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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Minority rights trump the majority? How about fair treatment of everyone. Each person had a right and opportunity to let their voice be heard on this issue. The "majority" spoke out, and it was not just from religious organizations. People of all faiths, races, etc. spoke out and decided on an important social issue. Prop. 8 protestors are clearly harrassing those who were in support and showing their "true colors", which is nothing to be proud of. What are they going to do? Bully everyone until they get their way, which is what they are doing. It's not about equal rights for them, it's about special privileges to the minority over everyone else.

Intolerance?? Nah

Rights have NOT been taken away. I see this whole thing as a joke really. Everybody has the right of marriage...One man, one woman. If you don't choose that, then don't be asking for MORE rights. And to compare this whole thing to the civil rights movement is wrong.


It is just outright funny how these pro-gay people attack the mormon church. First they claim that mormons are weak and a small pathetic group. Then they attack it and say it has too much power and influence. Which one is it? Why not march in front of all of the churches that pushed for Proposition 8? Why only mormon temples? That is pretty targeted and shows biased intent. It is what it is. Pro-gay people can claim bigotry, but, what they are doing in return is plain bigotry. Remember "No one is born a bigot" :)

To Tom

CORRECTION! Marriage is a fundamental right between man and woman. It isn't your "right" to change what has been for thousands of years. Children have the RIGHT to have a mother and a father! Parents have a RIGHT to teach their children without public schools forcing your lifestyle down their throats (example, the kindergarten class required to sign a pledge about homosexuality, kindergarten class taken on a field trip to a lesbian wedding-all in CA of course.) Religious institutions have a RIGHT to believe as the please and stand up for moral correctness (example, Catholic adoption agency in Mass required to close for not letting gay couples adopt). I am sick and tired of gays pushing their lifestyle on me. You are violating my religious freedom by forcing your lifestyle on the rest of the rest of the country.


You are right Tom... Marriage, which is defined as a man and woman, is a fundamental right. Everybody gets it. Honestly, who do we think we are to try and redefine what has been set since the beginning of time?
Everyone just needs to relax and be nice.


Boycotts are one thing, but in my 61 years in California I've never seen groups of people running rampant in an effort to harass a group because of their beliefs.


Gus or GeeBee or Ultra Bob or liberal Larry, Please articulate in your elitist clarity which rights guaranteed by the constitution were eliminated by the passage of Prop 8. I don't mean the semantics or the theatrics, but the actual rights already afforded by the US Constitution, which trumps the California constitution. Marriage is a religious rite not a civil right. Civil unions afford all the legal rights available to any couple wishing them. Seeking a marriage rite as a civil right allows federal and state intrusion into areas prohibited by the establishment clause of the US constitution. I contend, on legal footing, that it is the opponents of Prop 8 who do not get it, not the other way around.


As if what they are doing will make a difference. It makes me want to look up all those that are doing this and boycott their Establishments.. How can this be good but create more hate. It really sadens me to see people lose sorely. Almost like the parent that picks on opposing little league team kids, because their team got beat....

Craig Williams

People need to stop talking about taking away civil rights. Marriage is not a fundamental right and Proposition 8 did not such thing.

Proposition 8 simply defined a requirement for statutory marriage, that the relationship consist of a male and female. There is no hate, intolerance or bigotry in this definition.

The issue is that the state has an interest in male-female relationships that it does not have in same-sex relationships. Male-female relationships have the potential to perpetuate the species, and hence society and the state itself. Same sex marriages have no such potential and are therefore not due the same legal consideration.

Because of this it is entirely appropriate to create different legal structures for each relationship. Marriage for male-female relationships, and civil permissions for same-sex relationships.

To: Tom

First, you should be happy you have supporters among those who voted Yes on 8. Absolutely, people can support gays but still value the sanctity of marriage. I can totally see how that reconciles. We value your right to live your lifestyle, but we also value the sanctity of marriage.

Second, PLEASE PLEASE tell me how this is a rights issue. Absolutely none of your rights are being taken away or violated. I still have not heard an explanation that makes any sense. Yours is a campaign for "special" rights, not civil rights.

Lastly, do you see us picketing your lifestyle choice? Do you see us vandalizing your houses, places of worship, places you patronize, or doing anything to hurt you? Then, why do you feel the need to picket and vandalize our places of worship? Do we not have a right to champion whatever causes we wish?

Tolerance goes both ways!

SoCal Mormon

Yogi, I suggest you check out the video on YouTube of prop 8 opponents assaulting an older lady in Palm Springs. The video was shot by a Palm Springs News team. Opponets of 8 have engaged have used harassament, vandalism and even violence on 8 supporters, or even people that are simply expressing religious belief. No matter what your feelings on 8 may be, you cannot condone this behavior. If you do, you ought to consider the religious civil liberties that are being trampled. To commend the one and condem the other is of itself gross hypocrisy and bigotry.

Katie Groves

It is not surprising that this issue is so heated, but what I can't understand is how it is not within any church's right to speak out for what it teaches and believes in. We believe one of the prophets roles is to warn.
I think the churches support on prop 8 is as much a warning for our society as it is support to affirm heterosexual marriage. God knows the consequences of sin on indiviuals as well as societies and no matter how loudly gay rights activist preach or protest their own beliefs, those consequences in short and long term will not be taken away.
Calling sin a different name or re-naming an timeless institution to make a lifestyle seem more acceptable to oneself or the world at large will do little to relieve the longterm effects on our society.

The mormon church and it's members who supported proposition 8, don't hate those who chose or even feel deeply for their same gender. They just don't feel that feelings alone can make something wrong in God's eyes, right; and we trust that God can see far beyond the limited vision of man. Time will vindicate the prophets.

Re: Tom

If you don't see the difference between us fighting for same sex couples to have certain civil rights and defending our moral belief that Marriage not be trampled on and mocked, then you truly don't understand the issue.

I can't be a Dr. without going to school. I believe the basic prerequisit for marriage as being a man and a woman.

This has never been an anti-gay measure. We do not hate, and it pains me to watch people hurt. For me it's been a pro-God, pro-Child, pro-Law measure.

1) I believe that marriage is ordained of God and is recognized only when solomnized between men and women. To do so mocks God. (I think marriage should be taken out of Govt. all together).

2) Children should not have their rights to a Mom and a Dad taken away from them.

3) The Law should not be overruled by activist judges.

I support civil unions, I support the rights of those same sex couple to love how they want, I support their beneficiary, medical, ect. rights.

I don't support their forcing an immoral law upon us.


Furthermore, while protest is a right of any citizen of this country, the personal attacks, name calling and targeting of selected groups while ignoring others only sheds illumination on the truly bigoted and intolerant natures and agendas of those who so recently have clamored for all to be tolerant. Seems the tolerance is only appropriate if it suits the G & L agenda. That we don't agree on the issue is one thing. That we are not allowed to without recrimination only highlights the hypocracy of the gay marriage proponents. The law allows for protest and redress by due process. Utilize those rights as any other group would do, but get off your hypocritical horse and cease the personal attacks.


Yes, this is a democracy and people do have the right to vote on things, but the US Supreme Court established that marriage is a fundamental right in the case of Loving V. Virginia back in 1967. Under the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, all citizens are supposed to be given due process and equal rights, thus this issue should never have been brought before the voters.

Gemma UK

Every adult does have the right to get married, but there are provisos.
You can't marry a close relative.
You can't marry a minor.
You can't marry if you are already married.
How about - you can't marry someone of your own sex?


It's funny that people think a boycott is going to work.....boycotts have always failed and always will....Besides how many straight businesses depend solely on the gay community? Just like when the illegals took a day off to shut down our economy. It was a flop. Fact is we don't depend solely on one group of people.


How long until there is a demand for the "right" to marry my dog (he has rights too!)? It is a slippery slope.


It should be clear by now that religion is the ultimate target of the gay marriage crowd. This will be coming to a street near you and it won't be stopping until the foundations of the great religions are rubble.



. . . and when everyone gets it, you'll see that America's gonna get it. When the nation has lost its moral compass, it will be the end. Right now the populace has shown that it isn't quite gone, and for that we have to thank not the white university educated folks like you and the judciary, but the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

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