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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Those opposed to Prop 8 are just trying to smear the Church. They are acting like a little kid that didnt' get their way, actually worse.

They are trying to state that the Church preaches hate, which it doesn't.

The real question, who is behind the smear campaign, certainly not those in the Gay community that are all for love and acceptance.


The California Supreme Court could rule as early as this week on a lawsuit that seeks to invalidate Proposition 8, said court spokeswoman Lynn Holton.~~~~~~~~
If they rule in favor of invalidating the millions of California voters.
All those judges that do should be *IMPEACHED.*~

* People of California * ~Please remove any court judge that tries to steal your vote.


I rather expect God cares more about how we love than He does about who we love. Get a life straight people, you don't have to answer for gays, gays do, just as you do. Good luck to both sides.


Yogi & Tom - Using emotionally packed words like "civil rights" and "pushing your religion" is a sophomoric attempt at real thought and debate. We all know Prop 8 was not a civil rights issue since anyone can marry someone of the opposite sex! And, it wasn't churches pushing their religion when MA homosexuals who could easily have been married by a judge instead choose to push their religion of "self-worship" on an innocent Christian church by suing it because the minister said he cannot perform a sacred, religious ceremony when there is no "man" and "wife". The voters for Prop 8 saw the not-so-hidden agenda of the Anti-8 perverts and their duped supporters. No, "religion" is a continuum with God of Truth on one end and no god on the other extreme. Unfailingly, where God isn't, people like you worship yourselves. Like Sir Francis Bacon said, "Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true." So you and your ilk attack honest, humble, God-fearing people while all the while worshipping yourself and your perverted beliefs. SO QUIT PUSHING YOURSELF AS GOD ON THE REST OF US, and we won't have to have these pathetic discussions anymore.

RE: Tom & Yogi

Tom and Yogi, no one "stripped anyone of rights" here, stop playing with words.

Homosexuals are trying to create new rights to support their non-traditional lifestyle, they were defeated, and now they harass the other side.

Homosexuals have the exact same rights as anyone else. I wish they had enough class to try to win their point appropriately. You both know that had the issue gone the other way, the Yes on 8 crowd would not be behaving like the No on 8 crowd is right now.

Sure, they're incensed because they think it's a "rights" issue, which it's not. It's also not a hate, bigotry, or tolerance issue, but those are such convenient labels and such inflammatory rhetoric it's become a crutch for them.


No matter how you feel about same-sex marriage, I find it incredibly short-sighted for anyone to think that a ballot initiative on the issue is the end of the story. People ask, " the majority has spoken, why can't we just move on?" The answer is because this is a human rights issue, and it is not going away. Moreover, this is a highly emotional issue and an unusual situation in that rights were TAKEN AWAY, not just defined. This is where the LDS church and others badly miscalculated. Deep down, does anyone really believe that same-sex marriage - now legal in two states - will not be allowed in every one of these United States one day in the near or distant future? -- Oh, yes, I know, "that will never make it right in the eyes of God!" Fine. My point is that I don't understand how anyone can be surprised and offended by the protests against the passage of Prop 8.


Why wouldn't it get personal? I mean if a gay person can't marry the person they love and want to spend their life with -- isn't that personal? Of course it is personal when you deny the civil rights of a particular group of people. It is very personal when you pull out your wallet at the recommendation of your church and pay to prevent the minority of having their equal rights.


What of the children? Do they not have a right to a father and mother? Giving gays a right to call their union "marriage" under the law is to disregard the foundations of our society, one that has blessed many children throughout history because people thought more of their children than of themselves. Which is what marriage is all about. If gay folks want to adopt, how does calling it a marriage impact in any way their effort to raise a child?


Let's be honest. If your Mormon marriages had just be nullified by a simple majority referendum, would you just "move on?"

Try empathy.


Thank you Tom. It seems that a majority of the reaction from the Pro-8 side is, "You guys lost. Roll over, and don't be such sore losers." It's also hard to use common sense with people who believe that a god has told them that they are a chosen and privileged people. It leads to a tendency to believe they can't possibly be wrong, and it makes them think their bigotry is an instinct to righteousness.


"Let's move on. I always told my children that once a rule was made, you have to abide by it. I think it should be the same in this circumstance." - Quote from Prop 8 supporter.

First reaction: That sure is an easy thing to say when you're on the winning side.

Why do I have the feeling that this guy who gave $20k to this effort wouldn't be so blithely easygoing about it had his cause lost?

Who are you kidding? He'd sink the next $20k into the passage of a national anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment. And his quote the the paper would be "I've always told my kids to never give up in fighting for what's right."


To; Tom

Tom. Are you telling us that the nation should be ruled by the minorities? If the majority disagrees with something, they should always give way to what the minority wants?

With that kind of logic, John McCain should be President because he only received a minority of the votes?

Is that how you want the system to work? I think that you are totally forgetting the concept of democracy.

Re: Yogi

That is a lie. Gays have not had their Civil Rights taken away. Way to promote a lie.

Against Gay Marriage but for civ

Against Gay Marriage, but for civil rights.

I'm against redefining marriage to include a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman, but I'm for civil rights. They should be able to vote, work and get housing, but they shouldn't be allowed to redefine marriage.

The hatred directed towards Catholics, LDS, and Evangelicals is only going to further the resolve of the those people to continue to defend the defintion of marriage.

The hatred and violence shown toward the LDS by the gay community may eventually backfire on their attempts to redefine marriage. The gay community appears to be acting as a bully by trying to intimidate and threaten anyone that opposes their attempts to redefine marriage.

I am against redefining marriage, but I wish the derogatory comments about homosexuals would stop.

Incredibly insightful!

Thanks for parting with your wisdom Tom. I wasn't aware of more than one constitution!


Tom says: "Marriage is a fundamental right - everybody gets it, or nobody gets it."
I don't remember marriage being a right. Marriage is not a universal right, nor has it ever been. Marriage has always been discriminatory by age, sex, species, health, and number of spouses, etc. To say Prop 8 is taking away one's rights is completely misleading and wrong. Marriage is a privilege, and is such because it contributes to society by creating families. Gay marriage does not create anything but a union, which I believe is already available to homosexuals through civil unions. I have no problem with that, but marriage always has been a privilege.

People are saying they have "rights" that don't exist. They aren't even accepting the responsibilities of the rights they have.


Bravo Tom. I was going to remark, but you said it so well I can only second it.


What I don't understand is three other states passed similar if not the same change in their laws and many states prior to this election have done the same thing........but now everyone wants to protest Prop 8. Is California the most important state in this country? Are gays in California valued more than ones in AZ? GA? UT? etc etc.

I also understand that people are angry and upset. Some of the riots, ie LA Temple, have came very close to being riots. And there are people who have damaged property that isn't theirs. There are times where people jump out in front of cars to make their point. This doesn't help the cause of marriage for all. It drives a bigger wedge in the separate groups which doesn't allow for people to understand others people and their needs. Protest -- yes. Being respectful to others and their property -- yes. Acting like a criminal -- no.


Sounds good that once a decision is made to abide by it but did the "Right" do that with Roe vs. Wade, NO. The only time you hear that arguement is when someone wins. When they lose they just try something else. People that supported Prop 8 should know that because I imagine they are trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade at the same time.

By the way...

marriage is not a right. That argument is completely invalid. It's purely your opinion.

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