral and other reasons. That is why polygamous relationships are not recognized and why children below a certain age cannot purchase a marriage license. And don't bring up the "Consenting Adults" argument--polygamy and prostitution have been defined as illegal practices based on moral reasons. Gay couples were given a huge concession in California to receive the rights they have and should quiet down before everyone else realizes just what they've allowed them to get away with.

Double Standard Gays

I'm going to get all my friends to march around with signs that say: "Religo-phobic Gays", "Gays bigoted against People of Faith", "Gays hate Faithful".


Again, it's time to move on with life and cease the hatred towards all people. We love you all as human beings but do not like the way you choose to live your life. We have accepted that way you live your life and we still love you all. Life is a full of CHOICES, we all be making the right ones


I support Proposition 8. Go ahead and target me. I will exercise my right to defend myself. This is why the founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms. When the government fails to protect us exercising our freedom to vote, we can defend ourselves.

The way I see it, we can make it a larger majority vote the next time around, by knocking off a few anti-H8 people.

How dare they bring violence to people who exercised their right. This is why I have a hard time feeling sorry for them. They come out with violence to people who peacefully voted their mind. If they're that upset, they should be upset with themselves for not getting out to vote.


Clueless is absolutely right. If the gay community were to really look at the demographics then they would see that the African American Community and their affiliated faiths had the majority of the vote. Not to mention the hispanic vote. Why not target them? Because they know that the mormons are passive and targeting the race would be huge. Get over it!! The vote is in and the gay community lost.

CA Yes on 8

The voters have spoken. It is OVER! Use the correct process to place an ammendment on the ballot! The NO on 8 people are vindictive, hateful, and intolerant. One does not have to look very far on television to see this as clear as day. We call it double speak. Arrogant, militant, immoral people demanding acceptance, not tolerance. You go ahead and target individuals, and turn this in to a seriously physical battle, yep, that is a smart tactic to take for your cause. This is truly unbelievable. 70% of black voters stood against you, try boycotting their businesses and churches, oh but you can't since that is a hate crime and discrimination. You No on 8 people make me sick to my stomach.


It's a sad day that we actually have to give legal definitions to a word like "marriage" which has been understood for all of time to have one clear meaning. And since the words "bride" and "groom" don't apply to same-sex couples, the state of CT has now added the word "spouse" on the marriage license so you can take your pick. Just because you want to call a horse a cow, it doesn't make it so. It's not about 'civil rights,' either. Gay couples already have the rights, what they want is society's blessing and acceptance. Sorry, society has just indicated they will not grant that. Tolerance perhaps, but not approval.


It makes me laugh that the gay community insist we accept diversity when that is the very thing they DON'T have. Man+man= same. HELLO! Man+Woman=Diverse!

Good Day!

Stand up for yourself

Utah, stand up for yourself. Boycott them. Don't travel to San Fran. Don't buy the Hollywood Crab. I know it will just make a same dent, but maybe others in other states will do the same. I am sick of the gay & lesbian agenda. This shows how intolerant they are towards religion. Stop letting them have any power. Why should all these hollywood types have any power. Have you seen their lifestyles? Ya, they are making society better. Duh. Don't buy ,don't watch. Don't travel to their strongholds.


The question: Where did the LDS Church get the money to pour into this state-wide issue? There is no transparency with the Church but I am more than positive that the majority of the Church members would be interested to know where this money is coming from. When it all comes down to it, the money roots from the tithing fund. The Church will say no. But it comes from the interest made on the Church's tithing fund just like the billion dollar mall does....

Change my ways

Since I didn't support Proposition 8, I am homophobic. Since I didn't vote for Obama, certainly I am racist as well. So according to those I didn't support, that makes me a red-neck, gun-toting, homophobic, racist, religious zealot. I'm certainly glad you let me know, otherwise I wouldn't be able to clearly see myself for who I am. Thank you! I am such a hateful person, now I realize it! All those horrible things you've said, certainly it's me that's the hateful one not you!


The left is by nature fascist and totalitarian. Lose an election? The left's response is to attack the supporters of the winning side to intimidate, silence and then subvert the democratic process to steal and impose what they cannot obtain by persuasion. Should be a real interesting four years.

Rafe Pealman

Strange how sexual preferences began to determine a race of people. When did that happen? Gay people are not their own race. They are just people, just like everyone else. Since this is a fact, then that means just like everyone else, gay people have the same rights as everyone else. They can marry if they choose to, but marriage is defined between man and woman. It's sad this has to be explained to people.
Just because some people have a fetish doesn't mean it must be condoned by the majority. And if all types of minorities should be granted their special rights, then maybe we should allow special rights to all people who have other types of sexual fetishes? What about the right to marry under age kids? Or how about the right to marry animals?
True, these comments sound so far out there, but so did the term, "Gay Rights" years ago. We are on a slippery slope my friends and its sad that most of you who speak up don't see it. But at least the majority that will not speak out loud for fear of being called hate mongers agree.

Stand for Morals

As a member, the Church has never put pressure on us to do anything, they teach doctrine and we have the responsibility to go home and pray about it--asking God if what they teach is right. These immoral issues are serious matters, there's a much greater purpose to all of this and some of us will fight to the end to protect marriage. There's no hate involved, if people truly knew our purposes and our hearts they would understand love and true happiness is at the core. But that takes a lot of humility on their end.


I personally don't condone the protests and think them useless at best and counter-productive at worst.

But I want to pose a hypothetical by way of encouraging people to try see the other side: Suppose Evangelicals (who are not very fond of Mormon beliefs) organized a campaign in a single state against Mormons. Suppose they raised a lot of money from other states where they were strong to support an initiative prohibiting your marriages and marginalizing your relationships. Now suppose they primarily used the specious argument that people's children would be indoctrinated into "the Mormon way of life" in the public schools and were able to convince a bare majority to prohibit Mormons from marrying in that state and to annul those marriages that had already occurred.

Would you not be upset by this? Would you not call this bigoted and hateful? Would some of your members not stand up and speak out against such actions or even march in protest?

Inconvenient Truth

Marriage ceased to be a "sacred" ordinance the moment our society allowed a secular authority (i.e. a judge, justice of the peace, ship's captain, etc.) to perform it.

Denying gays the right to this civil institution is as reprehensible as denying a certain segment of the population the right to vote on the basis of their skin color.

We are not, as some like to pretend, a Christian Nation. The Constitution calls on no higher power than "We the People", and I defy anyone to find mention of God in this document. It is the only legal basis needed.

the First Amendment (1791) reaffirms this, and later the Treaty of Tripoli (1797)states in article 11 that "the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion".


i'm sadden by the actions of "adults" on BOTH sides. it's sad that we treat each other so mean. is this the example we want to send to our kids?
it's too bad that we can't disagree as adults. and we wonder why our children are so mean to each other.


Tom...there is nothing to "fathom." He does not have to explain his fathom-nessness anymore than you have to explain your gayness.

On Your Mind

I still don't understand why the LDS church is being targeted. More African Americans voted against Prop 8 than did California LDS members. (even if all the California LDS members didn't vote at all, Prop 8 still would have passed) Why don't the no on Prop 8 voters seek out African Americans? So the LDS is supposed to respect the lifestyle of the gay community but the gay community can't respect the lifestyle of the LDS? The gay community is acting like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum.

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